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Her life change with her job. She thought that it was just like any other job she had but wait there's more. 


She never liked KPOP things changed as she was introduced to kpop. She became the most knowledgeable ELF and Blackjack. She  is in love being a ROYAL compare to being an APPLER.


A dream that may come true but complications arises. The supposed to be promotion and contest.


Lets see how it goes.





While many Koreans go to the Philippines to study English. SM Entertainment tried to send some artist to learn English in that country. He started buying a small apartment type building to shelter the trainees or artists that needs learn English. He soin discovers that Filipinos and even Koreans who lived there are talented. 

Thus, he decided to have an office in the Philippines to scout artists as well. Receiving a lot of calls from fans and their products he also put up a small BPO  (call center) there since it is cost effective based on what was studied by his buisness associates.

There you'll meet Chelsea Park, she is pure Filipina by birth but her gandfather was a Korean man who married her Filipina grandmother and adopter her onlybdaugjter which is Celsea's mom. Chelsea started working for SM BPO as an agent and worked hard for 3 years that made it possible for her to be promoted as Asst. Operations Manager.

While Lee Cheungsun was the one that sanjanim trusted as SME Outsource VP / country manager here in Philippines. "Thank you Sir for considering me, I will work harder to never lose your trust.Please take care of me" Chelsea appreciated as she learned from Cheungsun that she was being considered to replace the Operations Manager title that soon will be vacated.

"We'll you deserve it and you are one of our pioneers who worked hard for this companies success. You even do extra work since we started." Well that true they started with 5 staff only imcluding her and Cheungsun. She started as an agent but knowing a lot about BPO she was like a consultant on how it works and Cheungsun relied on her. Their relationship is even stronger than siblings, specialy now with all the business stress and even personal ordeals that they went through. Well for her siblings but Cheungsun, it was really not hard to fall in love with her... well its been in progress...lets say for 4 years now.


????????Back in Korea ????????



All members gather in the conference room as they need to meet and suggest on how they can promote in the Philippines. (Lets say tjis is the first time they will concert in the Philippines)

They know they are loved by the fans there but not really knowing the culture and how they were accepted a a group. Little that they know.. just like in Korea there were undying ELFs already in that caountry. More possesive and obsessed with their beloved SUJU... ☺


"hmm... as I heard there lots of talented and pretty girls there.. maybe we can go a day or 2 earlier thatn the schedule to meet some girls there. Just ot know how they react and see us." Heechul suggested as he smirks and thought of hot girls he saw on the internet as he was already researching about the people in that country. But being Heechul, he searched for websites from y magazines and was on looking at entertainment section only with beautiful actresses on site. kekeke... 

"FIlipinos are know for their hospitality and good heart. But also a lot are saying that it is dangerous there. We need extra precaution.. meaning we can;t just roam around the streets. We might need to stay in the hotel. So better be there just to have concert and come back here." as Yesung in.

"Well my source tells me that it is more fun in the Philippines. We just need to have an open mind. It not all bad there. Sh.. my source tells me that .." cut of by Heechul "I think we know your source. Is she an idol who looks like a Tokki" He was grinning and making a look that he has an idea who the source and starting a teasingly look at at Donghae.


"Aish... let me finish. No need for you to know who my source is." His thoughts went back to reminded of the day he was texting her and smiling in his thoughts that he was given a reason to talk to her. Since he knows that if its about Philippines she is willing to talk to anyone about it and prmote it as if it was her new album or CF kekeke... Now he is spacing out just thinking of her...


"continue then..."


"Do you have suggestions since it seems that you have a great source?" Leeteuk was also grinning somewhat he knows who his source is. 


We were all looking at Donghae, but he was like in his own world again spacing out since Heechul interrupted him.

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