Chapter 24

Better Together!
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Joohyun arrives at Taeyeon’s apartment at 9:00 AM sharp.

She comes with a bunch of Korean side dishes for Taeyeon to keep, courtesy from her mother.

Taeyeon almost tears up because she feels so welcomed and it reminds her about her family back in Jeonju.


After a small chit chat, Joohyun takes over the wheels and brings them to many places that she thinks Taeyeon should know, from a traditional market, 24 hours supermarket and to downtown. They eat Daegu’s signature dish ‘spicy beef soup’ once again for lunch.


“I think i’ll love to stay here” Taeyeon sighs “It has a different vibe from Seoul”

“I’m glad” Joohyun glances from the rear view

“I’ll miss the spicy beef soup, so delicious” Seungwan almost drools at the thought

“I would like to cook them for you but unfortunately I can’t cook”

Taeyeon bursting out laughing “You’re just like Tiffany!”

“Or you can just visit Daegu again, I mean you’ll miss me a lot”

“I love your confidence manager-nim” Seungwan rolls her eyes playfully at Taeyeon




By 5:00 PM they arrive back at Taeyeon’s apartment.

Seungwan excuses herself to take her bag from the bedroom, while Joohyun is waiting downstairs.

“Wow, you gonna sleep over tonight? Talk about the fast pace, Wan”

“Her parents insisted” Seungwan timidly says “I can’t say no”

“Of course” Taeyeon still hasn’t heard any confirmation about Seungwan and Joohyun relationship despite her effort to dig from the younger girl

“This is from Sohee unnie” Seungwan gives the paper bag to Taeyeon

“Sohee? The Han’s?” The older girl's eyes widens “No way! This is the latest vinyl album!”

“Yea, do you remember when I told you that I'm accompanying Sohee unnie to shop? Actually, we went to a record shop because she wanted to give you something so i helped her to pick the gift”

“Wow. I’m so touched. Please tell her that I’m really really thankful!”

“Sure, I will”

“You are also close with her, huh? There’s no way a customer knows that i’m moving somewhere”

“Uh, yes”

“You’re also her designated deliverer. Did she know that you will stop sending the materials once you’re working in the back office?”

“Uh, I haven't told her yet. But we’ll be meeting each other after I’m back from Daegu”

Taeyeon raises her eyebrows “Are you planning to continue the designated deliverer thingy with them too?”

“I don’t think so. I won’t have much time to handle two studios”

“Ha! So you like Joohyun more!” Taeyeon grins widely


“Tell me, are you two dating or what? Don’t lie!”

Seungwan sighs, Taeyeon won’t stop bringing the topic, she’s so persistent.

So she decides to be honest.

“Not yet unnie but I’m planning to ask her when the time is right”

The older girl pats her back “I’m sure she’ll say yes”

“Thanks unnie” Seungwan smiles “I better go now. Joohyun unnie must be exhausted”

“Yeah” Taeyeon hugs her “Thanks Wan. You’d been a great help!”

“Don’t mention it” Seungwan whispers back

"You sure don't want to transfer here?" Taeyeon still hasn't given up

"No, I'm happy in Seoul" the younger girl laughs


On second note, maybe I will if Joohyun is moving back to her hometown..

Ugh...I'm getting clingy




By the time they arrive at Bae’s house. The dinner is already served on the table.

The family is so nice.

Suji tells Seungwan about the restaurant that they own.

In the future, she will inherit the restaurant and continue the legacy since her sister is so hopeless. It earns a smack on her face.

Her father tells her about the shop that he owns.

Joohyun’s grandfather initially opposed the business since they already have a restaurant to manage but seeing his son so insistent, he gave up.

Seungwan listens attentively while blurting some questions here and there and also shares her story about living abroad.

How her father also opposed the idea at first and how she met Joohyun.

It's embarrassing to admit that she’s been a fan.


By 10:00 PM, all the family members go to their respective room to rest. Including Joohyun and Seungwan.

They don’t have a guest room so she’s either rooming with Suji or Joohyun.

Personally, Seungwan thinks she better be rooming with Suji, it is safer for her heart.

Seungwan needs her sleep for tomorrow, as she has to drive back to Seoul.

But of course, Suji immediately declares that her bed is just a single bed while Joohyun is a double bed with a pull out bed.

So, with a pounding heart, Seungwan follows Joohyun to her room.

Well technically they won’t be lying on the same bed but still…


“Alright, top or bottom?”

Seungwan chokes with the question, while the older girl blinks innocently.


Oh she means top bed or bottom bed...


“You can sleep on your bed unnie, i’ll be on the pull out” She finds her way not to say it...bottom

“Ok then” Joohyun grins as she pulls out an extra blanket from her bag “This pull out bed used to be Suji's. We roomed together until dad gave his workroom to her. I hope you’re okay with the lamp on? I get scared easily”

Seungwan takes the purple blanket from her and settles on the bed, stiffly “It’s fine”

“Oh you’re going to sleep already?”

“ I’m just trying the bed” the younger girl says without any sarcasm, she just can’t function well under high pressure


Joohyun also lying down on her sides, facing Seungwan who looks like a rolled sausage toast as the blanket covering her body only leaving her head out.

Ready to be eaten...wait, what?


“Is it that cold, Wan? Should I raise the temperature?”

“No...the blanket is just comfy” What is she talking about...

“Oh I know! That's my favorite blanket. I have had it since i’m in 5th grade” Joohyun pulls up her other purple striped blanket “I bring that one everywhere I travel. Don’t worry, I just washed it two days ago”

No wonder the lavender smell is so strong, it’s like Joohyun is engulfing her with her no, don’t think about it, Seungwan!

“I will wash it for you” Seungwan offers

“Nah, don’t worry about it” Joohyun smiles “ and Taeyeon unnie quite close, huh?”

“Yeah. We got closer because of the amount of overtime we did together. There’s so much paper work in OHA”

“She’s nice and cheerful but I wonder sometimes she looks at me like she’s trying to find something?”

Seungwan laughs nervously “She’s just amused that we’re quite close”

“ it’s not often that customers and deliverers get close?”

“ far as i know. Those who are chosen as designated deliverers usually get closer with the customers, they share a comfortable relationship at very least”

“Just like us” Joohyun smiles widely which seungwan mirrors

“Yes, but we’re more than that, unnie” Seungwan enjoys the slight blush that appears on the older girl’s face

“Um...the designated deliverer thing...Will you also extend the contract with the Han’s after you work as management staff?”


Oh so this is where the conversation is going...


“I don’t think I can handle more work. So no, i’m not offering my service to other clients, just you”

Joohyun seems pleased

“I’m glad that you still consider our shop”

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