Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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The girls just finish their practice and get ready to go back but their manager still have meeting so they laze in practice room doing their own stuff. Yeri play game as usual. Joy busy taking photo while Wendy and Irene watching Netflix on Wendy’s Ipad

Manager arrival distracting them. Everyone turn to him and noticed that he looked tense

“Oppa, what’s wrong?” Irene asked with concern

“Do you scold by superior?” Wendy added

“No” Manager Choi shake his head

“So, what make you look like this?” Joy poking his puffed cheek

“Director Lee said our new CEO will come tomorrow”

“He will replace CEO Kim who suddenly resign last month?” Yeri frown

Manager Choi nods his head “Yes, he is son of our chairman. Not only CEO of SG Entertainment but entire SG Group”

“Wow, daebak!” the girls said together

“He must be well educated” Wendy commented

“And handsome” Joy added

“Also rich” Yeri smirk

“Maybe kind” Irene also join her members

Their manager just looking at them with flat face “Sadly he never reveal to public. Only certain people used to meet him but they told to keep the meeting secret and professional. He is tight and strict. We may or may not use to meet or bump into him on public. One of sunbaenim said, he is unpredictable, smart and cool. If someone mess with him, he will just smile but behind that smile he will destroy that person. He love doing something on his own way. Now everyone are busy preparing document that he possibly ask for when he come. He love to give surprise”

The girls listen well to their manager “Can’t wait to see how he led our agency” Irene tapping her fingers on her phone screen

“Hope he will treat us better than previous leader” Wendy stated

“I want nothing but justice for you girls. I hope I have chance to meet him and tell him personally about unsolved issue involving all of you” Manager Choi looking at the girls softly

He always want to stand up for the girls but he is powerless. When this new CEO arrive, he hope at least he can talk to him and talk about the girls. After working as their managers since their debut, he witness every up and down that the member go through. Every bashes, hatred, fake rumors, scandal and even mistreatment from their agency or broadcasting station, he feel very sorry and want to protect them. To him, members of Red Velvet not only idols but they like his own daughters. He don’t want anyone to hurt the girls physically, emotionally or even mentally

“Oppa, thank you for always be there for us. Please stay by our side until end our carrier” Wendy showing puppy eyes follow by her members

Manager Choi just laugh at them “Yah, don’t show that face. You guys not cute at all”

“But our fans said we’re super cute” Yeri stuck her tongue out

“Because they don’t see you all every day. If they are on my place, no way will they say that” Manager Choi laughing as he successfully making the girls upset

“Oppa, you’re so bad!” he receive punch from the girls

“Yah, I’m sorry” Manager Choi said under his laugh “Now get ready to go home and rest. We have special function tomorrow”

“What function?” Irene frown

“Welcoming our new CEO”

“Great, we can meet him in person. I’m really curious to see his face. I hope he not disappoint me” Joy said dreamily

“What does that mean?” Wendy looking at Joy

“Hope that he is handsome as we expect” Joy wiggle her eyebrows

“Aigooo this Park Sooyoung” everyone rolled their eyes

“Let’s go” said the manager


Irene drying her hair after showering. She humming her favorite song while looking at her reflection at the mirror. After staring at herself too long, she noticed that she change a lot

“Seulgi is right. I’m getting skinny” she mumble

Her phone ringing the table then she’s quickly grab it. The caller is Kang Seulgi. Irene smile as she saw the caller ID

Seulgi: Hello Irene

Irene: Hello Seulgi, what’s up?

Seulgi: Are you still at agency?

Irene: No, we end early today so I’m at dorm now

Seulgi: Oh, do you want to grab something to drink?

Irene: Tonight? *she checking wall clock and it showing 7:15 PM*

Seulgi: Yes but if you tired we can go out next time

Irene: We can but we can’t go to crowded place. I don’t want people notice us

Seulgi: We will just talk in my car. I don’t want them to see you too. They will make fuss if they catch us, right?

Irene: True, thanks for understanding

Seulgi: You’re welcome. Can you text me your address?

Irene: Sure but you have to deal with security at main entrance because our neighborhood is tightly protected. No random people allow to come without purpose

Seulgi: Don’t worry, I will go through everything for you

Irene: Flirt *cackle*

Seulgi: I just flirt with you. See you soon

Irene: Okay

They hang up then Irene text her address to Seulgi. She change her clothes right after. She wear black hoodie & blue jeans. After get her wallet and phone, she go out to living room waiting for Seulgi arrival

The rest of the members shock seeing their leader dress properly. Usually she will just stay at dorm if no schedule. She well-known as homebody so seeing Irene going out at night is something weird

“What’s with you guys?” Irene questioning after sit on the chair

“Unnie, you’re going out?” Wendy checking Irene from head to toe

“Yes, I will go out”

“It’s rare that you go out at night without us. Who is that person?” Joy teasing her unnie

“Don’t tell me you finally give in to Suho oppa invitation. We’re not ready to hear rumor tomorrow morning” Yeri said dryly

“Don’t worry. I’m not going with him”

“Then who?” suddenly the girls look excited “Are you finally meeting your ideal man?”

“Ayyy, I just go out with my friend. Don’t exaggerate. Of course you all will know if I’m seeing someone”

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