Chapter 5

Better Together!
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Seungwan parks her car beside the wooden entrance. Han's family studio is inside their massive traditional hanok house. One building is dedicated as the gallery and office and another building as their storage and workroom. Seungwan has been delivering to the Han’s many many times now. She knows her way and all the staff knows Seungwan as well.

The Han’s is a well known pottery maker, from generation to generation. The family served King Sunjong back when the Yi Dynasty ruled Korea. Now, the gallery is owned and managed by one of their great great great great greaaaaaat granddaughter of Nobleman Han Cheongjoo, who is also a well known potter.

Seungwan pushed her trolley through the main gate to the storage room. It takes around 10 minutes to reach the room. As she neared the storage room, she saw the said owner, all dressed up, maybe she’s going somewhere or had just arrived from somewhere.

“Good day, Sohee Unnie” Seungwan greets her in a cheerful manner

Sohee turns around and smiles at her “Hey Seungwan, you came just in time”

“Oh, are you waiting for the materials? Sorry, I took a long time to come”

“No, no. I’ve just arrived” Sohee laughs “I have something for you, meet me inside after you put the stuffs”

Sohee unnie is really nice and beautiful too. What’s with all the pottery artists, they look like the art themselves.

Seungwan put the stuff inside their storage before asking one of the staff to sign the delivery paper. She bows before making her way to the owner who is waiting with a bag in her hand.

“This is for you”

“Oh, what is it, unnie?”

Sohee grins “Open it”

Seungwan opens the bag to find a box of chocolate inside, not just any choco but the premium one with a gold ribbon attached to the fancy box.

“I just got back from a chocolate tasting event, so i’m giving everyone a box of chocolates and then i remember that you’ll come today so that one is for you”

“Unnie…” Seungwan feels touched, everyone is so nice today, from pepero, free lunch now this, her day couldn’t get any better! Possibly, today is one of the best days of her life! 

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