Chapter 16

Better Together!
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It’s been 3 days since Seulgi’s birthday party.

Joohyun has been out of radar, well out of Seungwan’s radar.

She had sent a few texts to the latter but none were replied.

It’s frustrating, really, what did Seungwan do?

It’s not her fault that she’s invited to the Christmas party and the dance? How could she reject Sohee?

Imagine if you’re in her shoes, would you say no? If you’re invited as company's representative.

The kiss? She was caught off guard! 

But Joohyun didn’t want to hear any explanation and just bolted out like that.

She said that she’s the older one? She said she wants to know her more??


Seungwan slams the ladle making Sooyoung jumps on her seat.


“Are you okay, Wan?” the taller girl asks, well she knows the answer and she still feels guilty about it.

Seungwan always makes vegetable soup every time she’s extremely frustrated or angry, it’s one of her calming mechanisms.

Even though the soup will end up tasteless or salty.

Seungwan exhales and turns off the stove “I’m okay. You want a bowl?”

Sooyoung widens her eyes “No, i’m good”

The shorter girl pours herself a bowl of soup then settles on her chair.

“Is she still not replying to your text?”


“I’m sorry, Wan” Sooyoung apologizes everyday, until Seungwan lost counts

“She’s so...ugh i don’t know what to say” 

The taller girl sighs “There must be a reason why she’s behaving like that”

“There is. But she’s keeping it from me. How am I supposed to understand?”

“Give her more time?”

“I’m fine with waiting, Sooyoung. Believe me, but don’t I deserve at least a text saying `hey, I need time to think’ or something??”


Seungwan carries on her day, albeit with a grumpy feeling.

She can’t even concentrate on writing her thesis. She hasn’t made any progress for 3 days.

“Did someone steal your cat?” Sejeong asks in a shushed voice, they’re having a group study in a library

“I don’t have a cat”

“So, girl problem?”

Seungwan hesitantly nods.

“Oho, tell me, what happened? Maybe I can help”

The shorter girl explains the outline of her problem. She really needs to let it out or she'll go crazy, overthinking by herself.

“So, this girl has been ignoring you for days? And that’s why you’re so grumpy”

“Well sort of...besides I cooked soup this morning and it tasted weird. Couldn’t even finish my breakfast” Seungwan sighs “Sooyoung told me to wait until the girl is calm but it’s been 3 days”

“I think you should confront her” Sejeong shrugs “Talk to her face to face”

“You know, I’ve tried to when I visited her workplace” Seungwan did come to K2, 2 days after the birthday and asked about the older girl but Yeri told her, Joohyun was not working that day.

Seungwan had a hunch that she’s lying but she accepted her fate, Joohyun didn’t want to see her that day. Which led her to overthink and sleepless at night.

She likes Joohyun, after all the things they did together. After all those flirty lines thrown at her, who wouldn't?

She has stronger feelings for her than before.

So it completely blows her away that Joohyun is avoiding her like this.

“Perhaps, talk to her friends? Anyone you know?”

“They won’t tell me anything because it’s kind of a personal problem" Seungwan is so sure because they’re Joohyun’s friends and they’re loyal as hell

“This is hard”

“I know” the shorter girl says “It’s better if she tell me that she doesn’t want to continue our budding feeling rather than keeping me in the dark like this”

“Oh Wan” Sejeong feels sorry for her friend

“Let me treat you tteokbokki since your breakfast was horrible so come, pack up my friend”


Seungwan doesn’t have work today. It’s her day off. 

After eating tteokbokki, she feels a bit better.

She thought about Sejeong’s suggestion, instead of talking with K2 staff, maybe she can fish some info out from Sohee. 

But what if it’s backfired? 

Sohee doesn’t know that Seungwan is in a so

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