The Mugunghwa Crown

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Behind that sweet face, this woman is certainly playing a game. Her guts told her to stay away from this scheming royal princess, to not get involved in any of her business. But what if the woman can offer her something that can help her out of her helpless situation?



You have thorns, the fragmented (mugunghwa) crown

Loving you is incomplete and dangerous

In this disastrous night, I take the price of wanting you

Without regrets, baby~

(my favorite - NCT 127)


Weekly update: every Wednesday 

Type: Slow burn, family drama 

The setting is about a modern noble/royal family in Korea.



This work is pure fiction.

I'm not Korean. My knowledge about the Korean noble/royal family is limited to dramas and sources on the net.

There will be a few words adapted from saeguk (Korean historical) drama to keep the traditional feel of the story.

I apologize in advance if there are any mistakes, and please do let me know so I can fix them.




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Hello! We've reached chapter 20! Thank you for loving the story so far^^ this one won't be more than 40 chapters (hopefully). I don't want to make it too long or stray too much from the original plan~ (That said, it's already stretched by 3 chapters *sighs*). Take care!
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