Chapter 27

Better Together!
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Seungwan clocked out from OHA by 5.35 PM.

She immediately onboard the bus back to dorm.


Now that she’s done with her thesis, she needs to find a new accommodation.

Preferably near OHA but she needs to talk with Sooyoung about it because back then before Seulgi was in the picture, they agreed to live together even after college.

But now, Sooyoug may change her mind.

Maybe she wants to live with Seulgi instead.


People's feelings may change.

Sighs. Just the right time to remember Joohyun's words.


Seungwan looks outside the window, at the orange and blue hue in the sky.

I wonder if you see what I see.

The sky and my feelings to you.


She closes her eyes, trying to keep her tears in check.

Deep inside she still feels sad about Joohyun.

Why can’t you open your heart for me?




KU Dorm



Sohee, who is leaning on the wall beside the dorm’s entrance, looks up at her way.

Her face is unreadable.

“Are you waiting for me? You should’ve texted me before” Seungwan hurriedly walks to her

“Sooyoung did text you, she has to go back to the office so I’m bringing your dinner”


Oh, she hasn’t checked her phone.


“Thank you” Seungwan takes the paper bag from Sohee, her hand brushes Sohee's fingers.

It feels cold.

“Did you wait long here?”

“Around 30 minutes”

Seungwan feels bad

“Let’s go up, i’ll make some tea for you”

But before she could walk, Sohee caught her arms


“Irene she the one you like?”

The younger girl inhales sharply, so she knows...

“Why her?”

“Let’s talk upstairs” Seungwan puts her hand on top of Sohee’s, trying to calm the older girl

but Sohee refuses to let her go

“I need to know why it is always her?” Sohee's body is shaking “Why am I always losing to her?”


Are we really talking about this in front of the building?


Seungwan looks around her.

It’s good that the students are still on semester break.


“I liked oppa first but she came in our way and stole him from me. She did the same with you. What is it? What does she have that I'm not?”


The ex-problem again...

Seungwan is so tired of hearing it

She is her own person

She doesn’t want to be compared to that jerk


“No one steals me from others. I choose who I want to be with. It’s not her fault or your fault. It’s not a competition either, I'm not a trophy to be won over. I’m a human and I have feelings too”


“Then why her? Why not me?”


This is really going nowhere...

Joohyun and Sohee

Both of them are still so caught up with their past

None of them listened to what I’ve said

None of them take a consideration of my feeling



“What do you want me to say, unnie? I just like her. My heart chose her. There’s no splendid explanation for it and please, there’s nothing wrong with yourself. Sto

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