Make You Mine

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"If I can’t make his land mine. . . maybe I can make it ours."




I want this particular land in the beautiful island of Jeju. It’s beyond perfection, from the convenient location to the province’s tourist count. A lot of tourists means a lot of money for my business. My only problem is the land owner himself, Do Kyungsoo. My father had sent the best people and the best lawyers to help us bond an agreement and lure him into this but he won’t just give it up! My last resort is to deal with this myself! Don’t worry, I’m not going to murder him, that’s too mainstream.

If I can’t make his land mine. . . maybe I can make it ours? 

A ridiculous idea, I know. 

But I always get what I want. 

And his land is the next one on my checklist. 








Author's Note:

As some of you know, I recently opened myself for plot requests. A lot of readers have sent in their plots for the last three months or so and believe me, it was so hard to choose! You guys are so good with your ideas but since I'm only human and I'm all alone, I needed to choose  only one ( at least for now) and this awesome plot is the winner. 

Plot credits to: ichikoatinie (aka @DOnutDOremi on Twitter. Follow her! She's awesome.)

I will try my best not to disappoint you guys, especially ichikoatinie! XD

This will be a Han Iseul and Do Kyungsoo (from Mind Over Matter) version 2.0!

Let's go!

Omg let's make this baby featured! Hahahaha
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