CHAPTER 34: What Happened?

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I opened my eyes and saw that I am still with this pretty boy. I smiled coz I felt I saw an angel.staring at me but with mask. It felt like that my head is resting in a soft pillow. Am I dreaming that I am in a park with someone or I'm at home sleeping... I even squeezed the pillow it was soft but not a pillow... then I heard a car horn that awakened me and made me jolted up.

"OMO! OMO! Ottoke? Mianhe! Your legs might have hurt. How long was I out?" I asked him anxiously. "Hmmm about an hour or so... but you can still sleep it seems that you are  in need of peace and quiet time just like me." He smiled and tapped his lap signaling for me to just place my head back. "I also like you squee..." he giggled and blushed.

"Oh komawo! But I think that's too much sleep and it is getting dark." I still can not look straight in his eyes. "How rude of me I have not introduced myself. Annyeong, Freelancer Event Manager Chelsea imnida" I bowed and stretched my hand for.a handshake. 

"Oh ahh yes, Annyeong! Min Yoongi imnida from Bangtan Sonyeondan but call me Suga or Oppa" I looked at him curiously cause he thinks I am younger than him. He removed his mask for me and woah he is younger wayyy too young. For me he will pass as my kid. 

"BBTS? SSuga? OPPAAAH?" But I stuttered while I was still staring at his face. "Chelseassi... you can talk to me casually since I am older than you, no need for formality." Well I don't want to ruin the moment so I just go with it. 

"Oh okay Suga Oppa" I giggled a little since I know I'm older than him coz I know that BTS members are young ones. He was smiling and damn he is handsome smiling. After the introduction, I think it was a mutual decision to be casual with each other. 

We were just having small talks something that I normally say and thought non sense talk but I am enjoying it at the moment. 

"I thought you were massaging my legs and I kinda like it." He was teasing me a little cause he was smirking while he smile sweetly. Oh this kid is pretty handsome. "Hahaha Aniyo I thought it was a pillow but not as soft as my pillow. I even have softer thighs than you." I was tapping both hands on my thighs as I stood in front him. 


She stood up and wow she removed her coat and she was tapping her soft milky white thighs. Yes she is wearing a short ripped jeans shorts. "You should wear this it is a bit cold and those are dangerous to show off here." I covered her up since I don't want guys looking at her. 

"Okay okay but just to tell you I normally wear this here and no one seems to care." She smiled and sat back. I was going to wear my mask back so avoid people noticing me when she suddenly leaned closer to my face. "Hmmm you know what you look cute with that but..."

I interrupted her "Are you saying I look good with the mask which means I have an ugly face." I pouted and trying to do an aegyo. "Aigoo! This boy you are so cute!" She pinched both my cheeks and she keeps on laughing and smiles like an angel. 

"Yah! I will look ugly after you stretch it too much!" I whined sweetly "Okay I'll stop but let me do something to make it recover." She tap both her hands on my cheeks and pressed it till my lips was puckered. The next thing she did surprised me. Did she kissed me... Waaahh my face is really burning now. I am frozen but I feel my face hot and something just left my lips, her lips. 

"Do you drink alcohol?" Asking me as she stood up and walked. "Do you want to?" I followed her walking towards the parking lot "Yes I do, anyway do you have car?" She was walking fast while I fallow her. "I just jogged here, do you have one? You drive?" I was trying to keep up her pace when we suddenly stop in front of a red and black limited edition Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG. 

She got her key and the door unlocked. "Do you drive?" She is asking me if I drive "Yyes" I stuttered since I will be driving this car. She threw the keys as she went inside the passengers side and I went in the drivers seat. "Where are we going?" I asked her as I familiarized myself with the car.


I was just observing him, it seemed that he is trying to adjust how to drive the car. "You have license, right?" I tried to get his attention and he just nodded while checking the dashboard and mirrors. 

"Just take me to a place we can get drunk and hang out with privacy." I finally said seeing that he is ready to drive. He looked at me confused. "Mwo? I...I..." He sounded he is doesn't have any idea. 

"Hmmm... do you know where H

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