Nearing DDay

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Waahhhh am I still alive from his presence. His killing me with his winks and smile... My cheeks are hot not warm but real hot...

Trying to compose myself and trying to forget about the embarrassing moment earlier. I was able to give them the mechanics of the promotion and we agreed to do the necessary promotion and advertise it as soon as possible. They even requested me to accompany the winner to manage in Korea. I was surprised when Mr. Lee, Soo Man joined us and finalized everything since we only have 5 days left before the concert and the winners with me will need to fly to Korea... Waaahhh KOREA!!! Well that’s not the only agenda for me since Soo Man have other plans.

"Chelseassi once you are here there are things need to be discussed personally and I emailed you some ideas of what I am planning... Please have someone to take over your position and make necessary arrangement with your family since you will/might stay here for quite a while." Sajangnim said

"Yes Sir!" I answered back without me being aware of some information since I was still giddy inside seeing my bias/es.

Cheunsung POV

I was listening and was taken aback when our boss mentioned that Chelsea will stay in Korea for long. Don’t get me wrong I am happy for her Coz I have an idea on what Soo Mans plans for her and it will really be life changing for her. But why do I feel that my purpose staying in this country is being taken away from me.

"Yes Sir!" That was Chelsea responding to Soo Man.....

Woaahh!! Did I hear her answered YES immediately...? Normally she does not, she is normally cautious in deciding. She consults me or her family on things like this. Another thing she is not fund of being away from her country. Staring at her I know that YES is not sure since she looks like drooling on someone... Yes I am JEALOUS... What more if she sees her Babe. Yes she loves Heechul... Crushing on Leeteuk but her Babe is...

"Ok then Cheung please make sure that Chelsea is all good to be here once Suju gets back here. Arasso!!!" Soo Man advised me and I saw her brows creased and looks confused. She tried to raise her hand but “Sir we may need to meet again tom I need to prepare Chelsea here first I think her fatigue is taking over." As I make a you-know-what-i-mean expression to my boss. He chuckled getting what I mean and said our goodbyes.

"WHAT THE EFFING F WAS THAT!!!! YAAAAHHH!!!" that was Chelsea. Now she realize she was not herself hahaha. "Well you just said yes to our boss that you will be accompany the winners of the promo. And..." I said to her while I smirk to "Oh that I know and it is really ok but but but.." she stutters at the end. "You are not ready to stay there for long right?" I continued her sentence and she nodded with a pout... Ohhh she is killing me I want to kiss those lips... I want to hug her tell he not to accept the offer but "what have I done... Waah what will I do... I said yes thers no turning back." She whines. "Chels snap out of it... I'll take care of it... I asked our boss for ano

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