16: Chaeyoung Unnie's Birthday

Never Together
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Tzuyu's POV:

It was already April 23rd, Today was Chaeng Unnie's Birthday. Like Mina Unnie, they were going to have lunch at a restaurant today, I was informed that Sana will be there, so to avoid seeing her, I opted the cake to be sent to Chaeyoung Unnie instead of me dropping stuff off. I was on my way to my lawyer's office for the upcoming hearing, they needed me to give them evidences to be used in the court trial. I've been filiming the whole of Twice's hardships, how tired we always were, especially after our performances, JYP used to overwork us, which was not what we signed up for, the contract we signed didn't specify that JYP had the right to sign us up for everything he wanted us to do. I checked my contract, several times before deciding to leave JYP and because I expected him to have a negative press release about me leaving his agency, despite us talking and agreeing that I had the right under Korean Law to terminate my contract. He himself admitted that he was at fault, luckily, I caught that on record, I was equipped with a hidden camera in a broach I wore during the meeting.

I was going to give all of my footages from Debut until I left JYP, I didn't really intended to film everything, but it became my habit to film everything. This was to remind me of all the hardships I went through so that I won't quit in the middle of it all. A reminder that I was not the only one who went through all those hardships,  I was not the one who suffered but rather my whole team. It took too much toll on my team. They suffered as much as I did or maybe even more than I let on. Seeing Sana and the rest of Twice cry after every schedule was too much, it also somehow took a toll on me. It took so much from me and my abilities were always under scrutiny, I still shake to this day when I think about those days.

"Chen, after you drop me off at the lawyer's office, please go to the Reverie Cake Shop, pick up all the stuff I bought and then deliver them to Miss Son at the restaurant called Breakfast Love, if they ask you about me, just bow and say you must take your leave. Then go grab something for yourself, get a delicious meal or something. I'm going to leave the money here." I instructed my driver as I left the money on the driver's console.

"Thank you, Madame Chou." Chen said smiling.

"Ayshe! How many times do I have to tell you to quit calling me Madame and Madame Chou? Madame Chou is my Mother. I'm a single person." I replied to him acting hurt.

"Call me Tzuyu or Yoda. If you aren't comfortable then call me Miss Yoda." I followed up with a grin.

"Thank you, Miss Yoda."

"Yes! Thank you, Chen." I replied happily.

"What time do I pick you up Miss Yoda?" Chen asked me.

"Around 11 a.m." I replied to him.

"Noted on 11 a.m. Miss Yoda." Chen replied.

"You're really uptight no?" I replied giggling.

It's been four months since Mom lent me Chen to drive me around, I've been insisting that he stops calling me Madame Chou. I was friendly with our staffs even back when I was a kid. It was something I carried with me through my stardom. I will never stop being nice to staffs, no matter how little they are in the heirarchy Korea was big on heirarchy and honorifics. I often refer to the staff as Unnie and Oppa.

"I'm just a respectful employee of your Mother, Miss Yoda." Chen replied.

"How old are you again?" I replied to him.

"28, Miss Yoda." He replied to me.

"Ahhh. I see. Are you married already?" I replied.

"I-I-I'm actually gay, I live with another man, my partner, Miss Yoda. Please don't tell your Mother, I might lose this job." Chen said shakily.

"Chen, my parents won't fire you, because believe it or not, I'm special just like you are. I love a person of the same ." I replied to him and laughed at the absurd imagination he had.

"Thank you, Miss Yoda." Chen replied.

"But your secret is safe with me." I replied to him.

"Oh, I appreciate it Miss Yoda." Chen replied with a smile.

Soon, Chen pulled up in front of my lawyer's office.

"I'll call you when I am about to get out of the lawyer's office."

"Okay, Miss Yoda." Chen replied.

I opened my door and alighted from the car. I walked into the lawyer's office with six hard drives full of videos and documentations of all the things Twice has went through. Thousands of videos and photos, each one from our 6 year hardship with JYP and his ridiculous rules. But we would sort through this photos and videos, I don't want the rest of Twice to be involved in this lawsuit. I would have them release the rest of the videos on October. I got into the law office and presented to them the 6 hard drives I had with me.

It was only 9:30 a.m. we got into sorting out the videos immediately. The hard drives were already sorted by date, dating from pre-debut sixteen up until the last year of my time with Twice. To be honest, I really didn't want to file a lawsuit, but because of them releasing a statement about me breaching my contract which is the reason why they cut my contract is all a lie. I respectfully told JYP that I don't feel good working anymore especially if he keeps on signing brand endorsement deals without our knowledge, especially if the members are not feeling great about working with someone from the team. Don't get me wrong, I love working with Jeong Unnie, she is nice and caring, I have nothing against her, but I know Sana wasn't pleased with Park PDnim's decision to have her go on with Dahyun Unnie. Everyone in Twice knew that Sana doesn't like Dubu Unnie, even Dubu Unnie knows My Sana doesn't like her.

I cried at that meeting because I knew Sana was mad, the next best thing that I came up with was the decision to leave JYP. I wanted to leave and just let Sana do her job with out worries. To ease her mind off me getting jealous of Dubu Unnie. I like Dubu Unnie, she's a really funny and sentimental person, she had my back when I was in school and some bullies were constantly teasing my Korean. She'd shut my classmates up and we'll go to the canteen and she'd buy me my favorite gyeran ppang. She is also the nicest person who was always there to listen to you, she's cool and unfazed about what other people think about her goofy demeanor. She easily spots recording cameras, protecting us from hidden cameras in the process. She is also a supportive unnie, she reminds me of my brother Ken.

Speaking of older brother Ahiann Ken, he actually sent me a message on my phone, that same day I left JYP. I have since updated him of how things are going for me. We also call each other from time to time. Especially on weekends, he also sends me food just like Jeong Unnie does. He even sent me food that his wife had cooked. My Brother is such a good man that he doesn't forget his siobe. I don't know for sure where he is right now, Korea had so many counties and cities. If I ask him where he is, he just sends me a bunch of smiling emojis or laughing emojis. Then he tells me that it doesn't matter where he is, what matters is that I am happy and content with my life as Tzuyu of Twice and that I have Sana with me. But this past few months, Ahiann Ken, was always checking up on me. He must've sensed that his siobe is going through a lot, perhaps he may have read about JYP and his press release.

Whatever it is, Ahiann Ken is really the best oldest brother a youngest sister could ever ask for, never mind that he used to call me Chocolate because of my tanned skin, he was my savior numerous times. He was the one who later convinced me to join Sixteen, he said I'd have to try or forever regret the chance to debut. He was always supportive of Twice, often sending gifts to us whenever we had a comeback. We were sure to receive an elaborately designed bouquets and a trinket. Be it a hair clip, earrings, phone cases and things we could each use. As members of Twice, we each had our own iPhones, mine was an iPhone 11 Pro Silver. I since started my own IG account and a SaTzu and Co. IG Account but these were still on Private and had no photos in it yet. Soon, I will upload a photo on my IG amd SaTzu and Co.'s account.

After this meeting with my lawyers, I am supppsed to have a lunch meeting with Lee Chaeyeon and her girlfriend Miyawaki Sakura. They are the first duo who SaTzu and Co. Will sign if this meeting goes well. Lee Chaeyeon was a former Sixteen Contestant, together with her younger sister, Chaeryeong who debuted with ITZY. Chaeyeon went on to sign under WM Entertainment, she became a Trainee under this company, but the company had no plans of debuting a girl group for the time being, after she got into Produce 48's IZ*ONE at the 12th place, she continued to improve her dancing and vocals, just like me, my time with JYP, Sixteen and Twice had only improved my skills as a Dancer and Singer.

The Duo were looking into redebuting with the rest of their IZ*ONE members, but some already went solo and some are focusing on their acting career. The only two left were them, they wanted to debut together, to be with each other, that is why it was already a year, but both of them are still looking for a label. Both of them are insanely talented, Sakura's a vocal and visual, like Irene of Red Velvet Sunbaenim. Chaeyeon meanwhile could be likened to Kang Seulgi of Red Velvet Sunbaenim, Momo Unnie of Twice and Lisa Manoban of Blackpink. Chaeyeon contacted me the moment she heard about me quitting Twice and JYP.

Chaeyeon is one of my friends, as much as she was a friend to the rest of my members. Chaeyeon was not able to make it to Twice as well as Somi, because they were so young and Park thought they still needed time to improve their vocals and dance. Unlike me, I guess, who has stepped up to the challenge every week, every day of my Sixteen Era. My thoughts at that time was Ahiann Ken, how he was rooting for me even though at that point, he was already estranged from our Family. I still don't know why he was estranged, as far as I remember, Atsi Jade was a respectable woman, she had been on Ahiann Ken's life through everything and through all the hardships he had as a medical student. I guess, Ahiann Ken really loved her that much to the extent that he had to be estranged from our family.

Nonetheless, I love Atsi Jade and Ahiann Ken. They're m

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