Luhan Fell In Love With a Ninja Girl [COMPLETE]

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Hana and Luhan… Where do you even begin to describe both of them individually?
Hana and Luhan are so different in terms of likes, dislikes, and many more. 
They don't have anything in common, except the fact that they hate each other. 
It's like mixing oil and water together, it doesn't mix well. 

Luhan’s grandfather is a Ninja master. Master Lu is responsible and mastermind of all professional Ninja Assassins out there. Luhan’s summer break changed plan from going to Hawaii with his friends to spending it in misery with his grandfather and the intense training at his grandfather's dojo. Who wants to waste their summer break for some lame ninja practice? During Luhan’s stay, he sort of met an eye-catching ninja girl and so he thought it’d be just as easy to befriend her like every other girl in the city, but boy was he wrong. As the summer holiday coming to an end, everything will change...


Main Characters
{If you want to know how Master Lu or everyone looked like, click here: Description}

Yukimura Hana (You)                                                                        Lu Han














Hey! KimmyNurry presents you a brand new fanfic starring Luhan (Exo-M) and Yukimura Hana (You).
This is my 5th fanfic so far, I have others that are ongoing but no worries I'll update them. ^^
If by any chances that my story has the same storyline or almost exacts as other fanfics, it is purely a coincidence.
I don't play dirty; I wrote/write this fanfic purely based on my ideas and inspirations of what I get from watching movies or listening to music.
So please respect me as a writer and don't try to steal any ideas. Anyways, enjoy it.

Started: 10 June 2013
Ended: 24 Dec 2013

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