Chapter 14

Better Together!
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January has passed by just like that.

Nothing exciting, just work, college and work again.

Now it's the month of love.

The month that Sooyoung waits for, every year eagerly.


“Wan, bake me a choco no! Make it three!”

“Three??” Seungwan is surprised “You have that many crushes?”

“Geez no, Park Sooyoung does not give chocolates, Park Sooyoung receives chocolates” Sooyoung holds her chin high “I will eat all of them by myself. Yours is my favorite”

“Okay, your majesty” and every year, Seungwan will be her chocolate slave, except this year the younger girl just doubled her request.

Seungwan too never gives chocolate to anyone because she doesn’t really think it’s important to give chocolates on valentine’s day.

But this year, it’s different.

She will make brownies for Joohyun.

Just thinking about the older girl makes her feel a lot of butterflies in her stomach.

“You may need this” Seungwan gives her a medium sized bag “For those admirers, last time you got how many? 15 boxes right?”

“Correct, I need to stand in the public space today” Sooyoung applies her red lipstick “You know, so they can spot me easily”

Seungwan laughs “Okay”

Sooyoung really loves attention and chocolates.

“Remember to give me yours if you get any, okay?”

“Yes” Seungwan nods, every year, a box or two will go to sooyoung’s tummy, because? Seungwan doesn’t really like chocolate. 

“Bye, Wan” Sooyoung walks out with a spring on her step


Seungwan actually wants to avoid coming to campus today, but her friday class just get pushed earlier, so here she’s at school, with her brownies container. She plans to give them to Joohyun later after her shift.

It’s not that she hates valentines day but South Korea practically worships this day, couples everywhere, love themed things everywhere. She never understood the need to give chocolates on this particular day, still she prepares something for joohyun. Because today is Valentine's Day and they’re getting to know each other, so she doesn’t want the older girl to think that she doesn’t care.


Seungwan opens her locker first to put her container before walking to her class. 

“Hey, Jeong”

“Hey, Wan!” Sejong greets back “I saved you a seat”

They don’t usually sit beside each other because Sejeong always comes late.

“You’re early today”

“Yeah, my car is getting her yearly check up and Kim Taeyeon had to rush to her girlfriend apartment so here i am”

“Oh i don’t know your sister is seeing someone”

Sejong grins “Hard to believe yeah? who is in her right mind liking that dork?”

“Hey, Taeyeon unnie is nice”

“Yeah, yeah” Sejong dismisses her


Both Sejeong and Seungwan look at a shy girl in front of them, this girl obviously a junior.

“Which sunbae, cutie?” Sejeong asks, fully activating her grammy worth smile

“Seungwan sunbae”

Seungwan laughs at the defeated Sejeong before looking back at the shy girl

“Happy valentine’s day!” The girl bows while offering her heart shaped chocolate box

“Oh, thank you” Seungwan doesn’t like choco but she’s not gonna break someone’s heart, not today, not tomorrow “Umm..what’s your name?”


“Thank you, Sana-ssi” Seungwan smiles and accepts her chocolate

The shy girl blushes and quickly says her goodbye

“You rarely come to campus but still got a girl crushing on you huh?” Sejong says 

“I feel like I know her from somewhere. I did assistance for juniors last semester. I think she’s one of them” Seungwan explains

“Anyway, i saw Sooyoung at the entrance” Sejong says in a whisper as their professor claims his seat

“She really going all out today”

“I know” Seungwan chuckles

“Is she gonna stand there for hours?”

“You bet?”

“She’s crazy” Sejeong whispers again


After a not so long 2 hours class, Seungwan bids her goodbye to Sejong.

She takes out her container and makes her way to the nearby subway station.

Her phone beeps once she's seated on a train. She gets a message from Joohyun.

[Are you busy today, Wan?]

[Depends on who's asking]

[I’ll ask someone else]

Seungwan giggles

[No, I'm not busy. In fact, i’m thinking to drop by K2 after my shift ends today]

[Cool! I’m actually about to ask you to come, to help cleaning the rooftop]

[So now I’m your cleaning girl? What’s the occasion?]

[Yes you are. We’re going to hold a late birthday party for Seulgi tomorrow]

[You’re invited if you help me clean the space today]

[Fine unnie]

[See you later!]

Seungwan grins and looks at the scenery out there.

Hmm, this year f

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