Chapter 9

Better Together!
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Fast forward. 

2 days before Christmas.


OHA will be closed on the 25th, for a week and open again on January 2nd.

But that doesn’t mean it's a slow day for seungwan.

In fact, she’s so busy. Delivering gifts to the loyal customers.

Yes, OHA makes it a tradition to send Christmas gifts to their most frequent customers.

Taemin and Seungwan have been out since morning. They’re the only two left out of 4 delivery staff since they don't take any Christmas leave. Seungwan’s family is in Canada and the ticket price has been soaring high for the long holiday, so no, this year she’s not coming back. Besides, she still has a thesis to submit as she’s planning to graduate in March next year.


She already delivered about 10 gifts and there’s 2 left now. For the Han’s and K2.

Seungwan goes to the Han’s first as it is closer to where she’s now.

Arriving at the main gate.

She sees, the staff are busy putting up Christmas ornaments around the garden.

Looks like they’ll be hosting a christmas party again, this year.


Seungwan knew about the party because last year when she delivered the gift, she talked to one of the staff. Sungmin. He said that once a year, the Han’s will invite their customers and a few influential people to attend the party. The party is always lit. Sungmin said, all the staff are invited too.


The young girl then asks him where the owner is. Taeyeon wants her to give the gift and card directly to the owner.

So here’s Seungwan making her way to the owner’s office.

She knocks on the glass door, making Sohee look up from her computer. Her frown eases as she sees Seungwan behind the door.

What’s with girls wearing specs looking so gorgeous?


“Hey, Wan” Sohee opens the door and ushers her to sit in front of her

“Christmas gift? You can put it here” She pats her working table

“I was just running over the guests list for our christmas party, good think that you’re here”

She gives one invitation to seungwan “We added OHA to the list” Sohee explains

“Oh” It’s the first time OHA has been invited by the Han’s. They’ve been their customers for 5 years now. But who's gonna come? Taeyeon will go back to Jeonju, so is their finance and HR manager

“Thank you, unnie. We’re very honored”

Sohee smiles “It’s nothing. We just want to share the joy”

“You should come, if you’re free” she gives another invitation to Seungwan, it’s a personal invitation, her name is written on it. 

“Oh no, I really don’t deserve it” the younger girl says, well first she’s a nobody and second she never attended this kind of party where influential people will present. She heard that last time, the minister of culture attended the party. 

“What are you talking about? Of course you deserve it. You’ve been helping us a lot with the supplies”

“But I’m just doing my job, unnie” 

Sohee assures her “Doing your job perfectly is something to appreciate so take the invitation, you can bring your friends. We have plenty of food and drinks. So if you can, please come”

“Thank you unnie”

Sohee holds her gaze “Not a problem”


Seungwan parks her car on her usual spot near K2’s backdoor

She rings the bell and Seulgi opens the door. Well she kinda hopes that Irene would appear wearing her cute specs again. Oops.

“Sup” Seulgi greets her while munching pringles “Is that for me?”

Seungwan offers the box “Yes, this is from OHA, for you guys. Our valuable customer and also i brought the usual stuffs”

Seulgi smiles widely “Oh my! I love gifts! Come inside, we’re having our tea time”

Tea time?

“Ok wait, i will put the stuff first” Seungwan puts the materials in the storage then asks Seulgi for a sign.

Impatiently, Seulgi signs the form before dragging Seungwan to the pantry.


Yeri, Chaeyoung and Irene are already there enjoying what looks like bubble tea (their version of tea time). Except Irene looks almost choked on the boba upon seeing her.

“It’s 4+1 promo” Seulgi says while offering one to the smaller girl “So you came in good time”

“Thanks” Seungwan opens her cap and sips on the bubble tea

“How are you guys?”

“Never been this happy” Chaeyoung says delightfully on every sip of her drink “Thank you for the cake! Irene unnie says you baked them for us”

“Ah it’s nothing. Unnie help me too” Seungwan glances at the quiet girl, well Irene is usually quiet

“What’s your plan for Christmas, Wan unnie?” Yeri asks

“I’m going to spend my day finishing my thesis. How about you?”

“Boring” Yeri snickers “Me and Chaeyoung unnie will go to Busan, while Irene unnie will go to Daegu to visit her family and Seulgi unnie, i don’t know probably sleeping”

“That’s correct!” Seulgi says, proudly

“Do you want to join our new year blast here? We have a rooftop” Chaeyoung offers “That’s if you’re free”

“Uhm...i usually spend my new year watching year end music on TV so yes i’m very free” Seungwan grins back at her

“Great! You can bring your friends too” Yeri cheers “A hot friend if you can, please”

What’s with everyone, inviting her for a party?

“You can bring sooyoung” Irene finally talks

“Sooyoung is usually booked for a year end party but i’ll ask her” 

“Can you bake us something, unnie?” Yeri shamelessly asks

“Ok, muffins??”

“Yeah!” Yeri cheers with Seulgi

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