18: First Birthday without Twice

Never Together
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Tzuyu's POV:

It was already June, how time went by that easy, we are on the 6th month of the year and soon their contracts are expiring, four more months to go. Meanwhile, I'll be spending my birthday on SaTzu and Co.'s building, it is nearly finished, three months was enough to build the 20-storey 170 meter wide building I designed together with the architect of my building. The rooftop was designed to look like a Sapphire an ode to the SaTzu Shippers, there was also a canteen on the rooftop, where Sana and I could eat, she loves the heights. One more month and we'll be moving into the building, Sana and I will have a shared office on the 19th floor, the wide windows in that office is facing the JYP New Building. The height is menacing, I asked the engineers to build my tower to look like a 30-Storey building and to make the building very sturdy and earthquake proof. The engineer and architect are a married couple, Engineer Rodolfo Gonzales Jr. and his wife Belinda Eugenio - Gonzales, a Filipino rooted couple who has been through a lot in the Philippines, so they moved to Korea and started anew, they rebuilt their Construction Firm in Korea. 

Belinda and I worked closely into designing the exterior and Interiors of the SaTzu and Co. Building. The Engineer and Architect insisted that I call them by their nicknames Popoy and Basha. They are nice and bubbly couple that I felt at ease opening up to them regarding a little bit of my life, what my visions are for SaTzu and Co. Building. While Popoy made sure that the building was built sturdily and would hold up even through the strongest storm or through an intense magnitude of eartquakes. Popoy used materials that are strong. While Basha ensured the aestethics are at par with my visions. Since the building is built for training artists, Basha made sure to put safety features on every room SZC Building had. We don't want anyone getting into an accident inside the building.

One more month and this will be the home of Twice, Home of the SaTzu Couple. I can't wait for Sana to see what I've been doing all this time. I'm sure Mina Unnie had already shown her the photos I sent, including the final blue print from Basha. I hope that she already saw a glimpse and details Basha and I worked on, my vision and dreams one that included Sana and us not minding the executive producer of the company because Twice owns the company this time. I am thankful for my parents for supporting my dreams and helping me achieve them. They even lent me 5 lawyers to represent me against my lawsuit with JYP.

The lawsuit was about to be concluded on October 20th. Whatever the outcome is whether in favor of me or JYP, it doesn't matter. I hope to close the chapter of my life that is JYP and I hope to start things right with SaTzu and Co., as early as July, I'll be hiring office staffs and work on hiring new artists apart from Twice, Chaeyeon and Sakura are still kn talks with their fellow IZ*ONE members. I'll also have to launch SZC formally on October. A lot of things will happen on October and I can't wait to have these plans in place and swing into full gear, it will be arguably the biggest thing to happen to me and Sana. From being JYP's trainees, to having the opportunity to work together at sixteen, to debuting together, to being with her for 6 years and then now, launching our own entertainment company. 

I remember Sana's caring personality, she has cared for Twice as a whole, she was always by our side. Even when I'm having some jealous feats, she still wasn't afraid of me, she'd get in bed with me and cuddle me as I slept, her warmth never dulled. I've survived for this long, because of her I became Chou Tzuyu who fought for her and our rights as an artist. I filed that lawsuit for her to be taken seriously by JYP, I was sending a message to JYP to never again treat Twice the way he had treated us before. 

Korean Antis specifically had commented on how I was ungrateful of JYP, that I breached my own contract. What they don't know was, he truly breached Twice's contracts and this was not the first time too. It happened year after year. Ever since we became a popular Korean Girl Group. JYP had always controlled us, even if we didn't want to do certain projects. He always pushed us to do it, reasoning that we have to because we needed to stay relevant. I sighed at the thought of the antis. I got dressed and as I did, I allowed my memories to wander off to Sana again.

During my birthday, Sana would give me forehead kisses, it was something I asked from the members, I always asked them to give me kisses, not any gift but kisses. The members, being themselves, still got me gifts. Sana especially, she buys me cute stuff, like shirts, pants or shoes, even a dress sometimes, she buys me stickers that I used on my journal, she just buys a lot of things for me. Often she'd wake up first before me and once she was done preparing breakfast for me, she'd bring the tray of breakfast to our shared room and make me have breakfast in bed. This year was the first time I would not be celebrating with my Satang. 

Soon, I was done getting ready and I'm already on my way to SaTzu and Co. Building. My driver Chen was driving me to to the building. I have no idea what will happen to me today, last night Mina Unnie and I were messaging each other, she said they'll have a practice the whole day today, because they're preparing for another comeback. Their second comeback for the year. Onces are so spoiled to Twice, We love our onces more than anything in the world, without our onces, we'd probably be no one, probably unheard of, because of our onces, we've catapulted into stardom, not just in Korea but all over the world. 

Soon, Chen pulled up in front of the building and he opened my door for me. I alighted my car and went into the building. I was surprised when suddenly Sana appeared in the lobby, then the rest of my old members, Sana was holding a chocolate cake with candles already lit, they were singing Happy Birthday, Tzuyu. Sana was slowly approaching me, I was frozen in place, Sana smiled at me, they are all here. I don't know what to do, a lone tear escaped my eyes, I missed everyone, especially Sana. 

I'm speechless right at this moment, it was a surprise from my old team, we've became like family over the years and guilt kept creeping up to me, I was guilty of leaving them and then now, they appear in our building. Smiling and approaching me with smiles on their faces. Sana reached me and said.

"Make a wish babe and blow your candles." Sana said, her voice soft and barely audible but I still heard her loud and clear.

I closed my eyes and wished for this moment not to be a dream, I missed Sana so much and if I am only dreaming, I hope to never wake up. I opened my eyes and smiled at the apparition that was before me before blowing the candles. After, Sana gave the cake back to Nayeon Unnie and then hugged me tearfully, her chest was heaving and her tears fell down my shoulders. She whispers breathlessly and said.

"I missed hugging you baby. I miss you and your presence at the dorm." She whispered.

My hands automatically wrapped around her small frame, I felt like she lost even more weight, she felt fragile and almost as light as a feather.

"I miss you too, babe." Were the words I could only utter as I tried to stop myself from crying.

We stayed wrapped in each other's arms for a few more minutes, my hand rubbing her back.

"Shhhh I'm here baby. Stop crying now." I whispered into the hug.

"Don't ever leave me like that again. You worried me." She cried to me.

"Shhh. I know. I know. It wouldn't happen again, I replied didn't I? It's late but I did replied to you." I whispered into her ears.

A few days before my birthday, I found myself sending her a message, checking on her and apologizing for leaving with out talking to her. It was Dahyun Unnie's birthday when I finally replied to her. In the middle of my loneliness, I found myself responding to her messages, the ones I tried not to answer. I gave in to he

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