3: Breakfast at the dorm

Never Together
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Sana's POV:

I was awakened by Chewy's call, informing me that her father and mother will arrive today and she was out with Mina. I now put her gift away, neatly at my study table in our room. Chewy and I had two study tables beside each other. We had these tables because Chewy was still studying when we moved here. I was in charge of checking her assignments and in the company, even if you already debuted, you still undergo evaluations in Foreign Languages. Thankfully, it was a twice a year evaluation. I learned how to speak English, Chinese and Thai. Of course learning languages meant we read a lot and write a lot in those languages aside from speaking and understanding it.

Every room had study tables, we were stark contrasts as my table was filled with trinkets all over the place, sunglasses strewn about on the table, necklaces and other things sticking out. Mostly pink colored stickers and other pink stuff. While Tzuyu's was pristine, the table was wrapped in plastic and underneath navy blue paper. On the paper she stuck some stickers and photos of her family and their family pet, Armani the Yorkshire Terrier. She also had photos of the other members' such as Mina's Golden Retriever Ray, Jeongyeon's Poodle Nanan, Nayeon's Pomeranian Kookie, Dahyun's Maltese Ari, Momo's Norwegian Terriers Boo and Dobby and a Shiba Inu photo which she labeled as Sana-chan. Remember how our fans gives me nicknames and creates memes of our members, well someone realized that I look like the Shiba Inu meme. So my face was often linked to that Shiba Inu meme.

My baby is an awful clown. She's not funny at all. She's cute but never funny. Her table also had a lot of books, mostly novels and some language books. She studies hard and has managed to learn Korean language and basic Japanese. She also knows how to speak and write in English. This was a JYP Entertainment Requirement, we all should know at least 2 languages apart from Korean, we also must know another language. We took Language classes alongside our Dance, Voice and Performance Classes back when we were in training. Now, we only have improvement measurement test on the foreign languages.

I placed the calligraphy kit and papers onto my study table and proceeded to go out our shared room and got into the common bathroom and brushed my teeth before tying my hair in a messy bun. One more thing about being a Korean Idol Star, we cant change hair lengths with out the company's permission. Which is why I always sported a long hair, I'd only change colors and have my hair trimmed, anything else, I don't do. I don't want to talk to Park PDnim about my haircuts, because I find him creepy especially when he teaches us new choreography.

I surveyed the fridge for breakfast, I saw a dozen eggs, kimchi, left over rice and a left over braised beef and vegetables. I decided to make Kimchi Fried Rice with Beef and Eggs. There was only two servings left of the beef, perfect for Momo and I. I got to preparing the ingredients, I chopped some onions and garlic, beat some eggs and heated the pan. As I was getting ready to put oil in the pan, Momo groggily emerges from her room which startled me a bit.

"Yah! You scared me!" I told Momo.

Momo giggled at me before she took a seat at the table.

"Sorry, I scared you, Sana-chan. Sorry I woke up late too. Dahyun and I slept late." Momo said.

"What's for breakfast and where is Tzuyu and Mina?" Momo inquired.

"Chewy and Mina went to Myeongdong, they'll be back before dinner. Her Mom and Dad will be arriving soon though. Left over Beef, some eggs and Kimchi Fried Rice." I replied to Momo as I sauteed some garlic and onions into the pan.

"Thank you Sana-chan! What do you think Tzuyu and Mina are up to?" Momo wondered.

"I don't know, maybe some late shopping." I said shrugging my shoulders at Momo as I sauteed the Kimchi and Rice.

"Odd but okay. Do you want some coffee?" Momo asked me as she went over to the coffee maker.

"Yes please." I answered her.

"Mina is out of bed. That's kindda sus." Momo exclaimed.

"Maybe Tzuyu asked her to get up early to go shopping at Myeongdong." I answered Momo as I stirred the rice before putting in the beef.

"Maybe. Anyway, how did you and Chewy slept last night after your drama?" Momo said chuckling.

"We slept well surprisingly. You know Chewy was just probably tired last night. Hence a screaming match, we both know Chewy is typically calm and composed than most of us. Dahyun often worries about Chewy because she's just silent." I replied to Momo.

I don't actually appeeciate her chuckling at what happened with me and Tzuyu. So I answered her vaguely to avoid any further screaming matches in the dorm. In my heart, I know Chewy was a better person than her sudden outburst last night. Maybe I was the one to blame for flirting with fans and the press. Maybe she had enough and she just had to let things out. We talked last night as she spooned me from behind.

Chewy was always gentle with me save for that outburst last night. I wish Park PDnim would change his mind for the betterment of his artists. Because it was our personal affairs, no fan would find out. We can easily discredit the media if we had the support from our producer and CEO Park PDnim. Besides, even other groups are being shipped to their other members, it is a natural thing. Much as I naturally fell in love with Tzuyu.

We gain more traction to fans for acknowledging the LGBTQ+ community. In fact almost 90% of our album sales are from the LGBTQ+ community, the Lesbians to be specific are the ones who bought most of our albums, because every album had photos in them. There were set of 5 photos for each member, the fans get 9 random photos, so those who stan a particular member would often sell their photo cards or try to buy more albums to get the photo cards they wanted. Apart from that fifty of those albums include a golden ticket to attend our scheduled fan meets. So people really buy by the bulk to secure themselves a golden ticket and by bulk I don't mean by the hundreds, I mean by the thousands.

Growing up, I only liked one boy in Kinder Garten, then I lost interest in boys and became attracted to girls. My parents always loved me and have told me time and again that they will love my partner no

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