Chapter 22

Better Together!
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Seungwan starts her day a bit later today.

She is so excited about the Daegu trip that she spent her night packing for the upcoming 2 nights trip. 

“Morning Sis” Sooyoung yawns, she looks at the counter and frowns “Where’s my breakfast?” 

“I woke up late” the shorter girl says “Cereals?”

“Please” Sooyoung pulls a chair “I spent the night working on my presentation, i didn’t know that i have to submit & present my internship project”

“What did you even do in class?”

“Sleeping” Sooyoung grins “Mostly skipped it”

Seungwan shakes her head “Oh yeah. I’m going to Daegu this Friday”


“Huh? Why? How long? Are you going on vacation? How dare you let me suffer alone! I need my mental support for my 1st day of working!”


“So many questions” Seungwan puts a bowl of cereal and a cup of milk in front of Sooyoung “It’ll be just a 2 nights trip. I’m helping Taeyeon unnie to move in. I’ll be back on Sunday”

“Fine. As long as you’re here on Sunday night”

“You big baby. You can just ask Seulgi unnie to accompany you”

“I don’t want to see her face for the rest of the weekend” Sooyoung huffs

“Why? Didn’t you two go shopping yesterday?”

“Yeah and I’m annoyed as hell. I really wanted to buy this fabulous short dress but she didn’t let me. She asked if I'm going there as a law firm intern or as a model. She bought me a boring baby blue button up shirt and black striped pencil skirt”

“Isn’t that what people in law firms use? Crisp button up and plain skirt?”

“I can't breathe with both of you. First impressions are important too, you know. I’m going for a flamboyant but elegant aura. I need to stand out”

Seungwan rolls her eyes “Then you can just ignore Seulgi unnie and buy the dress yourself”

“I can't, she said no”

The shorter girl holds her cup mid air “Yeah. So?”

“So i’m annoyed”

“Why are you spending your energy in negativity if you can just buy it yourself? Isn’t Park Sooyoung never listen to people”

“...I don’t want her to get mad at me” She mumbles

*coughs* “Whipped”

“What did you say?”

“I said I need to whip eggs later. I’m going to bake cakes for my trip”

Sooyoung raises her brow unconvinced “Why? You can just buy snacks on the way”

“Not for me. I’m going to visit Joohyun unnie’s family home in Daegu”


Coughs coughs, sooyoung chokes on her cereal “Say it again?”


“Geez” Seungwan helps her to wipe her lips “I’m going to unnie’s house”

“Why are you visiting them without unnie? Isn’t that gonna be weird”

“Joohyun unnie is coming with me”

“What?!” Sooyoung pushes her bowl away and holds her roommate's hands “Is there something i should know? Why are you suddenly meeting the parents? Are you two skipping dating and going straight to marriage?? I going to be your bridesmaid soon?”


“Hold your horse. What are you talking about? Marriage?” Seungwan swats sooyoung’s hand


“I’m just visiting her house as a friend”

“Oh” Sooyoung takes back her cereal “Just what did I excited for”

“You and your imagination. But well, now you giving me ideas, i mean I don’t mind if we skip dating”

Sooyoung smile widens “That is my best friend! Thinking of the bigger goal. Fine, I give my blessing. Go woo her parents with your charm”

Seungwan laughs “Your cereal is getting soggy”




“Unnie, are you sure you can handle everything?”

Seungwan asks for the nth time

“Yes, yes” Taeyeon shoos her away

Seungwan is thinking to come back after helping Sohee but Taeyeon said she’s fine by herself

“Don’t want to interrupt your date”

“It’s not a date. I’m just helping her to buy something”

“Helping her....Yes, yes whatever it is. Enjoy”

Seungwan takes her bag “Oh yeah, Joohyun unnie is coming with us to Daegu. I hope you don’t mind”

“Joohyun who?” Taeyeon is dumbfounded

“I mean Irene unnie”

“Irene of K2?? Why? I mean I don't mind ....but why?”

“She is from Daegu. So i talked to her, maybe she can help you getting familiar with the city plus she misses her mom’s food”


Taeyeon squinting her eyes 

“Are those the only reasons? You sure not using me to get closer to her?”


Seungwan blushes “Yes, of course”

“You sure?”

“Ah look at that, it’s time to go” Seungwan purposely avoids her questions “See you tomorrow!”

Taeyeon purses her lips “I’ll get my answer”


Car park


“Sorry Unnie. Did you wait long?” Seungwan find

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