Chapter 28

Better Together!
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That night, Sooyoung found her roommate crouching down in front of their building.

Her small body was shaking, tears flowing non stop.

The taller girl immediately wrapped her arms and hugged her tightly.


Something must have happened with Sohee.

Just what did Sohee do?

Why did everyone make her friend hurt?




It’s been two days.

Seungwan is taking two days off from work.

She never takes any leave before so the management approves it.

Sooyoung as well, staying by her side as much as she can.

She doesn’t take any leaves but she comes home as soon as the clock strikes 5 PM to accompany her friend. She’s been refusing any overtime jobs for 2 days now.

internship, she isn’t paid to work overtime anyway!


Her roommate tells her everything.

She can’t believe it, how everything turns out like this.

“Forget about them both. Hope they rot in hell” Sooyoung tells her as she deletes Sohee’s and Irene’s contact from Seungwan’s phone and her own phone as well.

She blocked them on behalf of her friend.


Seungwan doesn’t fight her.

She’s too tired.

Maybe it’s a sign that this love story is not meant for her.


“I don’t know what to do if you’re not here with me”

“I’ll always be here for you, Wannie”

“But really you shouldn’t ignore Seulgi”

“I’m not ignoring her. I just want to focus on you until I’m sure you’re okay” Sooyoung says “She knows and she understands”

“She’s nice” Seungwan pulls the blanket until reaching her chin, they’re watching some horror movies together

“Too nice” Sooyoung offers her a cracker “She’s just like you, just more blunt”

Seungwan nods, agreeing “I’m glad that you choose her, now I don’t need to be worried all the time”

The younger girl smiled “yeah”




And as usual Sooyoung can’t stand it, she has to ask the question that has been bugging her mind.


“Honestly, I’m surprised that you gave up on her, Wan. I mean not that I want you to beg her or anything. She’s the one who ran away, but why?”


“I’ve given my best” the older girl’s eyes glisten “But apparently it’s not enough for her to trust me and Sohee's stunt just further traumatizes her. She won’t listen to my explanation. What’s left for me other than to give up?”


“You made the right choice, Wan”


Seungwan nods sadly “I can’t even stand as her friends now”

The younger girl discontinued their designated delivery agreement. She didn’t propose the idea to the upper management so they proceeded to give the job to the part timer. The K2 has been notified by it.


“I don’t want you to be friends with both of them or even talk to them” Sooyoung huffs angrily

Seungwan hugs her which the older girl reciprocates back

“I don’t think I will. Not when you already blocked them”




Next morning, K2 Studio


Yeri shares a look with Chaeyoung.

A fuming Chaeyoung to be exact

There’s an uninvited guest...or customer? In their gallery.


“What do you want?” Chaeyoung asks harshly

“Is that how you treat your customer?” Sohee asks back without taking off her sunglasses

“We both know you’re here not to buy anything!”


Sohee crosses her arms “I need to talk to her”

“Who do you think you are?!” Chaeyoung raises her voice, Yeri has to grip her arms. Afraid that Chaeyoung will lose control. It’ll be ugly.

“I’m here not to have a cat fight with you” Sohee firmly says “Tell her I want to talk”

“She doesn’t have time to entertain you, home wrecker”


Yeri flinches, wow did Chaeyoung just…


“Tell her this will be my first and last attempt to talk to her, if she still doesn’t want to then i’ll go. It’s her lost anyway”


Yeri sighs “I will let Joohyun unnie knows”

“No you don’t” Chaeyoung glares at the younger girl


Joohyun is not in the state to meet anyone, especially Sohee or Seungwan.

The older girl has been locking herself in her workroom since she broke down 2 days ago.


“But Joohyun unnie needs this, she can’t hide forever. She has to listen so she can moves on”

“Listen to your friend, blondie” Sohee adds

She really doesn’t want to do this but...everytime she closes her eyes, Seungwan’s teary face appearing, haunting her


Chaeyoung grits her teeth


She too can't see her unnie crying anymore, it hurts her.


Yeri hurriedly goes to Joohyun's workroom.

She knocks on the glass’s door to gain the older girl’s attention.

Joohyun who keep her head inside her arms looks up

Her eyes are puffy red.

Snots everywhere..


She must’ve been crying again.

A few unfinished bunnies scattered on her tables.

Yeri will need to order another box to keep all those bunnies.



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