Chapter 21

Better Together!
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After her thesis presentation, Seungwan now has more time to do something else. Meanwhile, her full time job will start next month, which is in two weeks. In the meantime, she continues doing her part time job and also helping Taeyeon packing her stuff. The older girl will begin her job in the new city next week as well.

“Unnie, why do you have these giant pink ribbons?” since morning Seungwan has been busy helping Taeyeon cleans up her place

“Oh, just put it in the box labelled as ‘Fany’” Taeyeon distractedly says as she’s tidying her kitchen “Damn i have lots of things, should’ve started packing earlier”

“That’s because, you’re such a hoarder, Boo” Taeyeon’s girlfriend, Tiffany, appears with the newly washed clothes

“Half of these are yours anyway, Miyoung-ah” Taeyeon glares at her girlfriend

The latter ignores her “I’m thankful you’re here, Wan”

“Don’t mention it, unnie. I’m free anyway” Seungwan and tiffany had just met a few days ago but they instantly clicked with each other since the older girl is so bubbly and friendly.

“Are you sure you don’t want to work in Daegu with me??” Taeyeon tries to persuade the younger girl again

“Yes, pretty sure” Seungwan amusedly says

“Stop bothering Seungwan and do your job” Tiffany says, displeased. Taeyeon wants the younger girl to come and work with her in Daegu because she’s such a hard worker and comfortable to be with.

“Aw, okay” Taeyeon pouts and continues her work 

“Do you need my help to settle in Daegu? I can take a day off on Friday so I can stay there over the weekend” Seungwan kindly offers

Seriously, Taeyeon has a lot of stuff, while Sejeong and Tiffany can’t help her due to club activities and work.

“Ugh, Yes! You’re a lifesaver”

Seungwan laughs “You’re exaggerating”

“Are you sure you don’t want to work in…” Taeyeon tries again

“Kim Taeyeon!”


Later at night

7 PM

“She should be here in a moment” Sooyoung says to her roommate. Sohee will pick them up for a dinner treat. Initially Sooyoung wants to meet up at the Han’s since it’s her treat but the older girl refuses, saying the restaurant that they’ll go to is nearer from their dorm. Well, she’s right. But still…

They see a sleek black Benz coming to the lobby where they’re waiting.

“Fancy car. It must be her” Sooyoung says in awe

Seungwan nudges the younger girl “Let’s go”

“Hi” Sohee rolls down the passenger window “Come in”

Sooyoung and Seungwan look at each other

YOU should sit at the front. It’s your day. Seungwan says through her eyes

Honey, she wants YOU to sit at the front. Sooyoung raises her brows

“Seungwan you can sit at the front” Sohee beats them with a smile


Sooyoung rolls her eyes as she pulls the back door.

“Alright” Seungwan makes herself comfortable inside while buckling the seatbelt

This is really a fancy car.

“Nice car, unnie” Sooyoung can’t help but to comment

“Thanks. It’s my grandpa’s gift for my 20th birthday”

“Wow. Meanwhile I got socks for my 20th, in multiple color” Sooyoung laughs

Seungwan looks at the scenery outside while listening to Sooyoung and Sohee's conversation.

Her mind is occupied with a certain someone, who’s currently having overtime at work.

K2 is setting up an International market page on their website. Everyone, including Joohyun, has been so busy these few days as they will launch their newest website display tomorrow.

Well, Seungwan is thinking of bringing some snacks later. Maybe tteokbokki? since the older girl likes it very much.

Thinking about Joohyun always makes Seungwan feel giddy inside.


“You’re awfully quiet, Seungwan” Sohee says as she makes a turn, the restaurant just around the corner

“Oh, sorry” Seungwan answers sheepishly “I just thought about something”

“Oho...something or someone?” As always, sooyoung and her blabbermouth

“Something” Seungwan looks at Sooyoung through the rare mirror, giving a warning to her. It wouldn’t be wise to mention Joohyun here.

Sohee glances at her for a brief moment with a frown adorning her face.

You’re here with me, yet your mind is elsewhere.

Who are you thinking of?




“Let’s go upstairs” Sooyoung excitedly says

They walk to the 2nd floor and choose a seat near the white curtain-covered wall.

The restaurant is not a fancy one, but rather it has a homey feeling. 

Young people usually hang out there and Sooyoung must be frequent here since she knows the owner as she goes to order.

Sohee silently sits on one of the chairs.

Seungwan contemplates before taking a seat beside her.

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