Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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Irene focus watching movie while eating rice cake. Seulgi beside her on driver seat playing Among Us. Irene is whining since Seulgi busy with his game ignoring her so he buy her favorite snack to turn her attention. She is a bit quiet for a while now and Seulgi can play peacefully

“Hyun, I’m done” Seulgi put his phone


“Yah, look at me” Irene shoved a spoonful of rice cake into Seulgi mouth to shut him “Yahhh…asdfhjklzxc!”

“You’re so noisy” Irene snort then turn again to her movie

After Irene done eating, she stop watching movie and turn to Seulgi who reading article on his phone “Done eating?” he asked when he realized Irene looking at him


“Shall we go now?”

“Where are we going?”

“Just drive around the town before I drive you to your dorm”

“Okay then” Irene fasten her seatbelt

They talking about random topic and joking around teasing each other while enjoy night ride at the town. Suddenly, Seulgi noticed suspicious car behind them. He drive his car to crowded area but that car still following them. He don’t want to tell Irene because he don’t want to make her panic

“” he mumble while his eyes keep checking side mirror

“Seulgi, are you alright?”

“I’m fine”

“You look nervous”

In the end, Seulgi decide to tell Irene the truth “Hyun, I have something to tell you”

“What is it?”

“Don’t panic and scare when you know it later”

“Seul…just tell me what happen” Irene feel like something is wrong

“Someone is following us since then”

Irene gasped and her eyes widened “Who…who is it? Seulgi…we will be fine…right?”

Seulgi squeeze Irene hand with his free hand to calm her down “We will be okay. Don’t scare. I will not let anyone hurt you”

The idol still in panic mode that she unable to utter any words. Seulgi keep himself calm and collected even his heart fluster inside

“Hyun, can you help me call someone?”


Seulgi give his phone to Irene after unlock it with his fingerprint “Press no. 2 and put on loudspeaker. This is emergency number for Changwook hyung”

“Okay” Irene do as Seulgi order

Changwook voice rang through loudspeaker

“Hello” – Changwook

“Hyung, red code!” – Seulgi

“Omo, what happen?” – Changwook

“Someone currently following my car and Irene is here with me. Please track my car GPS and find whoever is that bastard” – Seulgi

“Okay, wait a minute” – Changwook

2 minutes later, Changwook speak again

“We’re 2 KM away from you. Now we are on our way tracking you. Lure him to highway but don’t speed up so we can catch up quickly. Remember you have Irene with you. We can’t do something if we’re on public place” – Changwook

“Noted hyung” – Seulgi

“Now focus on driving. I will call you again later” – Changwook

“Okay” – Seulgi

Irene press the red button to hang up the call. Seulgi is focus on the road

“We will go to highway. You don’t scare, okay? My men are on their way to rescue us” said Seulgi

“Okay” Irene answer shortly

She looked at side mirror and noticed that the car still following them. She wondering who that person is. Could he be Seulgi enemy? Currently they reach the highway. Seulgi drive in medium speed as his bodyguard instructed

Seulgi phone ringing again and he asked Irene to answer it with loudspeaker

“Yes hyung” – Seulgi

“We’re right behind you” – Changwook

Hearing that, both of them looking at rearview mirror. There are 3 black van behind that car then one of the vans overtake them

“Chansung, Wooyoung and Taecyeon are ahead to check the traffic situation. When I give you signal, speed up and quickly leave to your place. Don’t go to Irene dorm. They will both of you” - Changwook

“Noted hyung…find out who is him and give warning but don’t kill him. Don’t make him recognize you all too, understand?” – Seulgi

“Yes, we’re cornering him now. Keep safe speed. Don’t panic” – Changwook

“Alright” - Seulgi

They still driving at the hallway. Luckily the traffic situation is not packed since it is weekday. Seulgi still on the line with his bodyguard waiting for signal to speed up

“Seulgi…now go!” – Changwook

“Okay hyung” – Seulgi

Changwook hang up the call as they focus on the suspect car. Seulgi looking at pale Irene. She currently have cold sweat on her forehead

“Hyun, hold tight. I will drive a bit faster. We will be fine. Believe me, okay?” Seulgi holding Irene hand gently

“Okay” Irene quietly answered

After taking deep breath, Seulgi step on gas pedal and his car going very fast than earlier. Irene lean against the backrest and hold the seatbelt tightly. She never experience this situation before. They passed by the van then the bodyguard following them with the same speed.

Seulgi know that Irene need comfort but he have to focus driving to make sure both of them safely arrive at his house. He don’t want something bad happen to her just because of his carelessness

1 hour later, they arrive at Seulgi house. Seulgi park his car at the garage then he turn to lifeless Irene. She closed her eyes and grip tightly on seatbelt. She seem so scare right now

“Hyun, we arrived”

Irene open her eyes slowly. Her eyes red and face wet because of crying. Seulgi pull her to his embrace and rubbing her back softly

“We’re safe now. Don’t cry”


“No more threat. We’re at home. They will find out that person and teach him lesson” Irene only response with light nods before Seulgi let her go

He get out of his car then go to other side to open the door for Irene. Out of the blue, he scoop Irene to his arms and carry her on bridal style. Irene face turn red as their face just few centimeter away from each other

“Seulgi…I can walk”

“No, I will carry you” Seulgi kiss Irene lips before he walking

Seulgi put her on the couch then run to the fridge to get a glass of water for Irene


“No problem” Seulgi sit on the coffee table facing Irene “Tonight you sleep here. I will ask Soojung to drive you back tomorrow to your dorm. Do you have schedule tomorrow?”

“We have interview with magazine on 10 AM and we have to be at salon on 8:30”

“Okay, I will ask Soojung to drive you back on 7, enough?”



They are watching TV while waiting for Changwook and his team to arrive. Their attention distracted by footsteps shuffle to living room and Changwook appear with Jackson. Seulgi invite them to sit on the couch

“Hyung, do you find out who is him?”

“Yes, he is Suho” Changwook stated firmly

Seulgi and Irene looking at each other “What you do to him after that?”

“Our men give him small reminder. I’m sure his manager will inform you about his injury tomorrow”

“Do he recognize you all?”

“Nope, we wear mask. Jackson and Henry cover his eyes”

“Good, tomorrow morning Jackson and Mark will Soojung to drive Irene back to her dorm on 7”

“Noted boss” Jackson salute

“Okay, you two can go now”

“Suho really not learning his lesson” Seulgi sigh heavily

“Why do you still letting him free? He is dangerous. He might try to hurt you because he know you go out with me”

“I’m still waiting for my investigator to dig info in his phone before make a move”

“I’m getting scare” Irene fidgeting her fingers

Seulgi peck Irene cheek “I will kill him” peck on lips “If he hurt you” peck on forehead “No one can touch” peck on nose tip “my baby”

His gesture make Irene blushing badly. She hide her face with pillow due to embarrassment. Seulgi laughing and trying to remove her hand from the pillow

“Baby, don’t hide your face”

“Don’t tease me!” Irene muffle her yell

“Come on, don’t shy. No one see us” he successfully remove the pillow but Irene hide her face with her palm “Baby…”


“Baby Joohyun”

Irene punch Seulgi arm because he keep teasing her “What?”

“Goodnight kiss” Seulgi puckered his lips




“Pretty please~” Seulgi showing puppy eyes make Irene laughing

“Yah, don’t act cute. You’re not cute!” Irene pinch Seulgi cheek then she pull his by his collar and press their lips together. Seulgi push her down to the couch and deepen their kiss. The kiss travel down to her neck and she let out soft moan when Seulgi kissing her sensitive spot

His hand Irene shirt to expose her chest “Can I?” he asked permission to finish ing her shirt. She give him small nod and he smirk

“Don’t leave mark”

“Okay” Seulgi wink before continue kissing her chest. Few minutes later, he move up and whisper “Let continue in my room” he pick Irene up and carry her like a koala while continue making out

As they reach his room, Seulgi take-off his shirt showing his well-built body making Irene gulp her saliva. His rock hard abs make him even hotter.

“Like what you see?” Seulgi grin. Irene turn her face away, embarrass as she get caught staring at his body “You can see it anytime…it’s yours for sure but now let continue where we stop earlier”

“We’re not doing it yet, okay?”

Seulgi nods without hesitation “I will wait until you’re ready. I’m not forcing you. Hot makeout is good enough” after Irene respond with hummed, Seulgi attack her again and remove her bra


Irene wake up by sound of her alarm. She turn it off then close her eyes again for a while. Wide smile painted on her face as she saw Seulgi peaceful sleeping face in front of her. Both of them sleep and Seulgi arms circle on her waist protectively. She slowly removin

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