Chapter 2

Better Together!
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Seungwan rushes to the shop's warehouse to pick up the right stuff, ilmenite fine and gerstley borate, 5 kg each. She notices that K2 has repeatedly purchased the same products in 3 months and even has a note under the PO that the product must be sent on the 23rd of the month, it’s definitely a long term purchase contract. So Taemin's mistake is unacceptable for a shop as big as Orange Hue Art Supplies (OHA). Taemin really screwed up this time.

Seungwan put the sack inside a pick up and went to the driver's side. She checks once again if she got everything and starts the car. 2 blocks from here, there’s a flower shop, she vaguely remembers that the shop is selling dried flowers too, so maybe she’ll pick up a bucket of dried lavender. They said that the lavender scent has a calming power, perfect for today’s mission, to calm a fuming customer.


K2 Studio

“The delivery girl is here” Chaeyoung announces to the other girl who is arranging the cups neatly, in precise order.

“Stop rearranging cups whenever you’re angry and be calm, unnie”

“I am the definition of raging calm” Irene scoffs “It’s the second mistake this month, Chaeng” 

“Art supplies can be confusing sometimes” Chaeyoung reasoned while checking their journal

“Then OHA should hire new staff, I wasted half of my day calling them and explaining about the order, again and again”


Seungwan puts the supplies on a troler and then makes her way to the studio’s back door. The back door is the only way to access the studio’s storeroom that is connected with the work room where the artists work while the front/main door is to access the display room where the arts are displayed and is acting as the main store.

(main store)

Seungwan didn’t meet any of the artists when she delivered their order back then, a staff member, Yeri, signed the delivery.

So, it’s an understatement of the century as she waits at the door expecting Yeri to greet her, only to find Irene Bae (with a scowl on her pretty face), opening the door for her.

Of course Seungwan just stands there, tongue tied to the seemingly angry customer. 

Irene impatiently taps her shoes when the delivery girl doesn’t utter any words. What does she expect? The girl kneels down while sputtering words of reasons as to why the order was mixed again? Yes, that.

“Are you going to bring the goods inside or should I bring them myself?” Irene finally says

Seungwan snaps out of her zoned off situation.

“I...i’m sorry ma’am” That’s not only the words she should say to the customer but she was too stunned to think. She only saw Irene twice during her year in college, in the art exhibition and when she accidentally saw her at the campus’s football match. Where Seungwan (again) volunteered as the drink server. So, it’s the first time she talked to her.

She passes by Irene who is still eyeing her by the door. With an uneasy feeling, Seungwan expertidly takes out the wrong stuff among the seas of supplies and puts down the right one, neatly beside each other. Irene exhales, she likes everything to be put neatly.

Irene watches the delivery girl scribble something on the paper before coming back to her, looking anywhere but her eyes. The young artist assumes that the girl is feeling guilty because of her mistakes.

The delivery girl or Seungwan, as written on her name tag. Shows a paper that needed to be signed by Irene. Still not looking at her but respectful enough to offer the paper with both of her hands.

The young artist raises her brows “What is this?”

Well Irene knows but she holds grudges, so...

“The...the delivery paper ma’am. We need you to sign it”

“What if I don't want to?”

Seungwan finally looks up at her but quickly settles her eyes past Irene's shoulder, something behind her head must be more interesting. The girl fidgets before sighing a few times and clearly mustering her courage to look at Irene in her eyes but she keeps failing to do so. This is not the meeting that she dreamed of. Thanks to Taemin.

“Aren’t you gonna say something or should I call your manager?”

The older girl is definitely waiting for an apology, it’s not Seungwan's fault but by default she must apologize on behalf of the shop.

Then she remembered the flowers. She widens her eye

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