Chapter 7

Better Together!
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The days went by so quickly. With classes and work here and there.

It’s finally time for Seungwan to attend her 1 to 1 class with Irene.

She couldn’t sleep last night. 

She has so many questions to ask. She even takes a note (what a nerd).

Another reason for her jittery feeling is she doesn’t know how she should act in front of her idol?

At some point last night, sooyoung texted her

‘Go to sleep. I can sense your worry from here' Sooyoung, who was out partying, knew that she wouldn’t be able to sleep a wink.


So, Seungwan didn’t sleep last night.

She was too nervous and excited at the same time so she decided to bake a carrot cake as a way to thank the girl. She did ask Yeri what the older girl's favorite cake was.

Being sleepless and nervous, she almost burned herself twice that morning before successfully baking the cake.


Seungwan arrives exactly at 11 AM. She rings the bells and Irene opens the door for her.

“You’re on time” The older girl says, she’s already in her working gear, a black apron hung on her tiny waist and her long hair pulled up into a bun plus a pair of round glasses hanging on her nose, damn those glasses!

Overall, she looks so cute and harmless today. 

The older girl usually has this intimidating aura around her.

“Put your bag there” irene points on a table near the door

“Uhm, I brought a carrot cake for you, where should I put it? Do you have a fridge?”

Irene’s eyes light up.

“I like carrot cake! Thank you very much” She smiles sweetly “Yes, it’s in my workroom, follow me”

This is it, Seungwan will grace the workroom of her favorite actress.

Keep calm, Seungwan!

Irene opens the door for her and Seungwan roams her eyes around the room. 

The workroom consists of 2 different rooms, separated with a glass door.

One room is equipped with painting equipment, that must be seulgi’s and another room with wheels, 2 wooden tables for pottery equipment. This room is connected with another door where the kiln is placed. This room is bigger than the other one and has windows overlooking the small garden outside.

“I share the workroom with Cheyoung” Irene informs her “That’s the fridge”

Seungwan immediately goes to the fridge and opens it, she is shocked to find nothing in it except a few bottles of water. Oh right, they usually have a take out. Seungwan remembers.

“Come here” Irene has an apron on her hand “Wear this, and you can sit there”

She points on a chair in front of the wheels where Irene will be working behind it.

Seungwan nervously ties the apron around her waist and even though she has short hair, she still pulls it in a ponytail, afraid that it’ll be in the way. She wants to learn a lot today.

She looks around Irene’s workroom again, so neat and clean, a hint of lavender in the air. Must be from the cute bunny shaped oil burner.

This girl really likes bunnies. Seungwan thought. 

The older girl is walking around the room to gather her tools.

A few moments later she’s back on her seat, which is slightly taller than seungwan’s seat. 

“Ready?” she asks with a glint on her eyes

Seungwan nods excitedly

“You can ask me while I'm working” Irene tells her before taking a fist of clay and putting it on the wheels, she pours a bit of water inside it and spins the wheels slowly.

Seungwan feels her breath be taken away. It’s not the first time she saw pottery making, she watched tons of videos on youtube before and she even saw how sohee worked on her magic.

But Irene, she’s on another level. She looks surreal with how the light bounced over her brown hair. The way the older girl works on the clay, the way she rolls and pinches the shape and cuts the unnecessary parts are so gracious. She does it without even breaking a sweat. It shows how good she’s with her work.

Shaking her head, Seungwan takes out her notes. It makes Irene chuckle when she sees it. 

“Ok, what is the first question?”

“What is it made of? Well I know it’s clay but maybe some explanation?”

Irene adds a little bit more water “I’m using stoneware clay. You see it grey in color, it’s different from earthenware clay, the spoon that you bought is made of earthenware clay”

Seungwan nods. So Sohee used earthenware clay, the color is very different indeed. 

“We usually use stoneware to make dinnerware and vases, since it’s stronger and denser, it won't easily break like earthenware clay. Well every types of clay has their own function so no, earthenware is not bad but since i mostly make teapots hence i use stoneware more”

Irene explains, a smile gracing on her lips. Like she’s made for it. Yes, she was born to be a potter.

It won’t be hard to see that she has great talent.

And God, she looks more beautiful in her element.

Seungwan gulps and looks down at her notes before firing other questions.


30 minutes and 10 questions later, Irene is almost

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