Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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Warning: This part contain drama so if you're not into drama please skip this chapter and wait until next chapter. Thx!

Seulgi and his parents stand in front of Bae residence. They waited for the house owner to open the door. Irene don’t know about their sudden visit because Seulgi don’t want her to worry

“Not bad” Mr. Kang commented while looking at the house in front of them

Irene opened the door and a smile cracked on her face when she saw someone that she missed so much standing in front of her. She also smiling happily to Seulgi parents

“Hi mom, dad”

“Hi dear” Mrs. Kang kissing Irene cheek and hugging the girl while her husband patting Irene head softly

“Why not tell me about your visit?” Irene pinch Seulgi arm lightly

“We want to give surprise” Seulgi answer nervously

“Are your parent’s at home?” ask Mr. Kang

“They are inside. Come in” Irene who was clueless about 2 different aura from her guest happily walking them into the house. Seulgi and his father is nervous while his mother emitting dark and scary aura

“Appa, we have guest” Irene said to her dad who watching TV at living room

Mr. Bae look up and stand quickly to greet the guest “Aigooo Mr. Kang, welcome to my house” he shake hand with the Kang’s

“Thank you Mr. Bae”

“Have a sit. Baechu, make drinks for our guest” said Mr. Bae

“Okay appa” Irene go to the kitchen to prepare drink

“Mom, dad, uncle, can I talk to Irene for a while?” Seulgi ask for permission

“Of course, you can go and talk to her” said Mr. Bae

“Behave kid” Mr. Kang added

“Okay dad”

Seulgi skips to the kitchen and hugs Irene from behind. Irene shock but calm down when she smell her favorite perfume

“Miss me?” she asked

“Yes, I miss you so much” Seulgi turn his girlfriend to face him and kiss her lips

“I miss you too baby” said Irene before continue with her work

“Baby…if you know the reason why we’re coming here today, I hope you understand the situation and please hold on us, okay?”

Irene looking at Seulgi with puzzled face “I don’t understand”

“We come here not because of you and me but for your mother” Seulgi stated


“You will know later. The story is too long. If you still don’t understand, I will explain to you next time. I hope this issue will not ruin our relationship”

“Yah, you make me scare” Irene pouting

Seulgi hugged Irene and kissed her head “Don’t worry, everything will be fine. I promise, nothing can take you away from me”

“I believe in us”

“Me too”

Irene pull back from the embrace “Let’s go to the front”

“Okay, let me bring the tray. You bring the jug” said Seulgi


Irene and her father sit in the living room with Kang's family. Mr. Bae thought Kang family come to talk about Irene and Seulgi but he is totally wrong when Mrs. Kang asking about his wife

“Yuri-ssi, is your wife at home?” Mrs. Kang asking calmly

“Yes Mrs. Kang, she is in bedroom”

“Can you call her for me but don’t tell her that Mrs. Kang is coming. Just tell her that she have guest”

“Sure, I will call her now”

Mr. Bae went upstairs to call his wife. Few minutes later, he come back and sit on his place beside his daughter

“She will come in few minutes”


While they are talking about random stuff, Mrs. Bae comes approaching them. Her presence distracts the conversations between her family and their guests. She immediately recognize the figures at living room who also looking at her intensely

Mrs. Kang smirks when she sees her long lost friend for the first time. For some reason, her blood boiling “Long time no see…Tiffany Hwang” she said in cold tone as she stand up facing Mrs. Bae

“What are you doing here Jessica?” Mrs. Bae reply with same tone

“I came to visit my best friend. Is it wrong? Over 30 years without seeing each other, you welcome me with an unpleasant look. Why Tiff? Are you scared that finally I found you here and you know what will happen?” Mrs. Kang chuckle

At the couch, Seulgi and his father unconsciously holding hands with each other while Irene and her father watching the scene with curiosity

“What else do you want to do to me Jessi? Not enough destroying my life? Why can't you let me be happy with what I have now?”

Mrs. Kang looked at the woman before her in disbelief “I destroy your life? Does that mean you blame Taeyeon and your family too, also your son, HWANG. MIN. YOUNG?”

Mr. Bae and Irene shock because of what they just heard from Mrs. Kang. Mr. Bae never know that his wife used to have son while Irene surprise because of the fact that her mother have son and his name is Hwang Minyoung

“Stop saying that name!” Mrs. Bae yell

The argument got intense. Mr. Kang already standby to catch his wife just in case she attack Mrs. Bae

“Why? You don’t want your daughter to know that you have another child that you abandoned since he was born to this world?”

Mr. Bae looking at his wife “Miyoung, is it true?”

Mrs. Bae panicked seeing her husband's reaction “No Yul…I…”

“Oh…looked like you never told them about Minyoung. You seriously hate him and you don’t want your current family to find out about his existence. Why do you make him exist?”

“I don’t want to make him exist but you force me to keep him! Now look what happened to me? I lost everything because of you. If not because of you, I will achieve my dream”

Mrs. Kang did not back off after got a counter-attack from Mrs. Bae. She listens carefully to her words and answers calmly. She already prepared for this situation because she knows it’s hard to turn down Tiffany. She believe Tiffany still hard-headed and ego like before

“You leave him yet you still have not achieved your dream. One thing that you successfully do is you hurt him and your family. You break many hearts because of your ego and stubbornness. You never listen to your elder. I don’t want to blame you for this but I can’t…your mother lost to her illness because of you. She fights her cancer so that she can help you to raise your son but you disappoint her. You make her stress and give up on herself. She died after a year you leaving them”

Mrs. Kang continued “Your father is looking for you every day and night but he failed to find you. Stephanie has a hard time attending to your baby and focusing on her studies. She is still so young when you leave a heavy burden on her shoulder. If not because of your baby, I will not agree when my mom decides to take care of Minyoung. You’re cruel Tiff. You only think about yourself. You blame the people who want to help you. I can accept the blame. I don’t have problem with that but you owe me lot of things” she stare at Mrs. Bae sharply

“Minyoung thinks that I am his mother. He is still so small to understand what happened in his life. Your father decided to entrust him to me because he knows Minyoung can get better care when he is with me. I don’t have any objection because I know Minyoung needs motherly love. You sister is busy with her study and I don’t want to distract her. You don’t know how much I struggle for Minyoung so he does not lack anything. Thankfully Taeyeon's presence makes it easy. He helped me a lot in raising your son. Taeyeon's family also accepts Minyoung like their own family members. Everyone loves him except you. Minyoung is a good kid and he never troubles me. He is an obedient son. He is friendly and very nice. You know what, he is a reflection of your old self” Mrs. Kang sobbing as she thinks about late Minyoung. She don’t want to bring up their past but her friend need to know about her son

After a few moments silent, she continues “When Minyoung is 10 years old, his biological father comes to his life. I bet you still remember Aiden Zachary” she smirks while looking at frozen Tiffany “He finds out about Minyoung through your sister. He never knew that he had a child with you because you hid it from him. He blames himself for never alerting. He met with me to claim custody of Minyoung. I don’t forbid him because he has rights as Minyoung's father. I let them meet whenever they want. I don’t mind if he wants to take Minyoung but he resists because it’s better if Minyoung is taken care of by me. He is good father and he shower Minyoung with his love unconditionally even that kid don’t know that Aiden is his real father”

She added “His world broke when we told him the truth about his life. He locked himself for a few days. Minyoung never blamed you for doing that but blamed himself instead. He said you hate him because he’s not a good son. Taeyeon tried his best to entertain him and make him smile again. He takes time to learn about his life. He promised to us that one day he will find you. Minyoung never feels love from you but that kid loves you until the end of his life. He only have your old picture that he keep in his wallet” she rummage through her handbag and take out something from her wallet then toss it on the table


Irene and her father looked at the picture on the table. They recognize it as Mrs. Bae when she is still in her young age “This picture of yours is the only thing that makes him close to you. Whenever he has a hard time, he will talk to your picture. I saw him often crying while holding your picture. Every year he will celebrate your birthday. He never tells us but I and Taeyeon know why he brings us out for dinner every 1 August. We practically celebrate your birthday even though he never tells us the truth. His dad wants to change his surname but he resists. He wants to keep using Hwang Minyoung while his English name is Aiden Zachary Jr. He worked hard so he could make you proud when he found you one day. He decided to move to Korea with us because he wants to look for you here. He built his own business for you. If you ever hear about a clothing brand named TIFFANY, it is owned by Hwang Minyoung. He uses your name as his brand with hope you can notice him. I told him that you used to take a fashion designing course because you love fashion and it inspired him to start his business. With all the money that he saved since he’s working with Taeyeon and becoming a CEO, he has his own brand. Even he busy as CEO of SG Group and his own business, he still have time to look fo

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