Chapter 17

Better Together!
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Will Seungwan stay still until Joohyun comes to her senses and comes to her? 

Nope, it’s been 5 days. Seungwan can’t take it anymore.

She can’t keep hoping that the older girl will reply to one of her previous messages.

The younger girl decided not to bombard Joohyun with messages anymore, she stopped 2 days ago after talking with Seulgi. 

But what if the older girl thinks that she has given up?

No, can’t let that happen.

So today Seungwan decides to send her a bucket of flowers to convey her feelings.


After getting her daily delivery schedule from OHA’s system, she put on her blue cap and nametag. 

Today is a new day, Seungwan-ah!

She loads all the packages in the car, with a hand wave she signals the security to open the door.

She will drop by at K2 first to give the flowers.


K2 studio

“Until when are you gonna ignore, Seungwan?” Seulgi opens the conversation during their lunch break

Joohyun sighs, yes she’s been ignoring Seungwan for days now. Not replying to her messages and all. 

“Seulgi, Joohyun unnie needs her time” Chaeyoung tells her friend to stop pressuring the older girl.

Between Seulgi and her, Chaeyoung is that friend who is very loyal towards her friend, she will always choose Joohyun’s side no matter what. 'If you jump, i jump' type of friend.

Yes, she likes Seungwan, the girl seems genuine and kind to everyone. Like she'll bring you the moon if you ask. But, if Joohyun doesn’t think the girl is the one for her then she won’t pressure her.

Seulgi is loyal too but she knows when to correct her friend. She's blunt and not afraid to speak up her mind if she thinks her friend is wrong.

“It’s not her fault” The bear says again “She works at OHA, of course she is bound to meet you-know-who”

“Yes, we know” Chaeyoung puts down her spoon “So what’s your point, Seul?”

“It’s unfair for Seungwan. At least you should tell her if you don’t want to continue anything between you two, unnie”

“Well,easy for you to say that” Chaeyoung frowns and replies on behalf of Joohyun again “Unnie will talk to her but not now”

Seulgi is getting annoyed at her and Joohyun, who is so quiet.

“When? Next year? 2 years from now? You can’t keep running, unnie” Seulgi puts down her spoon too “Seungwan is not him. Be a woman and talk to her. It’s better to end everything now, she has feelings too!”

“Why are you on her side? Oh yeah, you like her friend ” Oo, Chaeyoung hit on her nerves

“It’s nothing to do with Sooyoung” Seulgi glares at Chaeyoung

“Would you like it if Lisa suddenly shut you down? Without telling you what's going on? If it is your fault or hers? Wouldn’t you feel better if she dumps you in your face rather than MIA for days or weeks, months?”

“Lisa will never do that. We agreed to talk it out if there’s something bothering one of us” 

Seulgi snickers “Look at you, Chaeyoung.

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