Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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“Unnie, where are we going?” Joy questioning Irene who focus on driving

“Seulgi only share location but he don’t say anything about the place”

“Could it be a theme park or restaurant?” Yeri guessing

“I also think the same since both of you can go out together now” Wendy added

“Let see what place is that later. I also curious but this place seem like not café or restaurant area” Irene said

2 hours ago, Seulgi shared the location to Irene asking her and her members to come to that place. When she asked what place is that, he only replied ‘surprise!’ Irene stops asking after that because she knows her fiancé will never tell her. Right now they are on their way to the mysterious location

They arrived at the tall building as lead by the GPS. It is one of the expensive buildings in town. Only the richest afford to buy the unit.

“Wow, this building. Is Seulgi buying units here?” Wendy look up at the building with sparkle eyes

“I know all the buildings that he has but he never mentions this place” Irene stated. She take out her phone to call Seulgi but stop when she hear Yeri voice

“Unnie, that is Hayoung oppa!” the maknae pointed at the familiar tall guy stand at the entrance busy with his phone

Joy squinted her eyes to take a look “Oh, what is he doing there?”

“Maybe he waiting for us” said Irene and lead the girls to Hayoung place

“Oh Hayoung!” Joy yell as they getting close to him

Hayoung jumped in shock when someone yelled his name then he saw the girls come towards him. He signal them to stop walking and the girls immediately obey

Red Velvet members are curious but they are not questioning. Few minutes later, a delivery man arrived. Hayoung skips to him and takes the plastic bag that contains their food. After make payment, the man leaving and Hayoung walk to the girls



“What place is this and where are the others?” Joy immediately throw questions to Hayoung

“You will know when we get there. Hyung is upstairs. They bully me to pick up our foods and waiting for you all”

“Why not ask the delivery man to send it to your place?”

“It is sort of a secret place so no one can enter without our permission. Let’s go inside” Hayoung walked to the elevator followed by the girls. They enter the last elevator on the right side. Hayoung scan a card before press the button

“Does this elevator need to scan cards before moving?” Irene asking curiously

“It only applies to our floor. The other floor just needs to press the button as usual. We owned the last two floors and modified the elevator system so no one can easily enter our space. Besides 4 of us, Seulgi and Chorong noona are the only people who have entrance pass” Hayoung explained

“Amazing” the girls looked amazed

“This building is owned by TSF and 2 floors on top of this building are given exclusively for us as our office. Other floors are rented to anyone. Besides our personal apartment, this place is our second home. If we're too lazy to go home or if we need to settle a big case and work overtime, we will just sleep here. We have our own room too”

“Can’t wait to see the interior”

They arrived at the floor where the PI office was located. Hayoung scans the card again before they enter. The entire place was modified and equipped with modern technology. It looked like a secret place. There are a lot of monitors and devices that connect to certain location CCTV. They girls can’t help but amazed by the view before them

However, loud voices from the other side of the room distract them. Irene knew the owner of that voice. That is no other than Kang Seulgi

“Yah, Kang Seulgi!” she yell while stomp her feet towards Seulgi who sit on the couch playing PS5 with Eric

Hayoung put the foods on the table, Eunji singing along with the music from her phone while Moonbyul read something on his ipad. Their work halted when they hear Irene roared

“Hi baby” Seulgi grinning innocently then peck Irene cheek

“You are so noisy. This is not stadium” Irene grunt

“Sorry Hyun, it just the cheer because I win the game”

“Scold him more noona” Eric having fun teasing Seulgi

“Yaaa you all, we have guest but no one invite them to sit” said Moonbyul “Have a sit girls” everyone take their seats

They eat the foods that they bought earlier. Seulgi is busy picking the veggies from his food and putting it on the side of his plate. Moonbyul takes the abandoned veggies from the Seulgi plate and eats it. Irene noticed it then asking

“Why do you pick veggies?”

Seulgi tilt his head to look at Irene “I don’t want to eat vegetables. It taste weird”

“No one die eating veggies. Stop picking it. Just eat everything. You are wasting the foods”

“Noona, it’s okay. I will eat for him” said Moonbyul

“See?” Seulgi smile brightly because he have supporter

“Don’t pamper him Byul”

“Don’t worry noona, I love veggies though. Besides, it better than he throw it off later”

Seulgi pinching Moonbyul cheek “Aigoo, our residence cow” he blinked his eyes while smiling like a dork. The others hold their laugh hearing Seulgi remark

Moonbyul quickly grab the fork on the table and ready to stab Seulgi “Say that again”

“Hyung, I am your future brother-in-law, remember? I will not helping you to convince my uncle to accept you as his son-in-law” Seulgi wiggle his eyebrows

“Irene noona, actually Byul hyung is currently treating Seulgi like a king because he needs his help. Usually, he don’t care if Seulgi eat the veggies or not” Eunji said leisurely

Everyone laughing seeing Moonbyul's face frowning “So, this is sort of bribing?” Irene asked after laughing


“Which one of the Seulgi oppa cousins is your girl?” Wendy asking

“Solar” Moonbyul said quietly

“Aigoo, we thought you’re single in our circle” said Joy

“He dated Solar noona early than Seulgi hyung and Irene noona dating. He is advanced, isn’t it?” Hayoung said sarcastically

“Congratulations oppa~” Yeri chirped

Seulgi says “However, Solar noona told him that Uncle Soo introduced his friend's son to her and hoped that they would be dating. That’s why hyung is slightly broken”

“You and Solar are dating that long and you never meet her parents?” Irene eyes open wide slightly

Moonbyul shake his head “Both of us always busy. When she is free, I have to go overseas or handling big cases and when I don’t have task, she travel here and there. We’re close but have to go through LDR. During family gathering last time, we meet each other after 4 months”

“Seriously?” Moonbyul nods his head weakly

The girls looking at Moonbyul with sympathy while the boys looked relax “We’re very sorry to hear that”

“Relax girls” Eric said

“Yah, your friend is sad but you still cool” Yeri glare sharply at Eric

Eric froze while s cackled “Don’t get me wrong, Uncle Soo is still easy to deal with and hyung don’t need to think too much. He just needs to meet him and Aunty Sunny to tell them about his relationship with Solar noona then show them that he is serious with their relationship. You all don’t know whose parents is the most scariest”


“Soojung parents” Eric and his friends laughing heartily making the girls confused

Seulgi holding his stomach that almost cramp due to laughing too hard “You all know what, Eric almost thrash Uncle Jesse when he goes to their house to borrow Soojung book. Hayoung also sprayed by Aunty Steph when he sent Soojung home with a motorbike after club activity and accidentally aunty watering her flowers in the evening. She thought they are Soojung boyfriend”

Now the room is filled with laughter. Everyone crack up crazily “I will never forget that scene. I can’t imagine myself punched by Uncle Jesse right on my face just because of homework. Since that time, I never go to their house anymore” said Eric

“I went home all wet that evening. If Soojung doesn't tell her that I am her junior, believe me my body will be filled with bruises because she hit me with a hose. My mom thought I jump to the river to catch toad” said Hayoung

Irene still laughing imagining her aunty and uncle are so scary “They are very scary” she said

“Our mommies are scary but Aunty Steph is scarier. Uncle Jesse too. Luckily mommy is a little bit less scary than him even they are twin” Seulgi stated

“I think that’s why Soojung is still single till now. I’m worry if she bring her boyfriend to meet her parents, he will go home paralyze or die young” said Eunji that bring out laughter again

“Soojung will slap your head if she hear that” Moonbyul commented

Wendy clear “My father is scary and strict too” she said while staring at Eunji who sit in front of her

Eunji gulped and widened his eyes. Eric massaging Eunji shoulder to blow some spirit to him “Don’t worry hyung, you can melt Mr. Son heart. If he rejects you, just kidnap Wendy then run away together. Few years later, visit them again and bring 5 or 6 grandchild. He will accept you because he proud of you for adding few members to their family tree”

“Good idea” Eunji high five with Eric. Wendy just sighs heavily. The others cackle hearing Eric nonsense idea

“Mr. Park also really scary” said Irene while looking at Hayoung

The tall guy's eyes turn round while looking at Joy “Is it true, Sooyoung?”

“Yes, my members know how scary my appa is” Joy wiggle her eyebrows

Hayoung scratch his head “Aigoo, I have to think again”

“Think again what?!” Joy grip on fork and get ready to stab Hayoung

“I mean…think again what I should do so your parents will not scold me. I don’t want to go home wet or paralyze” Hayoung said nervously

Yeri cackle “I thought you want to think again to make Joy unnie your girlfriend”

“I also think the same” said Irene

Eric asking Yeri “What about your parents?”

“My parents are cool” Eric pulled a wide smile but later… “But I never bring my boyfriend to meet them so I can’t guarantee they will go easy or not” Eric sigh after that

“Hey, before you all meet with their parents…make sure you all learn from me about how to melt elders heart” Seulgi said arrogantly

The boys rolled their eyes annoyingly “Said someone who kicked out by Irene mother and go home immediately” said Eunji

Irene holds her laugh then Seulgi says “It's just miscommunication. At least her appa make good chemistry with me”

“Still you have same experience like Eric and Hayoung even yours are not too worst” said Moonbyul

Seulgi snort “Okay, I challenge 3 of you” he looking at Eunji, Eric and Hayoung

“What challenge?”

“Why Byul hyung not involve?”

“Byul hyung is a special case so he is out” Seulgi answered “Are you on for the challenge?”

“Depend on what reward will you offer to us” said Hayoung

Seulgi nods happily “We all know that the girl’s parents are strict so…I challenge 3 of you. Whoever can tackle the parent’s heart on their first meeting, you can request anything from me”

“Everything regardless of the cost?”

“Yes, literally everything. Cost is not a problem”

“Is it limited to one wish only or unlimited?”

“Maximum 5 wish”

Eric, Hayoung and Eunji looking at each other then Seulgi “Can we say what we want now then if we success, you just give it to us”

“Sure, tell me your wish”

Hayoung said his wish first “1 ticke

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