Chapter 18

Better Together!
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Korea University

Business hall


“Happy birthday to my favorite hooman” Sejeong grins while offering a paper bag to Seungwan 

“Thank you, Jeong” Seungwan smiles “Can't believe it, i’m 23 now”

“And soon to be Son Seungwan, BBA” the other girl cackles “You’re going to defend your thesis in 2 weeks right?”

“Ugh, yes. I still have to fix a few things. Professor Park is so hard to please” 

“I’m lucky enough to get Professor Min as my counselor” Sejeong adds “But honestly i’m too lazy to write anything”

Sejeong applied for a thesis at the same time as Seungwan but she keeps procrastinating.

“You should stop going to a PC bang until dawn. Taeyeon unnie is growing pimples because of you”

“She got pimples because of midnight snacking” Sejeong rolls her eyes “So, you get a day off today, right?”

“I’m working as usual”

“What? You should enjoy your birthday!”

“A company giving a day off on their employee’s birthday?” Seungwan chuckles “Never heard of that

“Uh, the working industry . So why don't you take a day off yourself?”

“I don’t think it’s necessary”

“One day, if you have a girlfriend, you will want to take one” Sejeong grins “So, what about the girl problem? Any progress??”

“She’s still off of my radar but I sent flowers to her workplace to let her know that I'll be waiting for her” 

“Damn...i always knew that you’re a romantic” Sejeong playfully punches her shoulder “Don’t worry, she’ll come by. Nobody can resist your charm”


Seungwan was called to Taeyeon’s office. She thought the older girl needed her help but it turned out Taeyeon surprised her with a cake.

“Birthday girl, come here” Taeyeon waves her hand “Blow the candles and make a wish!”

Jisoo, Taemin and some of her colleagues sang birthday songs for her. Seungwan couldn’t help but feel so touched. This year may be the last year she’s working here. She will start to look for a fulltime job after she graduates.

Seungwan blows the candles and gets a group hug from her friends.

“You’re going to graduate this year, right?” Jisoo asks once she releases the hug

“Yes, i’m going to defend my thesis in 2 weeks”

“Good luck!” Jisoo pats her head “I’ll treat you meat after”

“Oh, you’re graduating?” Taeyeon interjects “Good timing, we have slots for full time workers this year as we’re expanding to another city. You should try to submit your CV to the HR team”

Seungwan widens her eyes, good timing indeed “We’re expanding? To where?”

“Yep, 2 new branches. Busan and Daegu. Grand opening will be in 2 months” Taeyeon adds “I just got notice today from HR that i’m transferring to Daegu in a month”

A collective gasps is heard 

“Does Sejeong know?” Seungwan asks, Sejeong is still living with Taeyeon

“I told her that the HR team is offering me a position as senior manager there. But she still doesn’t know when I’m gonna go” Taeyeon is the Seoul main office’s junior manager. In the main office there’s 2 other junior managers besides her. 

“Congratulations unnie” Seungwan hugs Taeyeon, she’s sad but happy at the same time.

She’s quite close with the older girl.


Seungwan has 5 deliveries today. Her last stop is The Han’s, which is where she’s now.

She’s feeling a bit awkward to see the older girl. 

Last time, Sohee told her to stay away from Joohyun.

Hopefully, Sohee unnie is not here.

She pushes the trolley through the main garden until she reaches the storage building.

Looks like the gallery is busy today.  Some staff are going back and forth loading and unloading crafts.

“Seungwan, unnie asked me to give this to you. Happy birthday!” a staff says while giving her a medium sized paper bag, she can see what’s inside...a bomber jacket.

“Thank you. So, she’s not here?”

“Unnie has been on business travel since 2 days ago”

“Ooh” looks like the Gods up there heard her


Seungwan goes back to her car and once inside, she pulls out the jacket.

Yeah, it’s branded and quite expensive.

A card is attached to it.

Happy 23th Birthday, Seungwan!

By the time you’re reading this card, I'll be somewhere else.

I wish I could reschedule my meeting and treat you to a meal, but luck is not on my side.

Hope you like the jacket :) 

P.s. text me once you get it.


Seungwan immediately opens her kakao app that is full of birthday messages from her friends and families.

This will be her first text to Sohee.


To: Sohee Han

Hi Unnie,

This is Seungwan.

Thank you for the jacket.

Have a great day.


Wow, why does she sound formal? She ponders for a moment before adding a smile emoji at the end.

She doesn’t know why, but all these Joohyun-Sohee disputes make her feel a bit weird now because she doesn’t know what actually happened. 

Not long after, she gets a reply from Sohee.

From: Sohee Han

Don’t mention it, Wan :)

I’ll be back in 2 days. Let’s have lunch together by then?

Do you like plum?


Oh right, she promised to have lunch together a long time ago.

Ugh, I keep forgetting things!


To: Sohee Han

I’ll treat you lunch once you're back, unnie.

Yes, I like plum. Why did you ask?


From: Sohee Han


It’s a lunch date then!

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