20: October is here

Never Together
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Tzuyu's POV:

Today is October 20th, 12 a.m. I haven't gotten any sleep, as I was together with my team of Managers we're fixing stuff for Twice's Announcement and Opening the Company I built. The last few weeks were busy as we polished the Album we were supposed to release the same day as Twice's Anniversary. October 20 was just starting and yet we were still not asleep for this Announcement. If I would've known that this was hard, I would probably be out of this mess we created. But of course, Sana and the whole of Twice were under stress as much as I am, my team from the Sound Production were already polishing the release of the Thank You album, following announcement, they can sleep while waiting, the higher departments however opted out of sleep, because we needed to be up as early as 4 a.m. to follow Twice's Schedule for Today.

Twice aren't sleeping, they were polishing all their scripts and their final letters to our onces. Everyone including me, will release a statement, I will go first, to thank our onces and to tell them of the news about JYP and the case I filed against them and also to update our onces of the plans I had of opening my own Entertainment Company today. I was waiting for the court decision, we will be notified at 8 a.m. 5 hours before Twice comes in live on their own V Live Channel, then after my first statement, the company's signage will be revealed to the public, I*WANT, Red Velvet and IU will be with me to fascilitate the opening of the company, together with the K-Press. Preparations are underway, I just hope to win the case so that I will have good news for our onces, especially those who were still messaging me, on Twice's Channels and Pages.

We were releasing teasers for the company, everything was timed, starting at 12 a.m. Satztagram was the name of our new company's IG Page, We already released the First Teasers of the IG Page, so that later, we will just make the account public and searchable. Same with Facebook, Twitter and TikTok accounts I created. The website for the company is supposed to go live today, after the announcement of Twice leaving JYP. The second statement I will release is for the company's groups and artists we've recruited, aside of course from Twice and IZ*ONE, yes, everyone in IZ*ONE signed with us, including those who had a solo career and group because they were on hiatuses and their companies did not give any clarity to their future.

The artists that signed with our company was IU, Red Velvet, 2PM , Somi, Crush and Jessi, The staff from JYP were already prepared for their Immediate Resignation from the Company and we already signed them with us, all there is left is for the time to speed up and have our day as the old Twice come to a close already. Everyone is up on their toes right now, as we prepared for our company's launch. People come and go to my temporary office at the First Floor, everyone's getting their works checked. I already okayed the batch of sillhouette photos that they will release, I also had teaser posters put up around the area of the office building with permit from the city. To be honest, I was still writing my letter to onces and sapphires, thanking them for their support especially to the SaTzu Sapphires. I already started to write my letter but I still couldn't process the words I longed to tell my Sapphires and Onces. A mere thank you won't suffice for all the hard work they've done for us Twice.

They always shielded us and took up arms against those people who threatened our safety, they reported everything and they were also the power we held in our hands with Onces and Sapphires, we can do everything and anything we wanted, be it releasing new music or performing for them. We have survived the harsh K-Industry because of them. Because of them we worked for 7 years for them. I am excited with the things that held our future, Me and Sana especially. Our Sapphires and Onces will surely understand why we needed to make this move and I am hoping we are going to make it to the other side of things. I was in front of my computer when Somi went in and greeted me.

"Yo! Boss Unnie Chew, Good morning Boss Unnie. Excited for the day ahead?" Somi said smiling.

Somi was a former JYP Trainee and she since debuted as a soloist for YG Entertainment's BLACKLABEL. Her contract was voided when BLACKLABEL closed. Timing was on her side because us SZC Entertainment came to her, as soon as BLACKLABEL announced their closure. Somi was a joy to work with, especially because she's a talented rapper, singer and song writer. We wanted diversity in the company, as Sana and I agreed, we hired Somi to our label. Somi who's I.O.I Friends were also hired as part time trainers for the new trainees, we wanted to swing into momentum, so as early as now, we are doing an audition in the coming months for a new girl group and boy group.

"Not excited at all, I feel jittery and all these suspense is killing me." I answered Somi who was too early for her call time.

"Yah, Unnie, don't be jittery, everything will be alright, we gotchu, also time for JYP to suffer a blow." Somi said giggling at the plans Twice had.

"Somi-yah, it's still early, what are you doing here?" I asked her.

"I can't sleep, Boss Unnie, so I came here to support you probably get some food, coz I'm hungry, Unnie. Don't you feel bad that your dongsaeng is hungry?" Somi sweetly said to me.

"Aigoo, Aigoo. Our baby is being sweet again. Alright, get whatever food you want, I'll pay for it." I replied to Somi.

"Yes!" Somi replied and did a jiggy should

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