Chapter 25

Better Together!
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The days dragged on.

It feels like the longest week for Seungwan.

She is still feeling bad after rejecting Sohee.

She should’ve stayed until the girl stopped crying. She regrets it.

Sohee is a friend. She should consider more of the older girl's feelings.

No one knows yet about Sohee's confession, not even Sooyoung.

The younger girl is so busy nowadays.

Maybe she’ll drop the news later after she’s official with Joohyun.


Yes, tomorrow she’ll go camping with Joohyun and she’ll ask her there.

They’re closer than before and just like what mama Bae said, Joohyun might’ve changed her mind now.

Maybe she’s waiting for her to ask her first.


So she’s been thinking a lot since she’s back from Daegu and after meeting Sohee.

The girl was so brave for confessing to her and even after she got rejected, she still wanted to wait for her.

It gives her strength to do the same, the strength to confess her love properly.


Seungwan moves the last box to her new working space.

She’ll be working upstairs along with other full time staff starting from next week.

It’s really hard to believe everything that happened to her life.

People she met during her college days and still staying with her until now, new friends, new workmates. The young girl cannot be more thankful with her life.

Seems like this is the peak of her life.


The only thing she wants now is to make things official with Joohyun.


Honestly, she envisioned her future with the older girl, many times.

She realized it’s not a simple crush anymore, it’s more than that.

She wants to grow with her.

She’s fine with what they have now but she’s also curious what it will be like to have Joohyun as her lover.


To be able to hold and kiss her.

To love her and to be loved by her.


She’s nervous as hell but hopefully Joohyun will like a confession under the stars.




K2 Studio


Joohyun is packing the last batch order with Yeri and Chaeyoung.

The last few days have been so packed for everyone.

“Aigoo, I need to sit” Yeri crouches down. She’s been standing for hours, attending customers and packing back to back.

“At least tomorrow is saturday” Chaeyoung sighs “I badly need my weekly cuddle or i’ll be stressed out”

“Puh-lease” Yeri snickers

“Jealous because you’re the only one who will be cuddleless??” the blonde girl adds

Yeri looks at Joohyun “Everyone has a plan with their loved one and there’s me”

“I’m just going to a campsite” Joohyun mutters

“And what will you do there? Stargazing and cuddling under the tent isn’t it? How wonderful” the younger girl refuses to back up “Honestly, why don’t you two make it official already? It’s been 20+ chapters and I’m tired of waiting”


“We’re taking things slow”

“This is too slow! Even my pet turtle moves faster”

“Yeri…” Chaeyoung warns her

“No, let me say something. You two are basically attached to the hips, you even took her to your family’s home. What are you waiting for, unnie?

Chaeyoung can’t help but be curious too, she is just too kind to ask


“It’s not that simple, Yerim-ah” Joohyun sighs “I've been traumatized before. It ruined me”

“I understand but if you let your fear consume you. You’ll never be able to move on. Someone like Seungwan unnie is rare to find. I, for example, will just let you go the moment you said you want to take things slow. I’m not that patient”

Chaeyoung nods, even she too gets impatient with Lisa sometimes


“Until when you want to make her wait?” Yeri adds

“Kim Yerim, why are you pressuring me?” Joohyun looks at her, a bit upset “My relationship is none of your business”

“You’re right. It’s not” Yeri shrugs and plays with her shoe laces “I didn’t know what happened in the past. I just want you to live freely, there’s so many great things ahead so you can’t let your past pull you down. You also need to consider Seungwan’s unnie feeling, don’t give her false hope if you can’t give her what she wants”

“I maybe young but I’ve been there, Unnie. I was once waiting for someone because she asked me to”

Chaeyoung stares at Yeri, gaping

“Sorry. I think I need a breather” Yeri excuses herself, feeling flustered with her own confession


“Am I being unfair to Seungwan?” Joohyun asks Chaeyoung

Dang it, Yeri passed the ball to me!


“If Seungwan willingly says that she’ll wait for you then she knows what she’s getting into. Seungwan and Yeri are different people. Yeri perhaps was asked to wait by the girl while Seungwan had the choice to step back but she’s staying. That means a lot.”

Joohyun sighs “But she’s right. Until when will I make Seungwan wait?”

“You should start thinking about it eventually. I know you are still afraid so you don’t have to force yourself to try something just because someone else said so. You know what is best for yourself and i know, you don’t want to hurt both yourself and her”

“You’re right, I should think about it. I don’t want to hurt her with my indecisiveness”

Chaeyoung smiles “Whatever your decision is, you know I got your back”


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