Chapter 1

Better Together!
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How long will it take me to approach her? Forever.

Will I ever be brave to say ‘Hi’? Never.


Seungwan sighs, the online dating ads in front of the bus station mocking her in every possible way.

How hard is it to say ‘Hi. I’m your fan'?

Not that hard right?

It’s not like the older girl is a celebrity or what, she was a senior in her campus.

They’ve met on an occasion before, or rather, Seungwan saw her for the first time when she was a freshman in the campus exhibition hall, at that time she’s volunteering as the campus crew for an art exhibition.

‘So in conclusion you’re into this artsy woman’ her friend, Sooyoung, said when she told her about the older girl and her work later at night. Of course, Seungwan vehemently denied her accusation. She simply likes her works and wants to know the creator, that’s it, no hidden motives at all.

She remembered she was on her mission, delivering lunch boxes to the crews when she saw the older girl work. Teapots. That’s it. 

Seungwan wanted to laugh with the ‘very creative’ title but she was soon in awe of the art itself.

Whoaa, how can a teapot be so beautiful? 

Creator: Irene Bae / KU - College of fine arts

For more works visit


Seungwan hurriedly noted down the web address and proceeded with her task.

Nearing the end of the exhibition, all the creators were present around the small stages. Listening to the head of faculty who was giving her speech.

Time to be busy again for Seungwan, she passed around cups and cups of beers to the crowds. Fine arts students really have a distinct way to express themselves. Some of them even look like walking arts themselves.

And among one of the walking arts is Irene Bae. The featured artist. The teapots creator.

She was invited to sit on the stage beside the head of faculty and 2 other students who are equally beautiful.

How can they be this pretty? 

How can they make pretty art too?

Whoah, life is pretty unfair.



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