Chapter 20

Better Together!
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Time goes by without so much problem, but today Seungwan wakes up with a nervous feeling.

Today, she’ll present her thesis in front of her professors.

She prepares a simple toast for her and sooyoung who by the way looking so fresh in her buttoned shirt. It's a rare to see her like this in the morning.

“I’m glad you’re coming with me”

“Hush, i shall be there to witness your first step to adult life, Wan”

“And i’ll be there as well for you”

Sooyoung chuckles as she picks up her fork “Don’t make me date you behind Seulgi now”

“Huh? You mean...”

"We're dating"

Well, it’s quite surprising. Sooyoung is not one for commitment. So it’s a pleasant surprise to hear.

“She confessed to me 3 days ago and I said yes. I didn’t tell you because you have to focus on your thesis”

“And you think today is a good time to blurt it out?” Seungwan raises her brows

“ can be a good distraction later. If you're nervous, just think of this happy news”

“Very well” Seungwan grins “Congrats! I’m happy for you”

“Thanks! You should speed things up with Joohyun unnie”

“I’m good with what we have now. In fact, we’re getting closer than before”

Sooyoung shrugs “Well, as long as you’re happy. Is she coming today?”

“I’ve invited her”

The younger girl humms “I’ll start my internship next week”

“Really? Wow, you should buy some work clothes then”

“I will. Umm...I told Sohee unnie that i want to treat her for a meal as a thank you”

“That’s nice of you”

“She asked me to bring you along”

“Yeah, sure”

“She seems so fond of you” Sooyoung adds

“I think so too, she’s a great friend”

“But does she think the same of you?” 

“What do you mean?”

“Nah, i feel like there’s something more on her part”

“Do you mean she might be interested in me?”  

“Has she told you anything?”

“No, but to be honest, once or twice I caught her lingering stare at me but I don’t want to make things awkward because of my own assumptions”

“Yeah, you’re right. Until she says something, you can never be too sure” 


Campus, 09:00 AM

Seungwan and Sooyoung have reached the building where the older girl will present her thesis.

They walk along the corridor talking to each other until reaching the room.

“Good luck” Sooyoung pats her back

“See you in an hour. I told Joohyun unnie to text you if she’s arrived”


Seungwan gives a last glance to Sooyoung who comfortably sits with some of the students from her department.

Today there are 5 students who will present their thesis. They bring their own cheering army as well.


30 minutes later

Sooyoung can spot Joohyun and Seulgi walking together.

Some students recognized the two. Or rather recognized Joohyun.


“Isn’t that Joohyun sunbae?”


“That famous sunbae from fine arts. She graduated 2 years ago”

“Oh yeah I remember. What is she doing here?”

Sooyoung waves her hand to Joohyun who immediately smiles upon seeing her, a bucket of flower in her hand

“Seungwan is inside. It’s her turn now”

“Oh...I was hoping to give her fighting cheer before her turn” Joohyun is disappointed

“You’re taking too long at the flower shop” Seulgi groans before giving a peck on Sooyoung’s cheek, she too brought a single red rose for Sooyoung 

“I just want it to be perfect”

“It just a flower?? your standard is too much, even the shop attendant was annoyed with you, unnie”

“No, she’s not”

"She was, she kept sighing behind your back"

Sooyoung laughs “The bucket is perfect. Seungwan will like it. Don’t worry”

They talk to each other comfortably until they reach the topic about Sooyoung's internship.

“Sooyoung will do her internship next week” Seulgi proudly announces

“Uhm yeah” now the topic brings an uncomfortable feeling to Sooyoung, knowing it indirectly related to Sohee

“Oh, congratulations. It’ll be fun” Joohyun smiles a little “So...are you planning to celebrate with Seungwan after this?”

Sooyoung has a plan actually but she shakes her head, sensing Joohyun is thinking of something “No, me and Seulgi will shop for working clothes after this”

“We are?” Seulgi is confused but well she doesn’t mind spending time with her girlfriend

“Oh..then can I bring Seungwan to celebrate somewhere?” Joohyun asks excitedly

Sooyoung nods before smiling teasingly “She’s not having her shift today so

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