Chapter 11

Better Together!
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“Urgh” Seungwan groans and puts a hand on her forehead

Where am I, what am I?

The sun glares through the glass window making her feel uncomfortable.

Another groan is heard.

She looks at the voice, only to find seulgi groaning on top of the table.

How did she even move there?


Seungwan straightens her back. 

She was asleep on 2 joined plastic chairs, that’s how short she’s.

feels burning and she has a slight headache.

But memories from last night are flowing in little by little.

She closes her eyes again, trying to remember. 

So...she did the New Year countdown outside with Irene. They shouted like a crazy woman and then she pecked...she pecked Irene’s cheek, dragged the older girl back inside then she collapsed on her. 

Her eyes widens in a shock manner. 

“Oh no!”

“What’s wrong?” Yeri, who is taking the trash bag asks. The younger girl looks hella fine like she didn’t drink last night.

Seungwan gapes “Wh..where’s Irene unnie?” 

“Oh she went home an hour ago, after cleaning the trash” Yeri says “Lisa and Chaeyoung unnie also went home”

“What time is it now?”

“9 AM” Yeri flicks Seulgi’s forehead “Wake up, you’ve been mopping the tables with your clothes”

Seungwan sighs, she shouldn't have had soju last night. 

She has a very low alcohol tolerance.

 “I’ll help you, Yerm” Seungwan says dejectedly “Let me wash my face first”


It’s been 2 weeks since the new year’s party.

Meaning it’s time to deliver K2 regular supplies but Seungwan feels like she’s not ready to face Irene.

She had sent a text to the older girl after she went home, saying she had fun and sorry if she did something stupid when she’s drunk. The older girl only replied with a ‘black moon’ emoticon.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Safe to say, Irene has not left her mind for 2 weeks now.


With a pounding heart, Seungwan drives to the familiar path leading to the K2 studio.

She rings the bell and Yeri opens the door for her.

“Long time no see, chingu-ya”

Yeri and her have grown quite close after cleaning the rooftop together, accompanied by snoring seulgi who refused to climb down from the tables. 

She said she’s diligently hibernating. Whatever that means.

“It’s only 2 weeks” Seungwan laughs a little while pushing her trolley

“Well, Irene unnie is waiting for you in her workroom”

Seungwan gulps “Uh...why?”

The younger girl shrugs “I don’t know. She looks hella constipated if that’s help”

Seungwan bits her lips, the joke is funny but she’s not in her right state of mind “Ok, i’ll see her after putting all of these”


Irene hears a knock on the glass door and sees Seungwan behind it.

“Come in” She says, eyes meeting seungwans for a brief moment before coloring her work with a brush

“Are you in a hurry?”

Well she has 3 packages waiting to be delivered and a report to type but...Irene is priority.


“Sit down please”

Seungwan obediently sits in front of Irene. Fidgeting a little.

“Why are you so nervous? Am I scaring you?” Irene asks 

Seungwan suddenly stands on her feet and bows deep down almost knocking the wheel with her shiny forehead “I’m so sorry”


“I...I..I’m stupid when i’m drunk. You can slap me!” 

Irene laughs a little but it sounds hollo

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