Chapter 15

Better Together!
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Sooyoung went back to the dorm with a big box in her hand.


“I got 5 more chocolates compared to last year. Not bad” she says smugly

“Look who's counting?”

“I am” Sooyoung put the box beside the door “It's enough to eat for 2 weeks”

Seungwan shakes her head “Anyway, are you busy tomorrow?”

“I have no classes” Sooyoung shrugs 

“I mean in the evening, K2 invites us to attend Seulgi’s birthday. One of their artists”

Sooyoung ponders “Sure, i like having more friends or maybe admirers”

“Don’t expect they’ll bow down on you” the shorter girl chuckles 

“No one can resist me. If you’re not that smitten with you know who, you’ll be one of my worshiper”

Seungwan shudders “I don’t want to imagine it”


The taller girl takes a seat beside her roommate. A few days ago, she was so excited to drop the news about Sohee wanting to help her but after some not so heavy thinking on the way back to the dorm from the grocery store, she became unsure. So she kept it for herself until she couldn’t any more. 

“I met Sohee unnie a few days ago while doing grocery shopping”

“Oh, really?” Seungwan is still busy looking at some journals for her thesis reference.

“Yeah, she offers to help me with my internship. She has good connections with some law firms. What do you think? Should I take her offer?”

“Well, isn’t that what you’re looking for?” the shorter girl asks back

“I mean, is it okay if i’m taking her offer?”

“Of course, why are you asking me?”

“I don’t know, we don’t really know each other well. It feels like she’s being kind only because I’m your friend”

Seungwan laughs “What are you saying, she’s always been kind to everyone”

“Well, if you say so” the taller girl shrugs

“It’s a good opportunity for you. Take her offer” 

“Okay then” Sooyoung smiles blooming “Do you have her number?”

“Nope” Seungwan grins “But i can ask her, maybe on the next delivery”

“You know I love you right?”

“I know, i know” Seungwan rolls her eyes “Be ready by 5 PM tomorrow, we’ll go together to K2”




Seungwan and Sooyoung are walking out from the nearest train station when they meet Yeri who is carrying some snacks.


“Sup unnie” Yeri greets the older girl and her friend “Hello, pretty stranger”

“Hey! Yeri this is my roommate” Seungwan says “Sooyoung this is Yeri, she’s working at K2”

“Hey, thanks! you’re pretty too although not as much as me, I’m Sooyoung” 

Yeri smirks “Wow, this is my first time meeting someone as conceited as you. Pleasure, I’m Yeri, the next Miss Universe”


They burst into laughter and share some playful jabs which Seungwan doesn’t understand. Where's the fun?

But she’s right, they click with each other.



Joohyun opens the back door for them and greets Sooyoung who surprisingly has her best manner in front of the older girl. 

“Unnie, want me to help you?” she offers upon seeing Irene walks with a tray in her hand

“Thanks!” Joohyun beams before meeting Seungwan’s eyes, she offers her a shy smile which the shorter girl reciprocating back goofily

“Romance is in the air” Yeri loudly declares, and she shares the same teasing look with Sooyoung. It’s frightening.

“As much as I want you two to stare at each other until eternity, I need your help with stuff, Wan unnie”

A blushing Seungwan follows her to the pantry.


“So, how close are you with unnie now?”

“We text each other everyday” and other details that Seungwan keeps to herself

“She’s been looking extra happy” the younger girl says while arranging the snacks “I’m glad”

“I’m happy too”

Yeri contemplates “I overheard Chaeyoung unnie when she talked with Seulgi unnie before, she said she’s glad that Joohyun unnie has moved on now. I don’t know what that means but I think you should know about it”

“Well I wonder what happened to her in the past. She’s a bit gloomy yesterday too”

“She’s always gloomy and sad during Valentine’s day. I thought it’s because she’s single, like me. But looking at unnie, she can have anyone yet still single. I think maybe because what happened in the past” Yeri shrugs

“I think so” Seungwan takes the tray “I’ll wait until she tells me”

“You’re doing good, unnie” Yeri gives a thumbs up



At 6 PM

Seulgi finally arrived at K2, she was banned from setting foot into the studio until 6 PM.


She greets Seungwan with her happy smile until her eyes land on the taller girl who'

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