Seven Days


During their entrance exams result Sungjong was stunned to see that the student who topped the examination is none other than his former classmate, Kim Myungsoo. Back in high school, Myungsoo was your average playboy. Rumours about him dating several girls at the same time or getting in a fight for dating someone else’s girlfriend was a dime a dozen.          However, the Kim Myungsoo that Sungjong is sharing with a room right now is far from the rumoured playboy he is back then. He’s kind, thoughtful, and is friendly with almost anyone.

            The two became friends, but there’s still one mystery left that’s been puzzling Sungjong. Why did Myungsoo choose to go in a normal university and what was the reason why Myungsoo would suddenly come back late at night drunk and crying?

            Whatever the reason Sungjong will always be there for his friend, but is he going to accept or deny that little stir up of emotions he felt when Myungsoo kissed him and called someone else’s name?


A first love

and the other trying to understand an unfamilliar feeling. 


I am thankful to everyone who still reads my stories despite the struggles. Thank you guys reading your comments really helps, I was reluctant to update because it's been so long but I'm glad to see your comments. Thank you *bows 90 degrees
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