Chapter 6

Better Together!
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Saturday comes by quickly.

It’s time for Seungwan to attend Sohee’s pottery class.

She wakes up very early at 4 AM since she’s going to cook a simple breakfast for her and sooyoung and also to bake muffins.

Seungwan smiles, she couldn’t stop feeling grateful. 

She has met a lot of great people since working in OHA. 

Oh! Next time she should bake something for OHA staff too.


By 8 AM, she’s all done with the muffins.

The young girl puts and arranges them neatly in a separate box.

A dozen for Sohee unnie and a dozen for K2.

It’s blueberry muffins, hope they like it.


She was having her breakfast, scrambled egg and mashed potatoes when Sooyoung walked into their shared kitchen.

“Did you save some for me?” Sooyoung asks still in her sleepy voice, she loves Seungwan's muffins too

“Yeah, of course” Seungwan sips her milk “I also cook you breakfast”

“Woah, you’re the best!” Sooyoung immediately jumps to her seat “I love you Wan-ah. Forget about mommy Irene and momma Sohee. Marry me instead”

Seungwan throws her napkin at her “Stop saying that”

“Mmmm yummy” Sooyoung enjoys her breakfast very well, anything that seungwan cooks, sooyoung will be the first person to try it. The perks of being her roommate.

“So, you're gonna drop by at K2 today?”

“Yes, after the class” Seungwan looks at her watch “shoot, i need to go now”

Since it’s not a working day, seungwan should take subway to go to the Han’s studio, usually it takes 30 minutes by car but by train it’ll take almost 45 minutes from her dorm

“Bye, sooyoung, don’t forget to wash the dishes!” She reminds the younger girl because sometimes she purposely leaves dirty dishes to annoy seungwan.

“Yeah mom, have fun with the other moms!” her roommate yells back

“Stop it!” 


Han's family studio

The class is a lot of fun, more than she expected.

She learns a lot about the history of pottery in Korea. Although she couldn’t grasp all the history in one sitting, but for sure she understands most of it. The pottery had come along the way, way before the Goryeo dynasty ruled Korea in the 918.

After 1 hour of history, the participants, including Seungwan, get the honor to see Sohee making a simple bowl. 

It’s really a sight for all the pottery lovers, how she gracefully shapes the clay on the wheels turning it into a very nice bowl mold. Seungwan recognizes that the older girl uses fettling knives a lot and a scrapper. Certainly, working in OHA helps her to recognize the tools. Lastly, Sohee finishes the plate with raku glazed technique and puts the bowl in a ceramic kiln. All participants get a coffee break while waiting for the bowl to be done.

Seungwan meets a fellow pottery enthusiast there, and also a fan of raku glazed technique. Her name is Lisa. She tells seungwan that Sohee's specialty is in raku technique. Lisa squeales and blushes a lot during the class, certainly she’s a fan of Sohee. It’s an amusing sight, Seungwan couldn’t help but understand the other girl’s feeling, she’s also like that in front of Irene. Except she does that internally and quietly.


After 30 minutes, the participants gather around a table to see the finished bowl and they all squeals in awe. Some even take pictures with it. Lisa almost fainted when Sohee gave the masterpiece to her, as a present. Because the younger girl was very active during her class, asking some questions here and there.

(Sohee's bowl)

After 3 hours of class, finally they reach the end of the class.

Each of the participants gets a 30% discount coupon to be used in the gallery today. What a clever marketing strategy, Seungwan thought. 

Of course, Seungwan bought something because she would be hella embarrassed if she didn’t. Sohee had told her that she didn't have to but Seungwan was hella insistent. One cute little spoon won’t hurt her wallet.

After the last participant leaves, Seungwan goes to Sohee who’s now cleaning her working table.

She puts a bag on the said table while grinning “I baked blueberry muffins this morning. I want to share some with you, unnie”

Sohee is surprised “Aww, you don’t have to, Wan!”

But Seungwan can tell that Sohee really appreciate it by the brightness in her eyes

Sohee takes one of the muffin to before giving a satisfied nod

“Mmmm so good! I was feeling rather tired today but you make my day better”

Seungwan blushes “I’m glad”

“Did you enjoy the class?” the older girl asks as she takes another muffin

“Very much” Seungwan says enthusiastically “You’re so cool, i mean i know you’re a great potter but i never see you work on your magic before so i’m very much in awe”

Sohee smiles bashfully “I still have a lot to improve but it’s nice to hear someone appreciates my work”

“You mean Lisa?” Seungwan playfully says

The older girl laughs remembering her ‘oh-so-obvious’ fan “Yeah, you and Lisa” 

“Do you have somewhere else to go? If not let’s have a lunch together” Sohee offers

“Uh yeah, actually I have to visit a friend” Seungwan says, well maybe she and Irene is not a friend (yet) but Yeri is a friend

“Oh too bad. I was hoping we could talk some more but perhaps next time we can grab lunch together?”

“Sure unnie” Seungwan beams 

After a short chat, Seungwan takes her leave. She doesn't want to stall much of the older girl's time.


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