Always Unsuspecting

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» In the world of the supernatural, Namjoon's pack is always facing a crisis. Follow the adventures of Seokjin, Jungkook, Taehyung, Yoongi, Jimin, Hoseok and Namjoon as they tackle love, life, enemies, death, and everything in between.

» OTPs: JINKOOK (Kookjin) and TAEGI (a tad bit of Yoonjin)

» Mature content (light ) » Violence/Death » Language (note: no member of BTS dies permanently in this story). Also, because I had someone ask - if you see dialogue in italics, it is what the characters is thinking to themselves, like this: "Great," Jungkook's mouth twisted into a sardonic smirk. Can't wait to hear how much you think I . (the 'I can't wait to hear how much you think I ' is what he is thinking in his mind.)




~Out of the shadows, a man stepped forward and Jungkook felt an intense power emanating from him. He glared down at Jungkook, his tall stature blocked half the light that shone in from the tattered curtains that barely covered the broken windows. An ominous silhouette stood before him, commanding his attention. The strange man felt familiar, he had seen him before..somehow. "Something very bad happened to your parents, you're going to live with us now." The man spoke, his voice was strong and Jungkook nodded. He was scared, but he felt oddly safe at this moment. He had questions, but he didn't dare speak. Jungkook watched as the man brushed his blonde hair from his eyes and turned to walk from the room.~



NOTE: Bonus chapters at end ! (the original story stops at chapter 50.)  This story is also published on my AO3 account.




Love when your writing and AFF decides to freeze, thus not displaying all of what you just wrote...


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Chapter 50: Yeah, I really enjoyed to read your story.

To me, it seems like the work of a professional writer and if you change the name of the characters, maybe you could be published for real ! Thanks again for your amazing work, I'm obviously going to read the bonus parts.
Chapter 34: You're a really great writter author-nim, I haven't finished reading your story yet but I have to say it, this is incredibly good. Wow ! Thank you for sharing your great work with us =)
irenii #3
Chapter 50: I have just finished reading your story. Well i still have to read the bonus chapters but still... i read it in 3 days. I seriously love it. I am a superfan of supernatural things (including the TV show with that name lol) so this was so fun for me. I really really want the story to continue!! I have seen there is a second part and i am sure i will like it as much as this one =)
Haaru1 #4
Chapter 64: That was great . I went through rollercoaster of emotions and to think that I just happen to share same story(Yoongi was the reason I got into bts and Jinkook are just my life) I feel glad. Thankyou for the story.💜
Trngmy #5
Chapter 5: Finally, a side of Jin that is more different than the rest of the fanfiction I have read so far....not vulnerable and shy, but mysterious and manly. So far I love it!
Chapter 64: I realized that I never showed how much I appreciate you and this story this brings a lot of beautiful memories.. On of the best jinkook fan fiction I have ever read..i was introduced to this masterpiece in tenth grade.. I was so obsessed I cried, felt happy, sad and every emotion you could describe.. I bendg reading this as if it was a tv series.. I love the way you write and how you give the story life as if we are living this amazing story.. You are the best and keep on going and continue your thing.. Stay happy ?
AuraC25 #7
Chapter 29: This chapter made me sad and cry like a river ?
AuraC25 #8
Chapter 27: TaeGi ?
AuraC25 #9
Chapter 7: This is so damn exciting ?
Chapter 1: niiiiice.