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They met when he was young. A friendship developed due to hardship but when it turned out to be a different feeling she fled thinking she is doing the right thing. But faith was indeed playing with her or them? 

They met for the second time and tried what they thought should have happened but ended more hurt with each other. Parted ways but a strong connection was there as they cross paths once more as if there is something was missed in their story. Both were puzzled, confused and thought on how or what would end their connections as both tried their best not to cross paths anymore, but it is just like an eternity of meeting each other unilt both decided to quit trying and just go with the flow. 


Hi my name is Yang May Chelsea but I just use my initials MC, born in PH but raised in US. Raised by a single mom and all I know is that my father is a Korean which mom never talks about. My childhood life was perfect. Me and my mom were like a tandem until I reached my teens. That's when all struck me, my mom decided for us go to my father's home land in Daegu, South Korea. I really didn't know why but she was wanting to see him.

Mom stayed for a year and then decided I should stay with my father. Well I can't complain my life was extravagant and lavish with my fathers family.

In my mid 20's as I graduated college I went back to the US since my mom died. She left me a small but known Talent Agency that specializes trainings for any talent. I met my first love who damaged my belief in love permanently. Played around with dating during my early 30s.

Now I got into KPop secretly and adored young men in my dreams until I saw this kid that oddly makes me feel differently everytime I see him in videos there were a couple of instances that. nevermind

At first I just love watching them but strangely and secretly I started stanning the group with this boy as my bias. Never expected that one time I come face to face and be in complicated situation. I hope it never happens again. But why do I keep crossing his path. Why did I agreed to try? I should be the one to refrain myself but why can't I acccept that the love I have for him is not possible. There will be no happy ending for us. Until 6 additional men was added to my regret. I don't know how to face him, I don't know how to regain our connection as my complications grew with 6 more unique friendship. 

I am Min Yoongi the 2nd eldest of the group named Bangtan Sonyeondan. My only focus is music, I want to be the King of the rapping and producing industry but to reach that I became an Idol. When I was young I met this lady she looks like my age but I heard many talks that she is way older than me. It was like a puppy love coz whenever we crossed paths I feel so different that no ones has let me feel this way. I am an introvert who sometimes pretend not just for work and for sure looking at her she way more uncomfortable handling people that time.

But she is the type of person whom people will idolize I think she played around with guys. I would want to be closer but when I got that chance. I know I ruined it. I have options but why is it that my obsession is getting deeper speacialy when I'm not with her. I know my so called brothers are also into her but I know for a fact that I have the purest desire towards her since I was a kid. There are younger ones but my Noona is just mine and my brothers are also important to me. Can we really share her? Only thing I am sure of is I will never allow any other man owning her but me. 

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