Chapter 29

Better Together!
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“Seungwan someone is looking for you downstairs”

The young girl raises her eyebrows at her workmate

“She’s pretty. Your girlfriend?”

Seungwan ignores him and mutters a small thanks

Who could it be?

It’s only 3 PM. Sooyoung is still working so there’s no way it’s her.


Seungwan takes her time to go downstairs, still wondering who it might be.

She pulls the door to the main shop and looks around until her eyes land on a very familiar figure, Bae Joohyun.

Seungwan freezes on her step.

Taking in the older girl's gaze on her.


Joohyun looks at her, strangely.

Or maybe it’s her who looks at the older girl strangely.

Like she can’t believe that Joohyun is here. Looking for her.


Both of them are engulfed in a staring contest, until the young potter can’t take it anymore.


“Seungwan…” joohyun walks closer to Seungwan but a few steps before she can reach her, the younger girl speaks her mind

“What are you doing here?”

Joohyun stops and bit her lips “Can...can we talk outside?”


“You want to talk now?” Seungwan scoffs after grasping the reality that indeed Joohyun is here, talking to her



“There’s nothing we need to talk about and I’m busy”

Joohyun eyes glisten because Seungwan refuses to look at her or talk to her

“Please text me after you’re finished working”

“I don’t have your number anymore”


Joohyun’s heart sinks a little


“ deleted my number?”

“Sooyoung did” And I didn't stop her, it is left unsaid but somehow Joohyun gets it.


“I will that cafe” Joohyun points to a small cafe across the street, the one where Seungwan usually gets her supply of warm vanilla tea every afternoon.


“Don’t” Seungwan looks at her in anger “Save it. Save everything that you want to tell me. It doesn’t matter anymore”

“No, Please. I will wait until you come” Joohyun pleads



How the table turns around now..


“Do whatever you want. After all, you never listen to me” the younger girl says before turning around and leaving her alone.


Joohyun lowers her head, it’s true.

She never listens to anyone.

And she’ll do it once again. One last time, with a hope that the younger girl will come to her.


With glistening eyes, Joohyun walks down the road to the cafe.

It hurts to see Seungwan treat her coldly.

But she knows she deserves this.




07:30 PM


Seungwan looks at the clock on her table.

She just finished her last report.


Joohyun won’t wait for her, right?

It’s been 2 hours past her working time.


Seungwan ponders a little before taking her bag.

No, she won’t wait for me or if she does, the cafe will close in an hour anyway.

So...she makes her way to the bus stop and sits on the bench but her mind keeps coming back to a certain girl.

It was past Joohyun's usual dinner time.

The cafe only sells bread. She must be hungry.


Seungwan-ah, you’re too weak.


She picks up her back and decides to check the small cafe across her office.

If she’s still there I’ll ask her to go home.

I really don’t want to deal with her today.




The cafe


Seungwan can see it through the windows.

Joohyun is still there.

Looking sad and lost.

That girl is too stubborn to listen.

Even if it’s for her own good.


She really waited for 4 hours with only a drink on her table.


Seungwan shakes her head before opening the door.

The bell chimes, signaling her arrival.


Joohyun looks up and instantly feels relieved now.

There’s a small but noticeable smile on her face.

“You came” she whispers softly, a glimmer of hope latches in her voice


Really, it tugs Seungwan’s heart.

If only they’re in a different situation, she’ll quickly wrap her in an embrace.

But she’s still feeling angry at the older girl.

She should’ve turned her back just like Joohyun did a few days ago.

She should’ve closed her ears and eyes, just like what Joohyun usually did when she’s upset over something.

But she’s not Joohyun…

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