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Idols arrive at the resort with their respective transport along with their managers. Other staffs with their own car. Few minutes later, Mr. Kang and Mrs. Kang also arrived. Everyone bow to their big boss. Following them, Seulgi and Soojung also arrive with their own cars.

Female staff and idols can’t take their eyes off their CEO soon as he step out of his car. He look stylish as usual even in casual outfit

“Our handsome crush” Joy whispers to her members then they giggle

Seulgi greeting his parents first before speak to his staff. He hugging both of them and his mother get a chance to nag at her son

“Yah, why arrive late?” Mrs. Kang glare at her son

“Sorry mom” Seulgi grin innocently

“He wake up late again aunty” Soojung spill the beans

“I know right” Seulgi mother rolled her eyes

“Aigooo, done chatting. You guys continue later. Now back to the staff” said Mr. Kang

Everyone turn to their staff and idols who are watching them since then. Seulgi take deep breathe before he talk

“Good day everyone”

“Good day sir”

“Before go to your room, we will have lunch first. You all can eat anything you want. Today is cheat day for those who are on diet. After that, Ms. Song will distribute your room keys. You guys will at separate floor for safety reason. Girls in other floor while boys at other floor too. Same goes to idols. 2 to 4 people in one room because our room is so big. Our party will start on 5 PM and it will be BBQ party so don’t need to wear fancy clothes. Just wear something casual and comfortable. Not too y and revealing for the girls. Your manager will call you guys again later. While waiting for party time, you all can do anything but don’t create problem. Please behave, understand everyone?”

“Yes sir”

“Good, now go inside. The staff will walk you guys to the restaurant”


SG family are having so much fun partying at the beach. This is one thing that they always wait because when their boss hold this kind of event, they will forget about their hectic schedule. They served with various kind of foods and drinks. Fresh meat are grilled by best chef. Everyone admit that their boss are really generous

At Red Velvet table, Irene and Wendy are busy eating their foods while their maknae duo go to get extra food for them. Yeri and Joy very excited when come to foods. They asked their unnie to sit and eat while both of them come and go to food stand

Sometimes, Irene steal a glance at Seulgi who sit with his family and some of directors. They talking happily while eating. Before party start, both of them exchange picture

[Seulgi outfit]

[Irene outfit]

Seulgi told her not to wear revealing clothes to avoid eyes. She obey to him without hesitation. Seulgi maybe sound possessive but he care a lot about her so she not against him

“It has been a while since we enjoy something like this” Wendy voice make Irene back from her deep thought

“Emm, you’re right. Last time we go to the beach is 3 months ago then everyone are very busy. It’s good that they held this party. At least we can take a break from hectic schedule”

“I agree with you unnie. Enjoying beautiful beach view, fresh air and good foods are amazing combination for relaxing. I want to get champagne. Do you want one?”

“Sure, get one for me”

Wendy call the waitress then get 2 glass of champagne “Here, your drink”

“Thank you” Irene take a sip of her champagne. It feel cool and fresh when that drink go through

“Unnie, do you think Mr. Kang will really give us solo debut and sub-unit next year?” Wendy looking at their leader

Irene nods slowly “I trust him. I know he will not a big liar as our former CEO. You see how much things change even he’s just start like a week. We never hear complain about him. Every staff praising him except for he explode during meetings but everyone will do such things too if they are on his place. There are so much stupid issue leaved by ex-CEO”

“True, now I can see the different that he mention. He never come late to office, wearing suitable outfit, answer our greeting and always smiling. He bring good vibe to the building. When we talked to him before, he listen carefully to our confession and thoughts. He give idea and not forcing us to agree. He listen to majority. Before this, we’re forced to agree even the idea is ” Wendy rolled her eyes when she say last sentence

“Hope he will lead us well until forever”

“I don’t want to change CEO anymore. I want him until we retire from industry. Believe me, if it still him as our CEO, I will stay at SG until they don’t want me” Wendy said confidently

“Me too” Irene smile showing her white teeth

Yeri and Joy return with dessert and fruits for them. They put it on the table and sit on their chair

“This watermelon for Irene unnie and grapes for Wendy unnie” said Yeri

“Thank you baby girl”

“I think this will be my last portion for today. My stomach can’t handle more foods” said Joy before shoving big piece of meat into

“Said someone who have pile of food on her plate” Irene teasing Joy

“Don’t tell us that you want to bring that foods to your room” said Wendy

“Of course not. I and Yeri have our snack that we bought earlier at convenient store”

“When did you two go out?” Irene frown

“Before we get ready for party” Yeri and Joy give peace sign to their unnie. Both of them share room while Irene and Wendy in other room

Their conversation halted when someone approaching their table and that person is Suho. The girls looking at him coldly but he act like nothing happen. He giving side smile to them instead

“Rene, can we meet tonight?”

“No” Irene answer with cold voice


“No reason. I just don’t want to meet you. I’m tired”

Suho scoff “Excuse, you never agree when I ask you out”

“Oppa, you know that unnie don’t want to go out with you so don’t force her. Are you stupid that you don’t notice that she’s obviously rejecting you?” Joy questioning while giving Suho dirty look same like other members did.

Without them knowing, Seulgi and his parents are watching their interaction. They know something going on between Suho and the girls even they can’t hear their conversation but the girls face can tell

“Hey, mind your own business. I’m not talking to you” Suho pointed his finger to Joy

“You scold her, I will stab you with this knife” Irene said while holding table knives on her hands. Suho jaw clench and he is angry “Go back to where you come from”

“I’m not going back until you agree to meet me tonight”

Soojung appear out of nowhere and stand beside Suho while holding a glass of wine. She giving mocking smile to Suho

“Look tense Mr. Kim. Wine?” she hold up her wine glass “Why just stand up and not join your hoobae? Uninvited?” she mocking him again

“Stupid” Suho said then leave somewhere

“Bad boy. I like” Soojung shake her head while smiling then she looking at the girls “Can I sit?”

“Sure, have a sit Ms. Jung” said Wendy

“Thank you. Is everything okay?”

“Yes, we’re good” Irene answering the question

“That’s good then” Soojung look around to check if Suho still around them but that guy already back to his seat “Irene, I’m sorry if I sound busy body how long since he start bugging you?”

“Since our trainee days but he stop for few years. His disease start again around 3 to 4 years back then and getting bad since he become director. He getting brave because he have power”

“Don’t worry, he is powerless now. Our boss kicked him out of the board already”

The girls shocked “Why he got kicked out?” Yeri curiously asking

“He make a fuss during meeting and shout at our boss then leave without no one asking so boss make him out forever”

“Serve his right”

“Irene, I suggest that you meet with our boss and tell him what actually happen. During meeting with your manager yesterday, he not telling Seulgi about you have issue with Suho. You must let boss know so we can find a way to protect you from him. I tell you girls, he is dangerous and he might do something we not expect. Please let us know so it make us easy to catch him. You help us and we help you too. We’re still eyeing him now” said Soojung with low voice but still make sure the girls can hear clearly

“Ms. Jung is right unnie, you must voice it out. Suho oppa is getting scary. I can see from his eyes earlier” said Wendy

Irene nods her head “Okay, I will tell Mr. Kang about this”


“Ms. Jung, is he involve in crime or something?” Joy curious

“One day the truth will unveil and you all will know he is no

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