Chapter 33 - End

Better Together!
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Eight months later.


Seungwan is sleeping peacefully, like a baby.

The smell of lavender always makes her calm and chases away her nightmares at night.

But all of those can never top the feeling of holding the warm body of her girlf…




Seungwan slightly opens one of her eyes and fiddles her arms around the bed.

Joohyun is not on her side.


She groans as she tries to reach her phone from the nightstand.

06:05 AM


Where’s Hyun?

Usually she’ll latch like a koala on her arms.

Refusing to let go until Seungwan promises her with more hugs or kisses later at night.

Especially on a Sunday morning like this.




A loud sound of a falling object startles her.

She sits on the bed, eyes dropping, hair disheveled and a blanket pooling on her waist revealing her current body state, from waist above with several hickeys on display. Courtesy of her said girlfriend.

Now that she’s a bit more awake, she can feel her fingers rather numb.

How many rounds did they do last night?

She didn’t remember as she was so busy giving what Joohyun wanted.

A whole night to compensate for many other cold nights that the older girl had to bear because Seungwan was so busy with work.

The young girl grins lazily, last night was amazing..


The bedroom door is slightly pushed open from outside and Joohyun's head peeks shyly from behind the door

Her voice is a little bit hoarse “Did I wake you up?”

“No, I’ve been up for a few minutes now because you’re not lying beside me”

“Oh” Joohyun dumbo ears reddens

“It’s still early. What are you doing?” the younger girl frowns

“Uhm...I want to surprise you with a simple breakfast but i kind of ruined it”


Seungwan eyes snaps instantly

“Did you put the egg in the microwave again?!”

“No. I just flipped the fried egg like I saw on those videos but it fled somewhere, i don’t know”






“Just...come ‘ere” Seungwan says, having no other words to say.

She’ll deal with the missing egg later.


Joohyun, all pouty, walks to her girlfriend and sits beside her on the bed.

The younger girl pulls her along to lie on the bed again. Joohyun’s head resting on her chest.

“It’s too early. We should sleep more”

“Mmmh...I want my morning kiss”

“Just a peck okay? nothing more”


But Joohyun has better ideas, she holds up her body by putting her hands beside Seungwan’s head

Looking down at her unsuspecting girlfriend before peppering kisses on her neck and jaw.

“Hyun…” Seungwan whines

“How about a nice quickie before we sleep?”

“My fingers can accommodate no more, Hyun”


Last night was rough and wild.

Joohyun's neighbor probably filed a complaint by now because of how loud the older girl screamed.


“Mine can”


“Let me return the favor. Last night you were so amazing, baby”

Before Seungwan can utter any words...

Joohyun already goes down under the thin blanket., pulling off her shorts along with her underwear.

“Wait Hyun, wait…” Seungwan widens her eyes but immediately shut it as Joohyun works on her magic “Oh...”




12:00 PM


Seungwan is starting to panic.

They have to attend Taeyeon’s wedding ceremony by 1:30 PM but Joohyun is taking her sweet time to doll up herself.

As if she needs to...she is already out of this world beautiful in Seungwan’s eyes.


“We’re so gonna be late and I’m her best woman”

“Let me put these earrings that you gave me before” Joohyun looks at herself in the mirror “What do you think, baby?”

“Beautiful, amazing, spectacular” Seungwan says for the nth times anything to make the older girl pleased because they’re running out of time.

“Are you done now, Hyun?”

Joohyun nods happily


Seungwan sighs, you’re lucky you are adorable Hyun



“Wait Wan, your jacket has dirt on it!”

Joohyun stops her other half from turning around and makes her stand facing her so she can brush it for her.

“Uh? where??”


(I can't find a better picture without the standing mic T-T)


“Here” Joohyun brushes the so called invisible dirt lightly from her girlfriend shoulder pad and then kisses her cheek, lingering there for a while

“All good now” the older girl smiles cheekily, as her arms circling around Seungwan’s neck


“You’re just making it up huh?” the other girl chuckles but soon feeling weirded out

Joohyun keeps staring at her, studying her face or rather adoring it

“I want to kiss you” she whispers and bits her lips


Seungwan eyes widens, she doesn’t mind getting kissed, hell she likes it a lot!

BUT it'll smudge joohyun's lipstick and then it’ll be another minute for her to touch up her lipstick


“Can we do it later? We have to go now”

“So you don’t want my kisses?” her girlfriend pouts “Okay then”

But Seungwan is weak for her and joohyun knows this very well

So she smiles a little when the younger girl pulls her by her waist and kisses the hell out of her.

Not wasting her chance, Joohyun titles her head and deepens their kiss.


Several minutes later


When Joohyun is nibbling on her lips asking for an entry, a slightly out of breath Seungwan push her shoulder softly


Joohyun whines but gives in eventually

“Can you retouch your lipstick in the car?” Seungwan says after scolding herself for succumbing on Joohyun pout once again


“Ok. Let’s go” Seungwan kisses her forehead before taking her girlfriend's hand and guiding her to the basement.

Afraid if she'll ask for more




They arrive at the venue by 1:15 PM

15 minutes before the ceremony begins

It’s an outdoor ceremony with a garden party.


“Wan! Joohyun unnie! Over here” Sejeong waves her hand to her friend

The couple immediately greets the girl

“It’s not my wedding but why am I so nervous?”

“Of course, your sister is getting married”

“Honestly, I still can’t believe Tiffany unnie said yes. Hope that midget doesn’t screw up her vows”

Seungwan slaps her arms “Be nice to your unnie, this is her big day”


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