7: Company Instructions

Never Together
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Sana's POV:

It was early in the morning we woke up groggily for the meeting. First thing in the morning, when Chewy and I slept at around 12:30 a.m. after some crying from me. I was unbelievably tired. I wore one of the sunglasses Tzuyu bought for me and had my hair up in a messy bun, I was in my thick jogging pants and oversized shirt with the new shoes Tzuyu's parents bought us. Tzuyu was wearing the same clothes as I am, the difference is she's not wearing any sunglasses and she was wearing a white sneakers that she bought last month, she was wearing a green hoodie instead of a  loose shirt and jogging pants. Mina and Momo was the same, wearing a cropped shirt, jogging pants and the shoes Tzuyu's parents gave to the members. Mina was wearing the hoodie Tzuyu's parents gave us, light grey jogging pants and her own black sneakers. I brought my own iced coffee in a Cold Cup Reusable Tumbler, Tzuyu meanwhile had hot chocolate in her tumbler that Mina prepared for her, for the life of me, I don't know how to prepare Tzuyu's hot chocolate, there was a perfect balance for it apparently that only Mina knew how to prepare.

I don't want to ask Mina how she does Tzuyu's hot chocolate. I let them be because I prepare most of Chewy's breakfast, like right now, I prepared her a spicy tuna kimbap and sandwich, that she's now munching on as we made our way to JYP Entertainment Building. Tzuyu needed to have her breakfast before she could even attend a meeting. Since she was the youngest among the members, we always feed her on time. First things first before we go about our day. Tzuyu and Chaeyoung the two youngest are fed whether we had practice for the day or not. Whether we were just staying at home or going out, we always prepared food for them to eat. On separate schedules, we even bring them food apart from the usual lunch and snacks we packed them, someone almost always buys them food. We are at our 6th year as a Korean Girl Group, so we had to make an impact to our audiences, that is why we have activities and shooting online content all year round.

To leave a legacy and to make our onces happy. There was even a time when Dahyun and I had to shoot a CF because we were the most popular ship in Twice. I cringed at the set up that we had, where we acted like we were close, when in reality, I disliked Dahyun and her air of confidence, if it wasn't for my bestie Momo being head over heels for her, I would've smacked that kid's face. We even looked like we were shooting a pre-nuptial photos in that CF. I can't stand the kid even though she's one of the clingiest members around. Now, I always clinged to everyone, even Baby Chewy, I'd pester everyone except for Dahyun, well except if Dahyun and I are not broadcasting on V Live or TV Broadcasts. I was cordial with Dahyun after that screaming match we had. She was always sure to annoy the heck out of me and I'd have to put up with her on several times we had projects together as Twice.

When the cameras are on, I pester everyone including Dahyun, but when they were off and there are no staffs, fans or press, I stay as far away as I can from Dahyun. It's hard to pretend that Dahyun and I were close, when it's far away from reality, not even close. The woman and I never even spoke amicably, there was always someone among us two whose shouting and screaming, someone who's very annoyed with the other. I hated Dahyun more than I hated eggplants and beans. If it were up to me, I'd never speak to her again, but of course she was part of Twice, Chewy wouldn't have never made it if not for her popularity. Dahyun meanwhile easily passed every hurdle even during that time we had a screaming match. Dahyun is a great rapper and dancer, I'd give her that. But, I hate the fans who shipped us because for a time, I was always paired with Dahyun even on our video content. Fan Service just to make a group popular.

Fans , their ships and especially the ship name they created for me and Dahyun. SaiDa, which was a contraption of our names and the I was referring to a Lemon-Lime soda popular in Korea. While my baby Chew and I's ship name was SaTzu, almost like a Shih Tzuh, a popular dog breed. So help me God! But if it weren't for these Fans we would've disbanded a while ago. Chewy had no other ships, because she shows love to all the members even Dahyun who I hated so much had episodes of skinship with my Baby Chew. All for Fan Service, it was meant to cater to our Lesbian Fans who lust for us and their ships. I initially loved being a K-Pop Idol because the Genre offers Cutie, Girl Crush and Matured concepts over time. Being a J-Pop Idol you are stuck to one concept and that is Cutie Lolita Concepts, for men, concepts are either Dark or Light. It was far from K-Pop, K-Pop girl groups are more diverse, we grow up in each album era, we aren't stuck to one concept. In fact my growth with Twice was Clingy and Adorable in the beginning, overtime I was given y, sultry and mature parts. Take for example Cheer Up where my famous line 'Sha Sha Sha' was derived, I looked adorable while I did the point choreography up until the latest Korean release Cry for me where I looked like a sultry and mature woman. Like I was seducing every population of men and lesbians. Now, I don't know if I could still feel happy with the path I've chosen or I'm just waiting for the 7th year and I'll go back to Osaka and never step foot in Korea. The thought of living a peaceful life with Baby Chew appealed to me, I can see myself as her wife.

Soon, we arrived at JYP Building. We got out of our van and immediately went into the building. We entered conference room number 1. Where Nayeon and Jeongyeon sat waiting for the rest of the team. They looked like an old married couple. Jeongyeon was also on of Chewy's closest member, they are known as JeongTzu, Jeong loves back hugging people, she's done it with Nayeon, Jihyo, Mina, Chewy, Momo and I. Jeong smiled at us as we entered the room. 

"Good morning, Satang, Minaring, Momoring and Baby Chew." Jeongyeon greeted us.

I only waived my hand at Jeongyeon and plopped myself in the nearest seat. I was not in the mood to be chummy with anyone, my eyes are puffy and I wanted to go back to bed. Chewy sat beside and held me close to her chest.

"Satang! How was your Christmas Eve?" Bunnyeon Unnie greeted me.

I could only put up a thumbs up towards Nayeon.

"What's up with her Baby Chew?" Jeongyeon asked Chewy.

"Ahhh Unnie, she's just really tired from last night's activities. We uhmm.. Yeah we had an activitiy, Sana and I." Chewy said smiling at Jeongyeon.

A dramatic gasp was heard in the room from Yoo Jeongyeon.

"Aigooo, Aigooo, our baby Chew isn't our baby anymore, she made a baby..." Yoo Jeongyeon didn't get to finish what she was saying.

Nayeon held Yoo by the ear and screamed at Jeongyeon.

"Yah! Yoo Jeongyeon! Apologize to Sana and Baby Chu now!"

Yoo was screaming her head off, because Nayeon was pinching her ear.

"Yah! Im Nayeon, let go of my ear first. Ahhhhhhhhhh! You wench!"

Jeongyeon was now fighting Nayeon Unnie, but Nayeon Unnie held Yoo's ears in a way that when Yoo tried to remove Nayeon's pinch, Jeong will hurt her ear more.

"Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!! I'm sorry for teasing you Baby Chew and Satang. Sorrrryyyyyyyyy. Yah!  Im Nayeon, let go of my ear now." Yoo said to Nayeon Unnie.

Momoring and Minaring were giggling among themselves, watching Yoo apologize and scream. Nayeon Unnie at once lets go of her pinch, Chaeyoung was the next to arrive, she greets me, Chewy, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo and then finally taking a seat beside Mina and placing a kiss on Mina's right cheek. Then Jihyo arrived and finally Dahyun.

Park PDnim entered the room along with some other producers. I had to sit up straight now, so I did. Park PDnim smiled at us and asked us.

"How are my favorite girls doing?" Park PDnim asked us, smiling.

"Fine." We chorused.

"Okay, we'll start of with Fan Service first, as we all know, you are in the last year of your careers, if all of you will re-sign your contracts, then we need to lay out plans as early as now."

"Park PDnim, we are still arranging ourselves, weathering things out. Please give us time and for the mean time, we'll create content for our Onces." It was Jihyo who spoke up.

"Okay. Then we'll move forward to Fan Service. Dahyun and Sana you are both still the face of Twice, according to popular survey, when they hear Twice they automatically think of the both of you. Because of this, an LGBTQ+ Jewelry Brand wanted to get you both as their models for their Wedding Line." Park Pdnim announces and paused.

"They also wanted to get Tzuyu and Jeongyeon as their celebrity endorsers for their Engagement Ring line." Park PDnim said.

"Uhm, Park PDnim, what if we do something else? Like a group endersoment or something?" Nayeon Unnie was the one who spoke up.

"I'm okay with whatever the fans want." I spoke up.

Because if I don't do this, Park PDnim will catch on about our feelings for each of the members, not only me, so as Nayeon and Jeongyeon, Dahyun and Momo.

"Nayeon-ah. This is JYP Entertainment's chance to appease the LGBT Folks, we'll give them what they want and get this over with, besides you girls are straight. Who in their right minds would fall for another woman right?" Park PDnim asked us.

A moment of collective silence filled the room. We looked at each of the couples in Twice, we wanted to say something about this but Park PDnim is right to some degree, being with a woman can drive one insane. Take me for an example, last night. I was a heap of crying mess, because my hormones are raging and wanting Tzuyu to touch me. I was a hormonal last night, I got that affect our night.

"Right?" Park PDnim says again.

"Park PDnim, can we talk about this first? I don't think it's right either to jump into projects with out careful considerations of one's feelings about it. I mean, does Tzuyu actually like working with me in a romantic setting? Tzuyu is my dongsaeng, PDnim, she knows I love her as only my little dongsaeng." Jeongyeon interrupted.

"Jeongyeon-ah. This is not a matter of being comfortable or not. It is a matter to salvage my company's reputation towards LGBTQ+ people." Park PDnim answered Jeongyeon.

"I agree with Jeongyeon Unnie. If you really want to salvage your company's reputation, then allow us to be honest with fans. Accept the relationships that formed in the company, accept the LGBT Couples in the company." It was Dahyun who spoke up.

"Tzuyu, are you comfortable with working with Jeongyeon in a romantic setting?" Park PDnim asked Chewy.

The Golden Maknae of Twice was gathering her thoughts,

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