Chapter 23

Better Together!
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Seungwan takes out a fresh baked apple pie and puts it in a container. Meanwhile, another container is already filled in with Joohyun’s carrot cake. She is so ready for the trip.

“Sooyoung-ah. I’m going now. Don’t forget to heat up your breakfast” She says as she peeks into Sooyoung’s room, it’s 7 AM in the morning but the younger girl still in her deep slumber



Seungwan puts her apron in the basket and takes her bag before heading out.

She’s carpooling with Joohyun. The older girl is already waiting outside her dorm.

“Good morning”

Joohyun greets her with a takeaway cup of warm tea in her hand and also a sweet toothy smile on her face


It’s really a crime to look this good early in the morning.


“M..morning” Seungwan squeaks

“For you” She gives the paper cup to Seungwan before taking the younger girl’s bag and put it in the back seat

“Uh...thanks” Seungwan still hasn’t covered from her flustered state, she takes a sip of the tea, ah vanilla.

“Come in” Joohyun already settles in the car seat, holding her own cup “Do you mind we’re having breakfast here?”

“No problem. What are we having?”

“Carrot cake” Joohyun stretches out her hand, her smile grows impossibly wider

“Ah” she really likes carrot cake, seungwan thought “Here” the younger girl opens the container and immediately sweet smells fills up the car

“Mmmh smells good”

“Wait” Seungwan pulls out a paper plate and takes a slice for Joohyun

“Two slices please”

“Alright” Seungwan puts another one and gives the plate to an overeager joohyun

The younger girl already had her breakfast so she settles on watching the older girl

“Is it that good?” Seungwan asks as she puts another slice for Joohyun

“You have the hand of baker God”

“Wow” the younger girl laughs “I’m flattered”




Joohyun and Taeyeon greet each other before they load some boxes into the van. Taeyeon had booked it for 3 days. On the last day Seungwan will drive the van back to Seoul and pick up Joohyun’s car from the basement of Taeyeon’s old apartment.

“Darling, you forgot...oh who is this?” Tiffany immediately gives her infamous eye smile to Joohyun

“This is Irene. I’ve told you that Seungwan’s friend will come with us” Taeyeon explains “She’s also our customer”

“Oho...only friend?” Tiffany nudges an unsuspecting seungwan “I’m Tiffany by the way”

“Irene. Nice to meet you” Joohyun smiles politely

After another 10 minutes of chit chat between the lover, finally they’re ready to go.

Tiffany is crying as she hugs Taeyeon for the ‘not really’ last time. They’ll meet each other a week after today.


Taeyeon is having a serious face in the driver’s seat but she is actually scheming in her mind.

She purposely puts a box in the seat beside her, forcing Seungwan and Irene to sit together on the back seat.

Hehe I will get my answer today!

    “It’s a surprise really” Taeyeon starts “How did you two become ‘close’ friends?”

Seungwan stares at Taeyeon “Uh...we just clicked? She was a senior in my university actually”

“Oh really? So you know each other beforehand?”

“More like i’m a fan of her works...she’s the reason why I got interested in pottery and ended up working in OHA but we just got closer a few months back after she falsely accused me of sending wrong stuff”

Joohyun face reddens

“Oh because of Taemin?” Taeyeon laughs

“Yeah. He keeps getting us in trouble”

“He should learn from you. Especially that in a few weeks you’ll start working as management staff. Your jobs will be transferred to him and Kyungsoo. I hope that’s okay Irene-ssi, if you would like to apply for another designated deliverer just let Seungwan knows”

“I guess, I'll settle with regular delivery. Anyone is fine as long as they don’t keep making mistakes”

Taeyeon is feeling sorry “We will keep Taemin out of the loop then”

“Uh...I can still deliver the stuff if you want. Before or after my work hours”

Taeyeon eyes Seungwan.

Sending stuff personally to customers is a common thing for all OHA staff, especially if they’re short on delivery staff and get a lot of orders.


“You’d do that?” Irene’s eyes widens

“Yes. I know how you hate it when your stuff gets mixed up”

“But is that allowed Taeyeon-ssi?”

Taeyeon smiles “Yes. We prioritize customers above everything, if the staff is willing then why not” There you go, Taeyeon and her marketing tactics

“Alright then” Joohyun gives Seungwan’s hand a squeeze

Her small gesture does not leave Taeyeon’s wandering eyes (she should be more focused on the road though)

“ want to be dropped at your house, Irene-ssi?”

“’s fine. My family won’t be home at the time we arrive. I can help you move in first then i’ll go home by bus”

“Thank you” Taeyeon says gratefully, remembering that she brings a lot of boxes “Seungwan can drive you back with this van. She told me that she’ll pay a visit to your family, correct?

“Yes. You can come along too if you want, Taeyeon-ssi”

“Oho, I think I'll pass this time. I have to discuss something with Tiffany” Taeyeon grins “We still have 3 hours to kill. Feel free to talk or sleep” the oldest girl puts on the radio, she hums along finally minding her own business while her two guests engage in talking.


An hour before they arrive.

Taeyeon glances at the rear-view mirror. Joohyun is sleeping peacefully, her head leaning on Seungwan’s shoulder who's watching the scenery outside, smiling on her own. Her right arm securely wraps around Irene’s shoulder. Giving her warmth.

It feels like I'm bringing my daughter and her girlfriend on a road trip.

Taeyeon chuckles at the thought.

Ah, I have found my answer now..

I thought she had something with Sohee before but it's Irene all along.


Seungwan really needs to make it official if she hasn't.



They arrive in Daegu around lunch time so they decide to have lunch first at a famous beef ribs restaurant. Recommended by Irene.

After the hearty lunch they go to Taeyeon’s new place. It’s an apartment near the OHA shop.

“Let’s do this” Taeyeon rolls up her sleeves to pick up some boxes with the help of Seungwan and Joohyun


Two hours later.

“We’re going now, unnie” Seungwan announces. She managed to take a bath in the apartment. Looking fresh and ready to meet the parents.

“Don’t forget your apple pie” Taeyeon brings the container to her “Good luck” she pats seungwan’s shoulder knowingly before smiling at Joohyun who is already waiting in the door

“Thank you Irene-ssi. You’re a great help! Just let me know if your father needs anything, I heard he owns a pottery shop too?”

“Yes. I’ll be sure to let him know about OHA. I know some potters around here, i think they will be very happy to know the new shop”

Nice! More customers are coming.

Taeyeon grins to herself.

Seungwan can only shake her head.

Taeyeon never fails to amaze her. She can be a really good OHA spokesperson.

“Bye unnie, i’ll be back later”

“Take your time! Have fun”




Joohyun’s family house is just like the Han’s, it’s an old traditional hanok house. Except it’s much smaller in size. Joohyun says that her father inherited the house because of her uncles and aunts living outside of Daegu.


There are 3 buildings, the front building is used as the art shop (that her father owns), the middle building as the main house and the building in t

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