Chapter 13

Better Together!
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Sooyoung is sighing for the nth time.

“Is this how my doom days begin?”

Today, Seungwan won’t come home after her shift. Why? Because she has a date! 

Normally Seungwan will come straight to their dorm, cook for her, or if she’s very very busy, she’ll cook in the morning and store them in the fridge to eat later. 

But this morning, Seungwan was not herself, she’s all nervous and jittery for unknown reasons (at least for sooyoung) even her pancakes had a burnt after taste. Now it’s not her first time to go out with someone, she went out with a few girls before, as blind dates. But yeah, this one is different because she’s going to have a date with her crush (although Seungwan denies it many times).

“I’m happy for her though” Sooyoung mumbles while rummaging the seasoning rack “Dang, we don’t have any soy sauce left, huh?”

She suddenly craves and wants to make oyakodon for dinner, a kind of japanese food but unfortunately they ran out of soy sauce and eggs. She’ll have to go to the nearest supermarket, which is 20 minutes drive away from her dorm or maybe she can just call for delivery?

Afterall, she’s not that good a cook (she’s the worst!) compared to her roommate.

There’s no guarantee that her meal will be edible tonight.

So she has no choice right?


She goes to the supermarket anyway.

Believing that her cooking skill has at last improved from watching Seungwan do her magic in their kitchen. Plus from videos on youtube, oyakodon is easy peasy pshh.

Fried the chicken , pour beaten egg on it, add seasonings, just do it like in the video.

Not hard at all.


She’ll suffer tonight.


“. It took me an hour to get here” Sooyoung curses on her luck. The bus was late so she had to wait longer.

“What do I need again?” she mumbles “Ah! soy sauce”

She looks at the shelf before a frown appears on her face

Wait, what is the difference between dark and light soy sauce?

Should I ask Seungwan? 

She contemplates in front of the shelf “Ah just google it. I’m so smart”

She hurriedly scrolls on her phone.


The tall girl turns around “Oh hey, Sohee unnie”

Sohee looks around her “Are you alone? Or with Seungwan?”

“” Sooyoung is sure that this pretty unnie has a thing for her petite roommate 

Should she tell her the truth?

But is it okay to tell her?

Oh..screw it! It’s not my place to tell.

“She’s doing overtime today”

Sohee nods, oblivious, “What're you going to buy?”

Sooyoung blushes “Um, soy sauce. But I don't know the difference between light and dark soy sauce. I want to cook oyakodon”

“Just buy this one” The older girl takes out a bottle from the shelf “It’s all purpose soy sauce, safe choice” 

Why didn't she think of that?!

“You’re right unnie” 

“Did you get everything now?”

“Yes. Thanks to you unnie”

They walk to the nearest cashier together

“Fancy for some ice cream? My treat”

“Sure” who would reject free food? Not sooyoung

“This supermarket has an ice cream stall outside, let’s go after you’re done”


“How long have you been friends with Seungwan?”

Is the first question the older girls ask after they get their ice cream, they are sitting on a bench under a tree.

“Since freshman” Sooyoung elaborates “We’re assigned as roommates since freshman and then we just click with each other”

“Must be nice having a compatible roommate” Sohee sighs 

“Did you live in a dorm before?” Hard to believe because Sohee is so loaded, like she can rent the whole dorm building just for herself if she wants. Why would she share it with a roommate?

“Yes, I did not attend college in Korea. My father sent me to China to study ceramics and stuff. He enrolled me in an art academy there. That’s when I met my roommate from hell” the older girl huffs

Sooyoung laughs before her ice cream “I’m lucky i got Seungwan, that girl practically living her best wife role, she cooks, she cleans and takes care of me” 

Hearing this, Sohee smiles.

“Is she doing well in college though?”

Sooyoung smiles, this unnie definitely has a crush on her friend “Yes, she’s a very hard working student”

“Good to hear. I’m offering her a job at my studio, you know”

Sooyoung is surprised, well they don’t really talk about the future because...Sooyoung never bothered to think about it.

“That’s so nice of you, unnie”

“She’s a hard worker, she earns my respect” the older girl ponders “What about you, Sooyoung? What is your plan?”

Sooyoung sighs “Honestly, I'm not really sure. Maybe I'll apply as an intern at some law firm? I may not look like it but I'm majoring in law. I still have one semester left so i would like to do an internship” 

“Oh, that’s actually a good first step”

The younger girl laughs “Yes, if I'm the only one thinking of that. I mean half of the kids in my major are doing the same. Some of them already started their internship so I’m not sure if there’s any firm left to apply” 

Sohee eats the last of her ice cream before starting “You know, my family has a good relationship with a few big law firms in Seoul. I can recommend you to them, just let me know if you need any help”

Sooyoung’s eyes widens “Seriously unnie?? You will do that for me?”

The older girl nods 

“Woah daebak. I mean that’s really a big help!”

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