Chapter 19

Better Together!
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Seungwan rubs her face a few times, trying to wake herself up. 

She fell asleep on the couch along with Joohyun in her arms.

Right, Joohyun spent the night at her dorm after their heart to heart talk.

She looks on her right side and finds the latter snores lightly, taking Seungwan’s right arm as her pillow.

While both of her hands clasped beside her face.


Aww, Look at you. 

Seungwan gushes as she removes a few strands of hair that cover her pretty face.


She vaguely remembers she heard the front door open not long after she fell asleep. Sooyoung must be back from conquering the new club sometime after midnight. It’s weird though, the taller ones usually come back during the dawn.

She is thinking of cooking a bowl of hangover soup for Sooyoung and breakfast for Joohyun.

The problem is she doesn’t have the heart to wake up the older girl. It’s still early, around 6 AM, she notices from the clock on the wall. 

During her internal conflict, Joohyun stirs in her sleep, she frowns a little before opening her eyes slowly. The room is still considerably dark even though the night lamp is .

Joohyun looks up at Seungwan who gives a small smile.

She blinks twice then closes her eyes for a moment before opening her eyes again. 

Then she widens her eyes.


She rolls over and falls on her on the floor.


“Oh my God. Are you okay?” Seungwan hurriedly lifts the blanket and goes to the older girl’s side, Sooyoung must’ve put it on them.

“Uh..” Joohyun blushes “I’m okay, just a bit shocked. I forgot I’m not in my apartment”


“You’re funny though. You thought I'd disappear the moment you reopen your eyes?”


Joohyun buries her head in her hands, embarrassed.

“What time do you usually go to work, unnie?” Seungwan walks to the kitchen “I’ll make you something”

“Uh, I should be there by 9 today. I think i should go now”

“Don’t you want to have breakfast first? You still got time right?”

Joohyun contemplates as she takes a seat on the counter

“Uhm...yeah. Thanks”

She watches Seungwan wear her apron and checks her fridge.

“I’m going to make kimchi pancakes and fried rice. What do you think?”

“I like that”

Seungwan beams at her before resuming her work

“Sooyoung is really lucky, she gets to eat homemade meals every morning”

Joohyun puts her chin on her palm, a lazy smile adoring on her face

“How do you think she got that tall? I practically raise her”


“I noticed you really take care of her, hmm?”

“Yeah, she’s the first friend I made here. I grew up in Canada but decided to take my degree in Korea. It’s hard during the first months. But she welcomed me warmly and helped me a lot so I want to give back the gesture”

“Do you make a lot of friends now?”

“I know and talk to a lot of people from Uni, but only close to a few. So maybe I made a few friends? Better than none” Seungwan shrugs while chopping the spring onions

“Well, I didn’t really have many friends back in Uni”

“Oh, why? You’re so popular though. Well i didn’t realize it at first because our buildings are far away, until I stumbled over your work and suddenly i’m hyper aware that you’re everywhere in Campus from new student booklets to some passing conversations that i heard in Cafeteria”


“Popularity, that’s the wall that keeps me close to people. I always have this guard of new people. I constantly question their motives” Joohyun sighs “I’ve been breaking lots of hearts”

“I don’t doubt that” Seungwan chuckles “I mean i also have Sooyoung who does the same except she's basking on her popularity”

The older girl smiles “I’m glad I have Seulgi and Chaeyoung. I met Chaeyoung when she got lost on finding the singing club since then we get along so well” 

“Warm tea for you” Seungwan places the cup in front of Joohyun “Food will be ready in 10 minutes”

“Are you going to campus today?”

Seungwan shook her head “I have no class today so i’ll get to work earlier”

She prepares the cooked rice on a bowl

“Um...are you always going to the Han’s?”

Seungwan knows where this conversation is going so she opted to tell the truth  “Once or twice a month, I should’ve kept this confidential but I don’t want to lie to you, I’m designated deliverer for the Han’s, it’s been going on for months now. Long before you requested me too” 


Seungwan turns off the stove to have a proper conversation with the older girl.

“So naturally I know Sohee unnie, we talked a few times and...”

“Are you close with her?”

“Are you referring to if we’re just clients or friends….or more?” 

Joohyun nods hesitantly.

“I treat her as a friend and client at the same time” Well, there’s nothing to hide anymore “About the Christmas dance, honestly i couldn’t refuse. I don’t dance but she’s my client”

A swirl of thoughts was seen on Joohyun’s face, Seungwan can sense the older girl is thinking deeply about the revelation 

“I don’t have this feeling for her” Seungwan says without hesitating “But you, you’re not only my friend, you’re more special to me. I only have this feeling for you”

The older girl finally shows a smile “I know”

“And i have this feeling only for you too” she says as she looks at seungwan tenderly making the girl smile bashfully at her.


“Umm...Can I have a cup of tea too?” Seulgi appears with her bed hair, unable to stay still, she’s been there behind the wall for a while now. 

She didn’t intend to eavesdrop, she’s just thirsty.

“Seulgi?!” Joohyun is surprised to see Seulgi here, well Seungwan too, is surprised as well

“It was too late to go home after I brought a tipsy Sooyoung back” Seulgi smiles sheepishly as she takes the cup from Seungwan’s hand “I was having a hard time to convince her to go back early”

“Oh that’s why, Sooyoung usually won’t be back until dawn” Seungwan says

“Sorry I didn't mean to eavesdrop. It’s cute though, you two”


Joohyun blush deepened and looks elsewhere, pretending to sip her tea

“Well, thanks” Seungwan doesn’t know what to say

“Don’t start the party without me!” Sooyoung, again in her tank top and undies walks to the kitchen, feeling no shame at all

“Will you wear something?” Seungwan scolds her

“No one would mind” 

Seulgi clearly doesn’t mind, she’s been ogling since Sooyoung comes

While Joohyun is still looking at the fridge, with so much interest

“You two, looks so cute sprawled on the couch. Did you two have a nice and wet night?”

“Sooyoung!” Seungwan shrieks

Her roommate ignores her and proceeds to say “I’m surprised to find Joohyun unnie with you. But I’m glad”

“Me too” Joohyun says 

“Oh, before I forgot. Tonight, we’ll be having a karaoke night. Seulgi’s treat”

“It’s Seulgi unnie” Seungwan reminds her (again)

“My treat?” Seulgi asks, tilting her head innocently

“You promised! You said you’ll book a karaoke room if I went home early with you” Sooyoung put her arms on her hips “Stop playing dumb!”

“Fine. Fine. I’ll book a room for tonight, I’ll invite Chaeyoung and Yeri as well”

“I can’t sing…”

“Joohyun unnie you must come” Sooyoung won’t take a no “Come on, it’ll be fun! You missed Wan’s party last night so take it as her 2nd birthday party plus Wan has a really good voice!”

Joohyun is tempted to hear Seungwan sing

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