Chapter 8

Better Together!
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2 days later

Irene texted Seungwan, informing her that the cups are done.

Seungwan, who was on her way delivering stuff to customers, replied that she’ll come after her shift. Around 5 PM.

But Irene told her that she’ll drop by OHA, since she’ll be leaving the studio early today for groceries.


So here’s Seungwan, standing in front of OHA's neon sign waiting for Irene.

The young artist informed her 20 minutes ago that she’s on her way. Since she’s driving her car, Irene should be here any minute now.

Seungwan smoothen her unruly hair. The wind has messed up her hair.

A white Hyundai stops in front of her. The passenger window rolls down, revealing Irene on the driver seat, grinning at her. 

Damn those glasses again.

She’s weak with a girl wearing glasses. 

“Hi! Come in” The older girl says cheerfully

“Eh?” Seungwan initially thought that Irene will only give the cups and then goes home 

“Sorry I didn't ask earlier, are you busy? I’m thinking of baking carrot cake myself, if you’re not busy maybe you can help me pick up the ingredients?”

“Uh, I’m free” Well, she’s thinking of going to the library to read a paper but that can wait, priority first.

“Great” Irene motions her to come in


Once inside and safely buckled on her seatbelt.

Seungwan pinches herself. This is not a dream right?

The lavender scent in the car proves to her that it’s not a dream.

“The cups are on the backseat, you can take both of them with you”

“Are you sure??” Seungwan widens her eyes

“Yeah. I already have too many cups at home” Irene laughs, her nose crinkling

So adorable

“Th..thank you unnie” Seungwan blushes “Oh, you've brushed mine too?” 

“Yeah, so the cups are twins now” 

Seungwan looks at the cups with adoration.

She will put one of the cups inside a glass box and the other cup, she’ll use it everyday. Until she grows old! 

“So pretty. Thank you, unnie. Really”

Irene smiles “I’m glad that you like it”


Few hours ago

K2 studio


“Who the hell eats my cake?!” Irene shrieked

“Your cake?” Seulgi appeared with a plate and there’s remaining cake on it “So this is yours?”

“My cake” Irene 's eyes were glassy, Chaeyoung and Yeri got a slice but since Seulgi was not there when Seungwan brought the cake so Irene saved 2 slices, one for her and one for the younger girl. Seulgi ate both of them.

“You're supposed to eat one slice. ONE!”

“I was hungry” Seulgi pouted “Sorry”

“Uh, what happened?” Chaeyoung appeared with a brush on her hand

“Seulgi ate my cake” Irene immediately hug chaeyoung, she needs consolation

The blonde girl patted her back “Yah, why did you eat them both? I told you to take one”

“The cake was so delicious and i thought, you already had one unnie” Seulgi now feeling guilty

“Maybe we can ask Seungwan to bake another one?” she suggested

“Well, maybe we can” Chaeyoung said “But i don’t know how to contact her, we still have 2 weeks left until the delivery date”

“I want my cake now” Irene childishly said

“Or you can buy it, i think starbucks sell carrot cake” Chaeyoung said

Irene pouted, she was so busy from morning. She wanted to eat the cake to cheer herself until this bear ate them all.

“I have Seungwan’s number”

“Eh?” Chaeyoung blinked “You do?” 

“Maybe you can seduce her and make her bake a cake for you” Seulgi offered

“That’s sounds so wrong” The tallest girl commented “Forget the seduce part, talk to her, unnie”

Irene beamed, like she was just energized by the promise of eating carrot cake “Or i can ask her to share her recipe, then i can bake it myself”

Chaeyoung and Seulgi looked at each other  “But you can’t cook unnie, how could you even think about baking?”

“Watch me” Irene declared, with fire on her eyes

If she wants to do something, no one can stop her. Both of the younger girls know that.


So here, Seungwan and Irene walking through aisles of the supermarket. 

Irene tells her that Seulgi ate her portion so now she’s badly craving for carrot cake.

“So we got flour, carrot, baking powder, sugar, butter, vanilla extract, cream cheese...what do we need again, oh cinnamon!”

A clueless irene follows seungwan while pushing the cart 

“There you are” Seungwan beams and put it in the cart “Now we just need eggs and vegetable oil” 

Irene nods “So how to make it?”

“Carrot cake?” Seungwan asks “Just the usual, my secret recipe is adding a little bit of ground almond”

“What is the usual?” 

Seungwan gasps “Unnie, is this your first time?”

The older girl nods sheepishly, oh no, Seungwan should’ve known

“I don’t cook”

That’s even terrible

“Do you have an oven?”

The older girl clasps her hands “I’m going to have one after this. I just need to stop by at K-appliances”

Seungwan stares at the pretty but hopeless girl in front of her.

“Do you want me to help you? Well not today, perhaps tomorrow? I have an oven in my dorm”

The older girl blinks “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I mean it’s like barter. You teach me how to do pottery and i help you to bake”

“That’s...really nice of you”

“Then, you can decide whether you want to buy oven or not, i mean baking can take all your patience” Seungwan don’t doubt that irene is a genius in making art but the latter doesn't cook so imagine the struggle

“You’re right. What time should I come?”

“Around 10 AM would be good since i’m off on sunday”

“Ok, now let me pay for this and i’ll drive you back to dorm”

Seungwan widens her eyes “Oh, you don’t have to unnie”

Based on their conversation in the car, Irene’s apartment is in the opposite way of her dorm, it would be a hassle to drive back and forth.

“It’s okay. So tomorrow, i won’t be lost to find your dorm”

Well, it’s actually not that hard considering Irene attended Korea University too before.

“Ok, Unnie” Seungwan smiles thankfully


Next day

Sooyoung was still asleep when Seungwan vacuumed the floor, the younger girl was out partying until 4 AM so she must be having a hangover now. Seungwan didn’t do much cleaning as she’s quite tidy and keeps their shared space clean. But she felt like cleaning a bit more, knowing that the older girl is somewhat a clean freak.


Seungwan looks back at the clock, 9:30 AM. Phew, she should take a bath now.

She brings a set of clean clothes with her and goes to their bathroom. Somehow she thinks that she forgot about something. Something she can’t remember. Oh well.



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