1: Jelly Tzuyu

Never Together
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Sana's POV:

Thousands of Fans, Cameras flashing everywhere me and my TWICE members go. Although everyone's eyes are on us, my own eyes only see her. She stood beside me as our photos are being taken by press people. Tonight is the Gayo Daejeon we arrived at the SBS Theater and is now being photographed on the red carpet by the Korean Press. This was our life as a girl group from JYP Entertainment, Korea's Top Entertainment company. We trained several years before debuting with Twice, Twice was created in the form of a survival show, selected trainees, sixteen of us including me, were selected for the survival program where we showcase our talents. Every week we were assigned by drawing lots for a project or challenges that we needed to overcome. By the end of the program, 9 members were selected.

She was a plot twist Park PDnim announced together with my bestie Momo. She and Momo were added to the 7 who were already selected, including me. Momo was previously eliminated on the 4th week and she was eliminated just then but then PDnim Park had other plans. This was because she was popular among viewers. Besides that, she always attended our practices and she was always with me. Ever since I left Osaka, Japan, and came here with Momo, she was one of my friends here in Korea, because we were both foreigners. She lives in Tainan, Taiwan and she left Taiwan at the tender age of 13. She was our group's Golden Maknae, together with Savage Maknae Chaeyoung and Evil Maknae Dahyun, while I was part of the Middle Child and J-line of Twice. She is Chou Tzuyu. The Golden Maknae of Twice.

She was considered Golden because of how she interacts with fans, PDs, and other staff. She was always good to them. She has a soft heart for animals as well, she often volunteers at Animal Shelters, taking the dogs out for a walk, cleaning their pens, and feeding them. She also donated her money to charities with different causes ranging from Animal Safety to Homeless Kids. She commissioned three libraries built under her name in far-flung places.

She tentatively held my hand as she walks towards the entrance. My heart fluttered at this, how could I not? I have always loved her and although I told her once she turned 20, we remained friends. If I am being honest, the only reason we chose not to be in a relationship was because of our 7-year contract. We can't date colleagues unless one of us leaves. Which I doubt any of us will do just to be together. Our contract was about to end next year.

I was of course known for being clingy to my members, fans have dubbed me as Sanake, a playful contraption of Snake and my name Sana. This was because whenever I get close to their biased couple among the group they say I bias wrecked them. My being clingy stems from being an only child in the family. I was the only one among the members who was an only child. So they became like my sisters except for Tzuyu. Because I love her more than a sister.

I had to be the playful one among my group members, often hugging anyone of them. Attempting to 'Kiss' them any chance I get. Dahyun the evil maknae was the obvious victim of these kiss and hug attacks. Momo does that to Dahyun too. Dahyun often comes back in ways you can never imagine, there was a time she and I almost locked lips. Tzuyu was quick to pull me away and secure me to her side. Yeah, that's my baby, being jealous of her Dahyun Unnie. Tzuyu and I are 3 years apart, Dahyun was 1 year ahead and Chaeyoung was the same age as Tzuyu and she was born two months ahead of Tzuyu.

Jeongyeon, Momo, and I are the same age. While Nayeon Unnie was ahead of us by a year. Jihyo was our leader because we voted for her to lead us because of her tenureship in the company. Jihyo trained for 10 years and was part of several JYP Groups scheduled to Debut but every one of them always failed to debut. Jihyo and Mina are born in 1997. We are a mixture of ages in the group. But we always go by the majority vote on important things. We respect and help each other go through difficult things.

I was trained to be a leader of groups, if it was Jin Young PDnim who assigned the leader it would have been me or Nayeon Unnie. But we were given a chance to vote on this and I myself voted for Jihyo. Jihyo was perfect for the role as she took care of all of us in her own unique ways, she even often carried me piggyback style when I was too exhausted from our schedules. We had a time shortly after our debut where we were invited to various functions and other music festivals.

We wore short dresses and high heels as we performed our debut song Ooohhh-Aaaah. Often the shoes would hurt my feet as we danced and being Sana Minatozaki, my day wouldn't be complete if I haven't fallen or had an accident just by merely walking. Thus earning another nickname No Clumsy Sana, No Life. Our fans love making memes about us. Whether it was me falling to the ground or Nayeon and her ice cube-filled mouth. You name it, count on our Once to have a meme posted.

Tzuyu pulled me with her as the rest of our members hurriedly went inside. Tzuyu becomes jealous of the people screaming my name. Fanboys or Fangirls, she'd get jealous just like now. I know because she isn't usually someone to drag people over. I watched her as she dragged me to our seats. She gave me a blanket once we were seated.

My Tzuyu is so protective, isn't she? I marvel at how she gets easily jealous when our fans call me. I guess she was afraid that I'll start dating them. To be honest, I reserve myself for her because she is the only person I trust with my heart. Out status is we're never together but if we were being honest, we do love each other, it's just that, we don't want to be selfish to our members, the group will disband had we become a couple. It was a known secret among our members that Tzuyu and I are an item.

Park Jin Young was the CEO and executive producer of Twice, he is close to all JYP Trainees and Stars, but otherwise strict with the image of the company. He forbids all employees especially the gays and lesbians to ever date anyone within JYP and outside of JYP else you get let go by PDnim. This was our dilemma, which was why the girls welcome

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