9: Birthday Lunch

Never Together
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Sana's POV:

It was lunch and Tzuyu ordered food again for everyone, we're having Sushi and Sashimi for lunch from a top Japanese Sushi Restaurant in Seoul. Our dorm is located at Gangnam-gu District where this popular sushi restaurant was located. It was my favorite Sushi Restaurant, Tzuyu and I stumbled upon this Sushi Restaurant on one of our Christmas Day Dates after we debuted, I usually have Tzuyu to myself during Christmas Day, except this year because of Park PDnim's brash decision to pit me and Dahyun together.

I honestly don't know how to comfort Tzuyu and I needed time to myself to think about how I'd go about with Fan Service stints with Dahyun. Now that Tzuyu and I had time to ourselves, we talked about the fan service stint and I hope I made myself clear and she won't confuse the Fan Service stints with Dahyun as me allowing Dahyun to touch me and me leaving Tzuyu for Dahyun. Dahyun is not even half of what Tzuyu is as a person. To begin with, Dahyun is shorter than Tzuyu. Second, Tzuyu is always calm and collected even though she's seething from the inside. Third, Tzuyu has a beautiful dimple that appears whenever she chews or smiles.

Most of all Tzuyu is thoughtful and mindful of everyone's feelings. She is reserved and silent, but she does her share of showing her affection to the other members and especially to me. She goes above and beyond to fulfill my needs for attention and care. She is the most hard working and sweetest to me, I don't think anyone could top Tzuyu in making me feel special. She has little and silent ways to show me that I am loved and cared for, from ordering food for me and sending it to me on set for separate schedules to making sure I don't forget to take my vitamins to always getting me my favorite boba tea or smoothies on a hot summer day of dancing during our comebacks. Tzuyu has done it for me. My friends from the other girl groups say, I'm lucky to have Chou Tzuyu who cares for me and loves me.

I guess, I am lucky to be allowed to love her and to shower her with care and affection. My life as Sana of Twice will not be complete had Tzuyu not debut with us. Had it been Somi or any of the other Sixteen contestants, my life would've been doomed. Tzuyu made my life as Sana of Twice bearable despite how hectic it was and how hard it is to be Sana of Twice. Sana of Twice had a lot dancing, smiling, singing being y and accomodating to fans. When we are in the dorm, Tzuyu takes my mind off the immense pressure of being Sana of Twice. She pampers me to no end just like now. We've had breakfast and now lunch and I didn't even have to move and make something for lunch and breakfast.

I watch as Tzuyu took out the boxes of Sushi and Sashimi and placed them on the table for us to eat. She hands me my own chopsticks and gave me one of the boxes. The box contained my favorite Sushi Dragon Roll, Tuna and Salmon Sashimi and Salmon, Tuna and Ebi Nigiri Sushi. The dipping sauce was normally soy sauce and some wasabi, however since we are in Korea, the dipping sauce was gochujang, of course I'd dip it in gochujang, gochujang is something that I grew fond of over time. But back in Osaka, I will for sure dip these sushi on soy sauce and a little bit of wasabi. I enjoyed my first bite of the Sushi I took, this brought me back home. How I would eat these whenever my friends and I went out. The memories of having sushi at a real sushi restaurant back in Osaka, Japan has filled me as I chewed my food. It was good, the salmon and tuna were fresh and doesn't have any bad after taste. I smiled contentedly at Tzuyu and the rest of my members. Them staying home and having meals with me are my life's greatest joy. I am truly happy to celebrate another year of my life with them. Grateful that I gained 7 sisters and a wife-to-be. This Pandemic brought us more closer and more tightly knit. 

We finished eating and has now gathered at the living room to watch a Netflix Series called Squid Game. I snuggled closely to Tzuyu's chest. We were sitting legs spread and I took the spot between her legs and has now snuggled close to Tzuyu. Tzuyu's left hand were on my waist where as the other was holding my hand intertwined. My other hand feeding her pieces of popcorn. The rest of the members were canoodling with each other, same as Tzuyu and me. We cuddled a lot today, she didn't know but once I finished my V-Live in the JYP Building, I went home and found her asleep already as she had hung out with Chae and Dubu, I cuddled her sleeping figure last night until this morning. She doesn't seem to remember me cuddling her. But it's not important if she remembers it or not. What matters is that I got to cuddle her as she slept.

The first week of January, Dubu or Dahyun and I will shoot the cf for the LGBT Jewelry brand. All four of us will be there. So, it scares me to death that Tzuyu will be jealous of Dubu and me. It's inevitable and she was always jealous of Dubu anyway at least that's what my mind convinces me of doing, my mind told me to just go on with it because it's my job as an Idol Star. To make LGBT Fans welcome. I plan to pose for the shoot once and get it right each time so that Dubu and I could move along without any disturbance. I'll do that for my baby Chewy. Chewy is shooting with Yoo, Chewy and Jeongyeon were also a known ship among our Onces.

Jeongyeon has a lesbian girl crush vibe and Tzuyu gives off a rich heiress vibe, feminine and cute, well mannered heiress. As she should, because she is the only daughter of Chou Beauty Clinics, the expected heiress now that her brother Ken was estranged to the family. To this day Tzuyu has not yet found out why her older brother got estranged. Dahyun has a lesbian lover vibe that she gives off as much as Jeongyeon. Both were also handsomely beautiful. Jeongyeon often wears masculine clothes on our day offs, she even wears a dad hat or snapback cap, followed by a leather jacket, hoodie, letterman or bomber jackets, skinny jeans or baggy jeans and almost always a sneaker. It could be one of her Air Jordans or a Stan Smith Sneakers. Dahyun meanwhile, wears loose fitting shirts, jogging pants and sneakers on day offs. Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung are tagged as No Jam Bros, because there was a time when both sported pixie cuts, Chae had a black pixie cut while Jeong had a blonde pixie cut. They were broadcasting and the viewers got bored of them.

Dahyun looked like a Jock while Jeongyeon was more experimental of her fashion choice. Jeongyeon looked even more handsome when she's with Tzuyu. That's why I get why Fans were shippers of JeongTzu. Jeong tries to make my Chewy comfortable, she even answers her as if Chewy was her boss. Often saying "Yes, ma'am?" which Chewy laughs at Jeongyeon Unnie. It was a hilarious change of moods, because usually Jeong loved to tease all the members, but she's soft when it comes to Tzuyu. A totally different Yoo Jeongyeon I've never seen before. She's a softie and takes care of Tzuyu like she was her own baby, though Yoo was the same height as Tzuyu. Jeong was very caring and polite towards Tzuyu, often protecting Tzuyu from rowdy fans at the airport. She'd backhug Tzuyu as the rowdy fans pushed them. Often hitting everyone that comes near her and Tzuyu. I was one of the people who has gotten inadvertently too close to Jeongyeon as she was holding Tzuyu's waist protectively as a Fan pushed me and Jeongyeon elbowed my face and looked back to see who it was and immediately took me under her wing and held me protectively as well as Chewy. 

Jeong is a strong member, despite taking two consecutive breaks because of her anxiety and panic disorder, Jeong still pushed herself and didn't really rest, because she had to record two more albums with us, first was the single Cry for me, then the summer comeback alcohol free and then she took another break, then has returned for The Feels album up until this last few days of the year, Mina similarly had anxiety attacks, she even imagined what if she disappeared from Twice and what if she loses us Twice and the Onces who supports her. Mina took a break after our world tour, she rested for 5 months before co

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