Chapter 3

Better Together!
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Irene comes early to open the studio today.

She and her 2 other friends take turns to do it every week. So this week is her turn.

She turns on the lights and AC before scanning the main store with her eyes.

The young artist takes a broom and duster then starts her daily cleaning, yes, she cleans the studio every day. Especially the shelfs where their works are displayed.

Satisfied with her work, she then started to rearrange the displays.

She put them in order, with big sized arts on the left and right of the shelfs, and medium arts in the middle. The colour too is in order, bright colored arts are displayed in one shelf and warm colored ones are in another shelf.

Teapots, oh her teapots, she arranges them according to the theme. If the teapots take the theme of birds then she would make a bird shape with it. If it’s flowers then she'll put them in a round manner with the cups acting as it’s petals. Back then, it would take hours for her to be satisfied but now she learns to work efficiently.

Irene steps back and examines the paintings on the wall, Seulgi is a painter, her works are mostly nature and traditional korean houses, foods, etc. Her works are making the gallery feel more alive but the girl is quite a noob at arranging things so Irene takes the charge to place everything. It wouldn’t be good if their works clashed in theme.

Chaeyoung is a sculptor but she also helps Irene with pottery, while Irene likes to make small to medium arts and more into ceramics, Chaeyoung is making the bigger one and using various materials, she designs and sculpts statues, moon gates, mostly modern gates. She works by order only and only has a few of her works displayed due to its gigantic size. She put most of her works on the catalogue of the shop’s website. When the demand for tableware is high, Chaeyoung will help her to meet the customer's orders. She is also responsible for the studio’s finance report. Chaeyoung is awesome like that.

Irene sighs in happiness when she sees the studio appearance is up to her liking. She collects the trash and walks to the back door to put it in the main trash bin.

The weather is a bit chilly outside, understandable, it’ll be winter soon.

She was stretching her hands when she saw Yeri walking from down the street.

“You’re late”

Yeri looks at her watch “No, i’m not”

“Did you put out the trash again?”

“Yes” Irene rubs her neck. Yeri scolded her before, she said it’s her job to put away the trash and to do some cleaning. Well the older girl did help her in a way, making her job easier but Irene is still her boss.

“I cannot stop you” Yeri sighs 

“I have some buns, go eat it while it’s warm”

The younger girl grins before muttering ‘you’re the best’ to her boss.

Yeri is their only staff, she’s responsible for attending walk-in customers and managing offline orders. Sometimes she helps order materials. She’s a sophomore but on her break from college as she wants to gain experience from working.  

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