Chapter 4

Better Together!
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Intermediate accounting class just finished. Seungwan got 2 pop quizzes today, from this class and marketing class, they’re draining her body and mind. But this semester she only has 3 classes left and a thesis to be submitted by the end of the semester and then graduation.

She was clearing her table when someone tapped her shoulder.

“Hey, Jeong. What’s up?”

Sejong grins widely while holding a box of pepero “Happy Pepero day!”

Seungwan receives the box with a surprise “Huh, today is Pepero day?”

“Yep. Where’s my hug?”

“Thanks Jeong!” Seungwan hugs one of her close friends on campus, they are from the same major but this class is the only class they have together this semester.

“How’s the quiz? Think you aced them?”

Seungwan sighs “I just hope so. What about you?”

“Absolutely failing them”

Seungwan shakes her head “I’ll buy you lunch next time. I gotta head out for work”

“Still working at OHA? Guess Kim dumbdumb pays you well, huh?” Sejong is Taeyeon’s precious little sister, Seungwan doesn’t know that at first until Taeyeon mentioned her sister during company lunch

“You called your sister dumbdumb?” 

“Sister things” Sejong grins again “Tell her i want fried chicken for dinner”

“Yeah. Bye, Jeong”

“Bye Wan, don’t trip on your way!” Sejong smirks beforing popping a pepero in

Seungwan fakes an angry face before waving her hands. She is grateful to have a great friend like Sejong. She didn’t think they could be close at first, after the girl randomly confessed to her 2 years ago and of course Seungwan rejected her. They didn’t know each other at that time, only had a few classes together but the girl took it very well and somehow they ended up being friends until today.

They occasionally meet to study or hang out together.


Seungwan logs into the company’s system and finds that she has to deliver packages to 2 different places today. To K2 studio and the Han's family. Han's family is another art studio that has their weekly supplies to be delivered from OHA. Well if she goes now, she can come back soon and finish her administrative task. Yes, she’s helping Taeyeon with data entry.

“You know, K2 studio especially requested you to send their stuff” Jisoo, another staff says, She works part time as the store’s customer service

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah, one of the artists, Kang Seulgi called and asked for your service” Jisoo wiggles her brows “Look at you, both Han and K2 asking you to send their stuff. What did you do?”

Seungwan traps her own cheeks with both of her hands “Nothing, just being cute”

“Eww” Jisoo throws a bunch of paper at her


Seungwan arrived at the K2 studio first and unloaded their stuff and put them on the trolley.

She fixes her blue cap before ringing the bell. Preparing for another surprise, maybe??

But Yeri opens the door this time and Seungwan finally releases her breath.

It’s not like she wants to avoid Irene but the latter's presence is too powerful for her poor heart, Irene is like her idol. She can’t just meet and talk to her like that. Like they're friends.

“Hey, Unnie. Come inside” Yeri welcomes her with a big smile

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