Chapter 12

Better Together!
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One beautiful morning in K2 studio

Irene hums a song while doing her daily cleaning.

Not just a song, but 'woah i'm having a crush' kind of song.

Right now the most beautiful thing in my eyes, is you lady

If my feelings for you are money, I’m a billionaire

I like you, really really really really

Yeri eyed her amusedly. It’s not hard to put two and two together. The older girl is in a good mood, very good mood. She seldomly hums a song while doing chores, especially love songs.

All those admirers, do any of them finally manage to shoot a love arrow and hit perfect 100? Love arrow? Ok, that’s lame.

The youngest girl nudges Chaeyoung who is also eyeing their oldest unnie.

“Who's the lucky person?”

The taller girl shrugs ”Did you see her meeting someone new continuously or going on a blind date?”

Yeri ponders “Blind date? She would never go to such a thing, well someone new... hmm just Seungwan unnie...wait Seungwan?!”

Chaeyoung gives her a wink 

“Oho, it’s a surprise but nice surprise” Yeri smirks “She has a type afterall, she told me she doesn’t have an ideal type!”

“You’re too gullible young girl and don’t yet” Chaeyoung warns her, sensing that the younger girl must be planning something in her head “I think they’re still on stage of getting to know each other, nothing official”

“How did you know?” Feeling a bit disappointed that she is banned from teasing the older girl. 

“I was her, in my early days of going out with Lisa. Man, I miss those days” Chaeyoung sighs dreamily “It feels like I'm walking on cloud 9. I just want to see her face everyday ”

Yeri’s mouth twitches “Ugh, just stop. You make me want to go on a blind date”


Seulgi appears with a bagel on

“Hoot , fellas” looks like she pulled all nighter again “What did i miss?”

“That” Yeri points to a giggling Irene, who's looking down at her phone.

“What about her?” Seulgi is the most densest person Yeri ever known

“Can’t you see?? She’s walking on cloud 9!”

“What?? What cloud 9?”

“Seul...stop talking. You're leaving the crumbs on my table” Chaeyoung huffs, annoyed


WenJoy’s dorm

Sooyoung tilts her head and looks at her breakfast, prepared by chef Seungwan.

“Is today your birthday?”

Seungwan who is still fresh from shower looks at her roommate “You forgot when my birthday is??”

Sooyoung shrugs “You cook a lot, like a lot. I mean I'm thankful but why am I having a steak first in the morning?”

“Last night, you said you crave steak”

“I know but...ah forget it. Thanks!” Sooyoung immediately cuts her steak and lets herself drowns in the delicious, yummy slice of steak

Seungwan joins her on the table but she seems busy with her phone.

The shorter girl never brings her phone while having meals. That’s her strict rule, enjoy food not phone.

But she’s breaking her rule now??

“I noticed you've been so attached to your phone since last night. I’m jealous, yeobo” Here comes Sooyoung with her ‘i’m your wife’ drama

“Oops” Seungwan puts down her phone, instantly remembers about her strict rule

“Who is that? Come on tell me” Sooyoung pouts “Are you getting another girl to bring home?”

“Yah” Seungwan blushes “I’m just texting Irene unnie”

“Since last night?”

“Yeah. I told you we went to a cafe after my shift, right? We kinda texted a lot after that, she’s so funny”


Funny?? Is that a new term for i have this tiny crush on you and i hope you like me too!


“Uh-uh” Sooyoung nods “She’s so pretty and funny, right?” she throws her bait, perfectly 

“Yes, I thought she’ll be chic and all but she’s so humble and did you know? She easily gets scared. one time she jumped on her seat because of a ladybug?” the shorter girl laughs before start digging on her steak, very

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