2: Morning before holidays with Mina Unnie

Never Together
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Tzuyu's POV:

It was Christmas Eve again, we were left in our dorms and had to spend our holidays together. Ever since pre-debut, I spent my Christmases with Sana. These days, it was Sana and the J-line. My parents would come over to our dorm to join us in celebrating the Holidays. I already gave my gift to the other members and now, I only had three gifts left, one for Sana, one for Momo Unnie and one for Mina Unnie. Sana's gift was something I thought of very well. Not only because it was Christmas but also her birthday in 5 days. I always bought her two gifts and each gift was very well thought of. Just like this Christmas Present.

I knew Sana was neglecting her well being these days, because she doesn't have any hobbies to do. She either bugs everyone in the dorm or tries to hug and kiss people inside our dorm or watch videos on her phone. Unlike me, I always had a hobby of either taking photos or writing my thoughts on a journal or even playing Guzheng. I seealot time for these things when we aren't that busy. I also write some lyrics to submit to Chaeyoung and Jihyo because they are the composers of the group.

I often go out with Friends like Rosé of Blackpink, a rival girl group from YG Entertainment which was a rival of JYP. Kyulkung of Pledis Entertainment and other friends. I also tag along Chaeyoung Unnie and Dahyun Unnie. They'd often come back here on the 26th to go and take me to Lotté Amusement Park or even just go sit in a park with snacks in hand. Whatever we decide to do, I always cherish it. The group members always took care of me like the time when Chaeyoung Unnie and Sana took me shopping for school supplies. Chaeyoung was my batchmate and classmate. Dahyun Unnie already graduated a year before at the time or the time when Jeongyeon Unnie and I appeared on a TV Broadcast, I cried during that time and Jeongyeon Unnie was there to comfort me. My family will arrive in Korea today, then later in the evening, they'll spend their time here in our dorm.

My parents and family always brought gifts for the rest of the members which I leave on their rooms. The J-line including Sana gets to open their gifts a day after Christmas Eve. I was thankful that my Parents could afford plane tickets to go to and from Korea. Unlike the J-line's parents, my parents were hands on and protective of me. The J-line parents weren't as hands on is what I mean because their children are already grown women.

JYP PDnim allowed my parents to come to the dorms, so each year they had came and pampered me and the J-line. Mom cooks for me and the J-line the whole day. The J-line and I just had to sit or watch as Mom cooks an absurd amount of foods. Then there was Minatozaki Sana herself, we are roomies I love Sana, but JYP forbids us to ever have relationships with colleagues.

Sana and I fell in love because we were always together through out our Trainee Days up until now that we've debuted. I was scared of our CEO and more so afraid to let my dream go. It was Jeongyeon and Nayeon who made me and Sana feel alright last night. I woke up ahead of Sana as usual, it was my body clock to wake up early. I took a bath and got out of the bathroom inside our room and got dressed. Nayeon and Jeongyeon Unnie were also in love with each other. They are like me and Sana. The difference was Jeongyeon met Nayeon outside of JYPE. They auditioned together and both were accepted. Nayeon debuted because of her Rabbit like charms She is the Unnie of the group, however she acts like a Maknae, hence the title of Fake Maknae was given to her by fans. While Jeongyeon debuted because of her voice, much like Jihyo Unnie had a voice of a Soprano. She sings well. The three of them were part of a team that was supposed to debut called 6Mix, Sana was part of that team too. But because of trainees quitting months before their supposed debut, the team fell through and it took them another 2 years before they could debut as Twice.

Sana has been through a lot of things and during those times, I was by her side, comforting and giving her strength. I looked to my left and found the princess still asleep. I know, I was dumb to be jealous when I already turned her down. But Sana was such a flirt with anybody and everybody. It irritates me to know this. I marvel at the beautiful lady sleeping beside me for a few seconds before getting up from bed and getting her Christmas gift. I bought her a calligraphy set with inks and pens. To help her settle down at least when she's being hyper, she was into Calligraphy, having learned how to write this way back in her grade school years. Yes, my baby Sana is a hyper kid, I say kid because she acts so cute and mischievous. Just like Nayeon Unnie, the Maknae Line of Twice was more mature than their Unnies.

I carefully laid the present beside her sleeping figure. I need to be going now, because I need to buy her another present and this time for her birthday. I ought to kiss her but stopped myself. I got ready for today's agenda, Mina Unnie agreed to go and help me find Sana her birthday gift. I've been contemplating about giving her a necklace or even a ring to seal our commitment with each other. Like a solid proof of our love.

I walked out of our room and found Mina Unnie already out of bed and waiting for me. She hands me a sandwich and a thermos and went on her way out. I followed her and locked the door behind me. Momo and Sana were besties and they wake up late after every performances we had. Because the two dances intensely. Mina Unnie and I are both INFPs, so we click together when it comes to being silent. We hardly speak when we hang out and even if we speak, we have soft and barely audible voices. A stark contrast to our whole team. Mina Unnie and I aren't easily impressed with loud people, we mostly smile awkwardly and keep ourselves busy by staring blankly at the fans before us. Mina Unnie pressed the elevator button and waited for the elevator to come up. She looks at me and smiles her gentlest smile ever.

"Tzuyu-chan, what are you thinking of getting for Sana-chan this time?" She asked me.

"I really don't know Unnie. I've given her toys and pillows and socks and pajamas and other things for her birthday over the years. I want to give her something special this year." I said to Mina Unnie.

"Hmmmmmm.... I think I might have an idea. Something special and something she'll certainly love? Tzuyu-chan, I know what you can get her now! Get her a 2 for 1 Deal coupons from her favorite convenience store, she'll be so happy for that." Mina Unnie smiled which earned a pout from me.

"Yah!!! Unnie! No, no. Please not those coupon booklets! I was thinking of getting her a jewelry." I confessed.

"Ooooohhh! I wanted to get one for Chaeyoung too. Someth

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